What are the exact dates?


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    I’d like to know the exact dates of the event, i.e. the “gates open” time and date, and the “burn” date, and the “exodus” date. Couldn’t find these details on the website, except the generic “30 sep to 5 oct.”

    Do I understand correctly that gates open on the morning of 30 sep?
    What is the Effigy burn date?
    What is the Temple burn date?
    Are these different dates? Does Temple burn the next day?

    I really don’t know whether it’s “Effigy burn 3/10, Temple burn 4/10, exodus 5/10”, or “Effigy burn 4/10, Temple burn 5/10, exodus 6/10”? Or some other combination?

    Thanks!! Authoritative answer would be appreciated.


    Hey Serp,

    Gates open 30/9
    Effigy burns Sat, 3/10
    Temple burns Sund, 4/10
    Event closes 5/10

    (Our general burn times for Effigy and Temple (ie Sat and Sun) can be found on the website under About/The temple and About/The Effigy)

    Hope that helps


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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