Busted! Wanna join the Burning Seed fun police?


Make the Gate queue less boring (Photo: Onur Karaozbek)


If you thought the 2015 Disco Police were harsh, get ready for the Fun Police (photo: Luke Mason)

Burgin Support

The general gist of the scheme is that while Seed participants are queueing in cars, this mob will entertain, amuse and educate on how not to burn, how to burn, and generally welcome people.

With more new Burners or 'Burgins' coming to Seed each year, we need to make our community’s cultural expectations and norms better understood.

The long lines at Gate last year held literally captive audiences and as intermediaries between Gate and Greeters  the Fun Police can ease the pressure on both teams by delivering information (previously delivered by Greeters)  to those in line while also asking entrants questions to help prepare them for the operational elements of Gate and organizing cars into defined lanes to help the efficiency of the entry process.

For Exodus, this team may also be a presence at the Gate for collecting food/alcohol donations, saying goodbye etc. ( i.e. What are you going to bring next year?, Make sure to fill out the census, Rubbish/Recycling drop off points).

If you’re up for the task, check the Team Lead role description or contact the Crew Wranglers

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