Brian Jones by Alan John

Let me tell you a story. My most vivid memory of Jonesy was an experience up at the water pipe with Brad filling up a water container for Seed in 2012. A very casual conversation over a few rollies transpired where by Brian preceded to share his experience of working in the music industry in the ‘70’s & ‘80’s. I guess he was feeling like he had meet some like minded fellows to divulge stories too.

He explained to us his reasons for wanting to leave Matong & his adventures of driving a sound system between Sydney & Melbourne on the back of a flatbed truck. At the time he tells us it was the only one of its type in Australia.

Since then I have always been astounded at the synergy of this little old festival landing itself in the Matong State Forest with this local bloke who was against us turning up to begin with who over time become one of our biggest supporters.

That day I asked Jonesy why he left that all behind & he told me it was to settle down. He had a wife & young kid who he shifted his priorities for. He ended our conversation about how for the first 18 months after returning he had an old mate keep ringing him up asking him to come back & help him run a festival & he told us how he kept saying no because he had different priorities now.

As he finished he asked Brad & I if we had ever heard of The Big Day Out.

If there is one parting gift Jonesy will always leave with me is I’ll never judge a book by its cover again.

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