Fire enclave

Fire Enclave

Manipulation of the Flame

Burning Seed is a time to unite and ignite, and we encourage all those drawn to the flames to come perform, play, learn and discover by joining the Fire Enclave. All skill levels are welcome, connect in to the community and share your ART!

The Fire Enclave is Burning Seed’s home for Fire and Flow Arts; we co-ordinate the planning and safety of all fire-play activities on the paddock, whether that’s fire jams, scheduled performances, or the Effigy Burn Ceremony on Saturday Night.

Before you can participate in fire-play activities on the Paddock at Burning Seed, there are a few things you need to do:

  • Register online with our Fire Enclave! (see application below)
  • Attend an onsite Fire Enclave meeting
  • Sign our register of onsite attendance
  • Read and abide by the Ten Principles
  • Bring and manage your own Fire Gear and Safety Equipment such as wet blankets, fire blankets, Fire Extinguishers, and drip trays. Whatever you require for your safe fire play.
  • Follow Rangers instructions without question — these guys & gals have the final word on site!

Fire Enclave will be holding multiple Inductions on the paddock, where all guidelines and procedures for fire play will be explained and our Fire Enclave co-ordinators will be introduced; check the What Where When guide for location/times!

Remember you may not play with fire at Burning Seed until you have attended an onsite Fire Enclave meeting.

Once you’ve attended a Safety Brief, you’ll receive a wristband indicating such to Rangers and other Fire Enclave members, and will be free to perform and play with fire on the paddock!

You can also find the enclave on Facebook before the event, where you can connect in with our community, and learn how you can get involved!

Our Fire Enclave doesn’t include any gas-fire effects or large burning sculptures. For information on these please click here.