TICKET RELEASE DATE: Deep Space – Burning Seed 2016

Photo: Onur Karaozbek

  • Tickets for Burning Seed 2016 GO LIVE on Friday 20 May at 7pm AEST
  • You need to have completed your Burner Profile to buy a ticket
  • Max 2 adult tickets per transaction
  • All ticket holders need a Burner Profile with a name that matches photo ID
  • Having a profile does not guarantee a ticket – there is a cap on tickets
  • No tiered pricing in 2016 – all adult tickets are $185 (incl. booking fee and GST) ($10 for kids <16)
  • No free or complimentary tickets – everyone buys a ticket

Humans, thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience! We’re pleased to announce the planets have now aligned and tickets for Burning Seed: Deep Space will go live on 20 May from 7pm AEST. Pull up your spacepants, get with the gravity of this situation and put this event on your horizon!!

Ticket and tiers

There are some important changes to ticketing in 2016:

  • You should already know (we’ve been nagging you) that to be eligible to buy a ticket, you need to complete a Burner Profile. If you haven’t done it yet, go complete your Profile!
  • ALL adult tickets are priced at $185 for your five day, 120 hour, out-of-this-world Deep Space experience at Red Earth City in 2016. Everyone pays, everyone pays the same.
  • We don’t expect tickets to sell out immediately – however, a limited number of tickets (around 10% of the total number of adult tickets available) will be reserved for purchase by core event crew and essential crew at returning Theme Camps to reduce any risk to the basic infrastructure of the event.
  • There’s a maximum of 2 adult tickets per transaction.
  • There’s no tiered pricing in 2016 and ticket release won’t be staggered over the year.

Why has the ticket price increased?

We’ve always asked that people buy the most expensive ticket they could afford and raising the ticket price is never an easy thing to do. We do our best to keep the ticket as affordable as possible, balancing income against cost while allowing for contingencies and making sure this remains a sustainable event. The price still compares well against other festivals and events with camping and of the same length (five days or less).
Tickets at Gate

There are a certain amount of fixed costs not directly linked to capacity which need to be covered – whether 1000 or 4000 participants attend.  In fact as we approach 4000 participants, we start to see additional regulatory costs, such as insurance, medical and security… and certain increased operational costs are expected this year including more grants and donations, and better toilets which are likely to cost around $70k in 2016.

In 2013 the average income from tickets (per participant) was $158 and the cost of the event was $148. We saw similar margins in 2014 & 2015 – between $10-$20 per participant. In 2016 we are budgeting average ticketing income of $160 per participant (after deducting for GST and fees) and event costs of $150 per participant, including a contingency reserve. These numbers are based on our best estimates, but there may be unexpected costs or emergencies we cannot budget for – such as the flooding of the site – so we need to build in the contingency.

What about Seed crew?

Burning Seed is a not-for-profit operation run by volunteers who don’t get paid a cent for hundreds of hours of work on site and throughout the year. There are no crew tickets or concessions. EVERYONE pays for a ticket.

Why no tiered pricing?

All tickets sold out in 2015 ahead of the event for the very first time. We expect the same to happen in 2016. In the early days of Seed when there were fewer participants, tiered pricing made more sense. There were plenty of tickets for anyone who wanted one. We expect to sell-out again this year and because of this expected scarcity of tickets a tiered pricing system no longer makes sense.

What about kids tickets?

Kids (<16) tickets are available for $10. Kids don’t need to complete a Profile – their tickets will be linked to the Profile of the responsible guardian attending with the child. Young people 16 and over need to purchase an adult ticket so they will need their own Burner Profile.

What Next?

From 7pm AEST on Friday 20 May you can purchase your ticket(s) at the same link where you completed your Burner Profile. Any issues or questions drop us a line at ticketing@burningseed.com. We’ll issue another reminder or two beforehand but make sure your heavenly body is orbiting that ticket page on 20 May!!

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