Mutant Vehicles

Mutant Vehicles

Art on Wheels

Mutant Vehicle Registrations for Burning Seed 2020: Coming Soon

Wait! What on earth are Mutant Vehicles?

That's a very good question! Mutant Vehicles are vehicles that transform or mutate in some way to become mobile pieces of art, aka mutant! They are not just decorated golf buggies or glorified go-karts, but true pieces of art that add creativity and inspiration to the Red Earth City. They key with mutant vehicles is that they must transform in a way, where they are completely different than their original form - mutated even!

Every year, members of our very talented community register their Mutant Vehicles for use at Burning Seed, and the last few years have seen some of our favourite works of art become mobile.  Maybe you have seen the Coco Poco Loco train roaming the Paddock as a mobile party - or the absolutely amazing 'Bhima the Dragon', which hit the Paddock at Burning Seed 2018. This amazing art piece was completely transformed into a fire breathing, LED flashing, people carrying monster!

Mutant Vehicles can either be a vehicle built from scratch, or a modified/customised/mutated vehicle. They may even be non-standard motorised forms such as furniture, other non-street vehicles such as a boat or train, animals, or just about anything imaginable.

While we love the new creativity participants are bringing to Seed, it's also important we keep the rest of Red Earth City safe. One of the ways we do this is through Mutant Vehicle registration.

Can normal motorised vehicles be used while at Burning Seed?

No! Burning Seed is completely vehicle free except for registered and approved Mutant Vehicles, site vehicles (used by the Burning Seed teams onsite), vehicles required by emergency and other services and when people are arriving or departing from Seed. Outside of these instances, no motorised vehicles can be used while you are at Seed. This includes go-karts, motorised scooters and various other motorised vehicles. There are a few exceptions to this including vehicles used to aid a disability and some electric bicycles and skateboards.

How to bring a Mutant Vehicle to Seed

Any vehicle with a motor or weighing over 250kg must be registered as a mutant vehicle to be driven on site during the event. And remember, it has to be a Mutant Vehicle - that is, it must be a mobile piece of art which is transformed or mutated from its original form.

Your first step is to have a read through our documents available at the links below. Our Mutant Vehicle Registration Information outlines the requirements of a Mutant Vehicle. The driving rules document gives you some clear guidelines on what is expected of mutant vehicles on the Paddock. If your registration is successful, you will be required to sign this form. You should also have a look at the examples of Mutant Vehicle failures - these are failed applications of Mutant Vehicles at Burning Man. The end of the document also has some of the fantastic applications that were accepted at Burning Man.

Once you are ready to apply, click on the big green button to access our Mutant Vehicle application process. This process is taken care of by our very own Red Earth Mutant Vehicles (RedMV) Team. Registrations for Burning Seed 2020 will be announced soon.


If you wish to use a drone at Burning Seed, you must register for a media pass with the Comms Team. Only those with a media pass, which must be worn, are allowed to fly drones at Burning Seed. Drones no longer need to be registered with RedMV.

For any questions regarding mutant vehicles please contact redmv@burningseed.com 


 Photo via Bhima the Dragon

 Photo via Bhima the Dragon


 Photo via CocoPocoLoco

Registrations for Mutant Vehicles close on 25th August 2019