Canberra Decompression 2015

Written by Sacha Fawkes

Canberraburners Party in the Park

Party in the Park

The initial post Seed decompression of Canberra burners happened on 18 October with our embers still glowing from the Mother Seed.

A quirk of the Berra’s event cycle meant that our original site was filled with flower lovers and revels so on the morning a quick location change was enacted to Black Mountain Peninsula.

This spit of land spurts out into Canberra’s central artificial lake and its lush trees and bends hide all of civilisation but for the tip of Parliament jutting above the treeline.

Sticky fingers

Early arrivals erected a marquee for sound equipment and a plethora of eager sticky fingered enthusiasts throughout the day meant we were never left bereft of sonic stimulation.

Over the day around 40 folk came through our slice of paradise at the periphery of the bends in our almost island. Our improvised banquet grew throughout the day from home made dips, chips, carrot sticks into diverse BBQ and hedonistic salad variations.

Burner Banquet

BBQ Burner Banquet

Fun and games

Popular throughout the day was chess, bowling, and frisbee with the creative arts of circus, dance, and freestyle rap flowing like a sweet treacle river rapid dapper flapper ecstatic matter of fact.

But by far the greatest time was spent in discussion about the big, small, important and banal as we bathed in the communal energy of intentional immediacy.

From 3pm, until darkness fell, we inhabited a space not far from the Paddock. Well, it would’ve taken a while to walk between them but mentally we approached union. The default world leaked in slightly more to our porous potlatch, but this allowed us to further connect with each other as we planned additional parties, collaborations, and shindigs over the following months.

Canberra knows how to chill

A Capital Canberra Decom

Another Decom!

A second smaller decompression gathering was held on the 22 November in Canberra’s Glebe Park; spreading out our gatherings adds the kindling of enthusiasm to our embers from Seed.

We skipped the amplified music for this latter local gathering due to sharing our shady sanctuary with many other groups, but once again faced a bounty of food and conversational frolicking with our community becoming more familiar with itself.

Our energy wants to grow, the philosophy spills into the mainstream in a myriad of minute multiplicities, with radical acceptance we welcome the overcoming of stereotypes and with radical expression we connect in ways that transcend the individual and enrich the all. Our resilient community and culture is fractal, see you at the next burn!


Sydney’s three-day Decom bonanza

Day One - Burner Gallery

Day One – Burner Gallery

written by Onur Ka

A truly epic Sydney decompression wave hit all us crazies in a ponderous manner! 27 – 29 November saw three days of shenanigans curated and produced as full-scale decommodified Burn events in three different locations across the Emerald City.

Day ONE: Burner Gallery

St Peters – Tortuga studios hosted the well-known (free) Burner Gallery exhibition, showcasing over seven photographers and three videographers work while Minters set up a gifting bar alongside the beer bucket as well as various DJs spinning chill tunes all night long accommodating well over 150 punters.

The night carried on to local dives on Newtown’s King St while many were already tucked in bed for a crazy night out to be had the next night!

Day Two - Warehouse Party

Day Two – Warehouse Party

Day TWO: Warehouse Party

In a very special Marrickville location, the main event took place on the Saturday 7pm to 7am: a crazy gathering with four gifting bars, three camp corners, one consent room and a crazy stage with a big number of DJs and live music representing various camps from Seed.

This ticketed event brought together around 300 people for a memorable night. BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE!!!

Day Three - Burner Beach

Day Three – Burner Beach

Day THREE: Beach Party

Sunday 29 November saw Sydney Burners host an epic wrap up to the WEEKEND LONG DECOMPRESSION by setting up corners at the majestic Milk Beach for a free waterside picnic party!

Serving food, drinks and playing tunes for hours on end watching the sun set in good old Sydney town.


HUGE props to the Sydney Burning crew for their planning and implementation of one of the biggest if not best Sydney Decoms in recent memory!


Melburners do Decom!

written by Nick Westcott (Zuul)

The 2015 MelBurn Decompression held at Brown Alley in the CBD was another massive success this year. Moving to a new, bigger venue enabled the sale of 1140 tickets, making it one of the biggest Burner events to ever hit Melbourne.

Light me up

Lights, Camera, Action!

Level Up

The night saw three levels of spectacular Burner talent on display. The downstairs room showcased an array of DJ’s who represented many of the major Melbourne Theme camps.  The festivities of the evening included nine hours of phat beats and live performances, as well as an impressive live visuals display by the renowned Telekenetic Chair Repair.

The mezzanine was the art hub of the venue and a chill space for relaxing and immersing in the numerous artworks. Some of the major art projects in this room included Glowy Hole, White Forest, Magic Carpet, massage tables, as well as many other smaller pieces like the ever popular More Cowbell.

Melburners Do It

Melburners Do It…..

All Night Long

Blights Room saw an array of wonderful performances featuring dancers and bands as well as DJs incorporating live elements. Decor was provided by two theme camps, Kamp Kraken and Mint Country Club giving the room a taste of Burning Seed.

The outdoor garden was pumping all night with an ambiance suitably created by the Pelican Villa theme camp who ran the sound and music for the space. An array of taste sensations provided by the Bacon Emporium, Glam & Cheese and Hotel Unipig sustained burners throughout the event. The garden room was the last room to close at the end of the night, with music stopping around 9am, 11 hours after doors had first opened.

The Wisdom of Crowds

The Wisdom of Crowds

MelBurners Inc. 

This year’s Decom was the first run under the new MelBurners Inc. incorporated association democratic structure, which was put in place earlier in 2015. This allows all money to stay in the local Burner community and so far MelBurners has paid out over $15,000 in grants to theme camps and artists.

Overall the Decompression was once again hugely successful, which wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of the organising crew, theme camps, artists, community crew and everyone else involved.

(thanks to The Flash Mob and Lotus Universal Images for the pix)


Dreamers, Doers and Decoms

Yeah, the 2014 fires of Burning Man and Burning Seed may be in ashes, but the phoenix well and truly rose once more as Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide communities rocked their cities with Decompressions in November/December.

At a Decompression, Burners gather to celebrate the recent Burn and to fan the flames of inspiration, creativity and community in our lives back home. More than just a party, a Decom encompasses the ten principles and re-creates a mini Burn environment, perpetuating the culture that thrives both in Black Rock City, Nevada, and our very own Red Earth City. And just like a Burn, it is run by the community for the community – and that means YOU too!

With most Decoms in their third year, dedicated Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide community members gathered their participant power and took their Decoms, and the broader Burner community, to a whole new level this year. Let’s hear a little from them.[bra_border_divider top=’20’ bottom=’20’]

Sydney Decompression — 22 November

Sydney decomp2

There was much fun and shenanigans, which ran through to the dawn.

To everyone who helped set up and clean up, to all gate crew, to everyone behind bars, front of bars, over bars, under bars, on stage and off stage. To those who set up corners, played tunes, danced and bounced, sung and screamed, loved and let be loved. Thank you to all of you who came and had the Sydney decompression experience that was “The Burner Gallery”!

The 2014 “Burner Gallery”, which originally started in 2012, was made possible by Onur Karaozbek, Shaye Harty, Avin Jason and our beloved theme camps from across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

These included Trash Mansion, Swing Dog Circus, Middle Eastern Mafia, Mint Country Club, Dirty Birds, Nargile temple, Sunday Bloody Mary, The Orphanage, Star Shitty, Alien Welcoming Committee, Coastal Bass Initiative, Sunset Island, “Tech Support”, Opti Doof Gif Room and many more art, DJs and performers.

Check out this video for 2.13 mins of pure, unexpurgated Sydney decomp sexiness and visit the Facebook event page.

Written by Onur Ka
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MelBurn Decom — 29 November

melbourne decomp2MelBurn Decomp’rs, you RULE! From start to finish, this was the best DECOMP that Melbourne has seen yet.

Seven-hundred incredible people gathered in one spot for the night, bringing together the sparkle that only our community knows how to do so well.

We served up tea and glow-light painting by Kettle Tea House, pillow fighting by Pirania, 3D Modelling, the Occulus Rift, Mint Country Club getting all minty on us, Kraken Korner, a photobooth, AWC and their kick-elf sound room, and much much more.

A fabulous time was had by all and your production team of Shane, Nick, Jess, Ali, Piro and GeminiTrix can’t wait to do it all over again next year!

Flick through these pics to see more of the night. Can’t wait to join us again next year? Like our Facebook page and stay in touch.

Written by Erin Pimm

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Adelaide Decom — 13 December

adelaide decomp2Adelaide DECOMPRESSION exploded with all guns blazing in 2014.

Local Burners came together to create this event, collaborating to express a night filled with warm style, art, music and urban grunge.

Alcazar Rifle and Swing Dog Circus are the current theme camps present in SA and both helped to add a combined force of bohemian mayhem.

They showcased roving live musicians, duelling banjo and guitar beauties while spoken word and poetry was performed throughout the delightful underground basement dwelling that is “Ancient World”.

With images project onto translucent screens, the night also saw  local film-makers showcasing their talent. To add a touch of class and pizazz, we also saw a cabaret from Divine Drag Diva.  Taking it up a notch or two, “Colour Radium ” rocked out as the party gently progressed to an ultimate climatic roof-raising stomp on the dancefloor, with Scoob spinning some wicked vinyl beats, followed by some Swing Dog Gypsy Circus carnival to ride the morning home.

A wonderfully eclectic and diverse group of talent down here, all coming together to share and gift Conceptual Urban Burner Grunge while Adelaide grows stronger  and more powerful the more we fuel the fire and stoke the coals!

Fully immerse yourself in all its glorious goodness by checking out these pics

Written by David Wright [bra_border_divider top=’20’ bottom=’20’]

Blog pics by Richard Rayment, Shaan Ali and David Wright