Election Time!

For those of you following along at home, this iteration of the Restructure Committee has been working away since May of 2017. First we consulted the community and wrote a report on our findings; then we released a call-out for people interested in being founding members of the new entity. You can catch up on anything else you missed at http://burningseed.com/future-of-seed/

And guess what?! We’ve hit another milestone in this process.

A few weeks ago, we sent out an email to those who expressed interest in membership, asking for a show of hands for those who would like to be on the vision group tasked with forming the constitution for the new entity. The vision group was open to all, and also featured seven* reserved positions for those interested in going on to serve on the governing body. We received more than seven applicants for those positions, which leads us to our milestone:

We’re having our first election!

Those who have expressed interest in being foundational members of the new entity running Burning Seed will be voting on these reserved positions. Those who win the election will have assumed positions on the governing body of the new entity (post incorporation), but this is not guaranteed. This will need to be confirmed by the membership at the foundation meeting.

I want to vote.  How can I sign up?

Express your interest in becoming a founding member! It’s super easy: just email futureofseed@burningseed.com with your full name, personal email, and a brief description of your previous involvement in Burning Seed. You need to submit this by 5pm Monday 29th July.

We need to close the electoral roll before beginning the election, and we cannot add anyone to the roll after the election has started. After the electoral roll has closed, further communications about the election will be sent directly to the founding membership.

Please note this is not a call out for membership of the restructure committee or for volunteers for Burning Seed - it is purely a drive for membership of the new not-for-profit entity that will run Burning Seed. If you have already expressed your interest in entity membership during our earlier promo drive there is no need to respond again: you will already be on the electoral roll.

How will the election run?

After deliberating on several options, the Restructure Committee has decided on OpaVote as the platform for conducting this election. We felt that OpaVote had the best features, security, price, and company ethos for our community. Please note that this does not mean that this will be the election platform for the new entity going forward: that will be up to the Vision Group to decide. This decision relates to this election only.

The election will be counted using a single transferable vote (STV) method (a type of preferential voting). This will provide us with the most accurate vote distribution.

Who’s running, anyway?

You can view who’s running here.

*Why seven reserved members?

You may recall that, in the community consultation report, the Restructure Committee recommended between seven and nine directors. This is because community responses demonstrated two strong preferences - seven and nine. So we recommended that a range would best fit this finding.  

After publishing that report, we have received advice from Prolegis that it is good practice to select one number, and not a range. The consultation responses showed a slightly greater preference for seven, and that is why we have settled on this number (see Chart 11 of the report).


Calling for members of the new not-for-profit!

Remember that one time we decided to redesign our beloved Seed from the ground up?  Look no further if you need a quick reference. Born of blood, sweat and tears, the Restructure Committee has begun to use the findings of this recently produced report to design a new entity, including a shiny new membership model.

As part of this, we want to understand who is actually interested in becoming a member, because, you know, that’s kinda important.  Admittedly, while conscription would have been much less logistical overhead, this probably wouldn’t have represented the community that well!  So once again, we’re excited to see that classic burner enthusiasm translate into cold, hard expressions of interest.

We need to find the members before we do anything else – basically, the feedback from the consultation was that you lovely folk feel that it should be members who choose the directors. So we need to work out who the members are before we can do anything else.

In keeping with that whole freedom of choice thing, this expression of interest in no way constitutes an obligation – how much effort you want to put in from this point on is entirely up to you.  We’re looking to gauge community interest so our magical Seed elves (which I will now be seasonally referring to the Restructure Committee as until I’m told it’s getting old) can start cranking out the shiny new toys.

For now, those who want to be a member will be asked to decide on who the directors are. After that, the directors and members will need to agree on the privileges and obligations of members – but that’s a task for later.

If you are interested, please just email futureofseed@burningseed.com, before February 25th 2019, saying that you would like to be a member. It’s that simple.


Until then jazz cats and jellyfish, stay frosty (the snowman). As always, please direct any questions, queries or comments to futureofseed@burningseed.com.


*suggested blog listening, “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow” by Vaughn Monroe (as originally heard in Die Hard)


Future of Seed: Community Consultation Report


In case you hadn’t heard, we have spent the last year discussing a new legal structure to run Burning Seed. This has included lots of conversations about what is most important to you for this new entity. The restructure committee has now finished its work (well, this part of its work anyway), and has produced a report discussing all that stuff.

So here it is folks – the final report, jam packed with your views and opinions.


The report includes all of the things that happened over the last 14 months – what we did, what we heard, what happens from here. It also includes all the data, our findings, and analysis. Also, look how pretty it is (thanks Vanessa)!

The Restructure Committee has made 11 (really great) recommendations (well, we think they’re great). These are about what entity is best, what will be in the entity’s constitution, membership, and how to facilitate these conversations in the future..

We gave the report to the Red Earth City directors for response on 12 August 2018.

From here, the Restructure Committee will begin to draft a new constitution for the entity, and will work on other related documents (these are outlined in more detail in the report). We will also be running a Q&A session at Seed. This will happen at 3pm on Saturday at Centre Camp.

We will also be sending out a draft version of the new entity’s constitution for comment in the next few months.If you want to stay in the loop please sign up to our email list on our info page (scroll down for sign up).

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please email futureofseed@burningseed.com.

This report is the outcome of the countless hours put in by volunteers across the Burning Seed community. The Burning Seed Restructure committee would like to give great thanks to all contributors to the community engagement process. You’ve put us in a really great position to build this new entity thing.


Constitution Building & the Future of Seed


We need your help! Get involved in our Restructure Committee as we continue into the ‘Constitution Building Phase’.

When you hear the words ‘Burning Seed’, what springs to mind? Is it governance structures? Legal entities? Committees? …. No?

Well believe it or not, there’s a team of people behind Burning Seed that *absolutely love* a good organisational spreadsheet or project plan, and they’re needing your assistance.

The Restructure Sub-Committee has spent the last year meeting, developing and delivering a Community Consultation Process (final report coming next month!). We are now looking at drafting a constitution for the new entity that will oversee Seed, and need some helpful hands!

Are you good at governance? Or at understanding the ins and outs of constitution building?  Passionate about change management? Do you know a lot about not-for-profits?

If so, then you can help the Restructure Sub-Committee work through the next phases to create the Future of Burning Seed including;

  • Selection of legal entity type (either a co-operative, company limited by guarantee, or incorporated association)
  • Constitution development
  • Developing a memorandum of understanding between Red Earth City and the new entity
  • Electing of founding board of directors

You can read the full position description here. We know positions descriptions can sound dry, but this is a real opportunity to be involved in how Seed looks for years and years to come.  Once you’ve read the position description and decided that you’re interested in joining the team, you can register here.  Registration closes Sunday August 26th. Interviews with the current Restructure Committee members will be hosted the following week.

For more information on what the Future of Seed process has looked like so far and who else is on the committee check out our info page.



It’s a wrap!

Wow, what a response we’ve had to the consultation process – over 1,500 of you crazy cats participated in some way. This is really a fantastic response, and the restructure committee is incredibly grateful for everyone’s input. This puts the effort in communal effort!

We now have a really solid dataset to begin designing an entity that will serve the needs of this community, both now and into the future.

The restructure committee, Town Council, and Red Earth City directors will spend the next few months considering the outcomes of the consultation. This analysis will support a final report on the the consultation. The report itself will make recommendations on the preferred legal entity, constitution, board composition, and membership (plus a couple of other items).

The final report will be presented at Seed, so please look out for that. More info will be posted closer to the time.
As usual, if you have anything else you want to say, or if you have any questions, please send them to futureofseed@burningseed.com. Updates will continue to be posted on our Future of Seed Page, on the Burning Seed Facebook page, or sign up to our Email List.


Would you like to take a survey?

Would you like to take a survey?

Ok, we’re pretty excited for this one – it’s the questionnaire for the restructure process!

The questionnaire contains several questions (obviously) that will be key to how the new entity operates. These are relevant to the actual legal structure that we adopt, as well as what the new constitution will contain. It’s important stuff.

This questionnaire has been developed based on the feedback we have received to date. It has gone through a refinement and testing process over several weeks.

So, please, take 10 – 15 minutes to have your say. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE SURVEY.

The questionnaire will stay open until 15 May.

We released some background information to support your reflections including;

  • A spreadsheet that highlights the differences between each of the legal models we are considering;
  • A research paper that discusses how other regional burns are structured;
  • A PDF that provides a bit of background and history on the creation of the Burning Seed Event and the corporate structure of Red Earth City

More information on the process and background can be found on our Future of Seed Page.

If you would like to be kept up to date on future consultations, town halls and receive details on the final report, please sign up to our Future of Seed Email List here. Any queries, comments or concerns? please email futureofseed@burningseed.com.

Lastly, we have a few in person consultations happening in Newcastle April 22nd, Matong/Riverina on May 6th, and online for folks in other regions early May (for more details on the online session email futureofseed@burningseed.com).


Future of Seed: Delivering Smokin’ Hot Background Papers to you!

One of the key pieces of feedback that we have heard as part of the restructure process is that people feel that they need more information about what they are being asked when we talk about what the future of Burning Seed looks like.

In response, the restructure committee has developed some documentation that we hope will be of assistance over the remainder of this process.

We’d like to share three documents with you;

  1. spreadsheet that highlights the differences between each of the legal models we are considering.
  2. research paper that discusses how other regional burns are structured.
  3. A PDF that provides a bit of background and history on the creation of the Burning Seed Event and the corporate structure of Red Earth City.

If you feel that you need more information or are having trouble accessing the documents, please send an email to futureofseed@burningseed.com.

A reminder as well that we are currently seeking written submissions via an online form. Prefer to talk with us in person? We are hosting additional face-to-face sessions in Melbourne (8-Apr-18), Sydney (15-Apr-18 TBC), Newcastle (22-Apr-18 TBC), Brisbane (29-Apr-18 TBC),  and Riverina/Matong (6-May-18 TBC) and launching an online questionnaire in April.

As always we’ll update our Future of Seed Web Page with up to date information, links and you can also sign up to our very low traffic email list.

Thanks everyone, we look forward to hearing more from you as we move through the community engagement process.




Creating the Future of Seed *an update*

Thanks to everyone who attended the two consultation sessions in Melbourne and Sydney, held at the end of November 2017, as part of the Burning Seed restructure process. It was really great to hear everyone’s views on the future of the Burning Seed organisation, and their key concerns for the new entity.

We wanted to take a moment to briefly summarise what we have heard so far; this is included below. Before we do, we just wanted to highlight a couple of things. First, as everyone in the community commits to engaging in this process we learn from each other and we will continue to incorporate key learnings into the process evolving as we go. We are also pleased to share a Statement of Intent from the Red Earth City Directors that outlines their hopes and commitment to this process, you can read that here. Lastly, if you want to find out more about the people behind the names doing the work to deliver this process please check out the bios for the Restructure Sub-Committee and the Town Council with bios coming soon from the REC Directors.

And now back to the summary …

Town Hall: What did we hear?

We had some really helpful feedback, and would like to share with you some of the main points.

First, it was very clear that the Seed community want transparency in the new entity. This was a very strong theme emerging from the consultation process, and several people provided very useful insights here. At the same time, there was recognition that the precise way in which this occurs still needs to be thought through. We will look to continuing the conversation about transparency through the remaining consultations.

Burners would also like to see consultation on key issues facing the new entity. These were described by some as relating to ‘big ticket’ items, including moving the site, and major financial decisions. Again, this issue is something we can tease out over the remaining consultations.

We also heard that some people would like more background information on the kinds of entities that are available, and the pros and cons of each. We are currently finalising some documentation that outlines local options, and we will release it once all the information has been cross-verified as accurate.

Appointment of directors to the new entity was also discussed at the sessions. Several people suggested that there should be a nomination process that was transparent and accountable to the community.

What happens from here?

This feedback will be used to inform the kinds of questions we will ask at the future consultation sessions. It will also support the analysis and discussion contained in the final report, which is currently scheduled to be released around July 2018.

We would also like to inform everyone that the restructure committee has reviewed the current timelines in response to community feedback. We have now expanded the process to (a) make it longer; and (b) include more face-to-face consultation sessions. Given this, additional consultations will happen over March and April 2018 in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle, and the Riverina/Matong area. We will also hold an online session (pending interest and availability).

An online questionnaire will also be released around March/April 2018, so please look out for that. In addition, we are now accepting written submissions via this form.

Where can I found out more?

Please email futureofseed@burningseed.com if you have any specific queries. You can sign up to our email list here and lastly, general information and updates can be found on our Future of Seed web page, and also on the Burning Seed Facebook page.


Future of Seed – Upcoming Sydney Consultation

As we continue to engage with the community about the future of Burning Seed, we wanted to remind you of the upcoming Community Consultation meeting happening in Sydney on Thursday November 30th 2017. The meeting will run from 7pm for a 7:30 start at The Leela Centre, 2nd Floor, 113-115 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst NSW. https://www.facebook.com/events/312731982469211/

This session will be highly interactive and led by the facilitator Baron de Merxhausen, who will have you working in small groups and diving deep into conversations. Some of the topics up for discussion may include how you want to be consulted in the future; how directors should be appointed; and who should be a member. Please join us!

If you can’t make it, there will be more opportunities in the future to provide your feedback. This includes an online questionnaire and a written submission. We may also run another Sydney community consultation if we have strong demand (we are mindful many folks can't make this one due to Subsonic festival and other commitments).

Want to stay informed about future events and surveys? You can sign up to our email list: http://eepurl.com/c_mP3H

For more information on the Burning Seed Entity Restructure community consultation process visit - http://burningseed.com/about/future-of-seed/


2017 Town Hall Summary & Upcoming Community Engagement Events

Did you venture into the Deeper Space of community with us at Burning Seed this year? If so thank you for showing up to Town Hall and contributing your thoughts to the process. If you missed it and want a recap you can check out the notes here.

We also wanted to share more about this process and the team with you. Creating a Community Engagement Process that will allow for many levels of contribution isn’t an easy task but we’ve been lucky to find several community members willing to attend at least two and sometimes four meetings a month that are at least two hours long if not more, spend many hours researching organisational structures, document many processes and develop project plans. Together the Restructure Committee have a diverse background of skills from leading community engagement processes like this for other groups and government organisations to being some of the core team members that help create Burning Seed, you can read more about the members here.

Every committee needs guidelines and the Restructure Committee is no different. You can check out our Terms of Reference here that outline the scope or the work we’re doing and read the blog post outlining our duties here.

Lastly, don’t forget that we have two more open consultations coming up in Melbourne and Sydney, please RSVP on the Facebook events for;

Melbourne: Thursday November 23rd 7:30-9:30pm

Sydney: Thursday November 30th 7:30-9:30pm