Join the ARTery

join the artery

Burning Seed is a participatory event and the ARTery needs crew to support and assist the artists year round and on site.

Perhaps you like to meet and greet folks and would make a wonderful concierge crew member who hangs out in our lovely ARTedia space at Burning Seed checking in artists, making sure they have thought about Leave No Trace and have a lighting plan in place. Or maybe you like to guide people and want to show artists to their piece of paddock real estate and installation home for a week and make sure our map is updated if there are changes. You may be a savvy finance person who likes keeping everything in check, then assisting with our grant paperwork, contracts and payments would be perfect for you. We also need folks who like social media, who love to collate and collect images and tag them or who want to write up great emails to send out to the aritist or work with the Comms team to prepare blog posts and media blasts.

If any of these jobs sound like something you'd be keen to assist with and you love supporting the art of Seed, please sign up and select ARTery on the crew page.