Call out for new Town Council members

Hello Burners,

Right now there is an opportunity to make a great contribution to the burner community and help shape the future and culture of Burning Seed as a Town Councillor.

The Burning Seed Town Council oversees the operation of the annual Burning Seed event. The Town Council meets monthly to review and discuss key operational issues, approve event budgets, and appoint Facilitators and Team Leads. The Town Council also hear reports from the Facilitators Committee, which coordinates the various event teams needed to run Burning Seed and works closely with them to ensure they execute their day to day operational duties, in line with the strategic vision and policy positions approved by Burning Seed Town Council.

Although there was no physical Burning Seed event this year, it is vital that Seed retains a Town Council dedicated to continuing our existing momentum with the development of policies and procedures, especially as we near the transition into a new organisational structure.

Applications are encouraged from any Burner who feels that they are sufficiently dedicated, skilled, available for regular scheduled meetings, and who are passionate about the Ten Principles. Burning Seed is created by every single participant, and the Town Council’s purpose is to ensure the successful and safe operation of the event. Step up and show us what you’ve got, or use this opportunity to develop your skills.

You can lodge your application form here. Applications close on 13th November and interviews will follow later in the month.

If you’d like to know more about the position and what it involves, there are sitting town councillors who’d be happy to talk to you. Please email towncouncil@burningseed.com



Looking for Burning Man Regional Contacts based in Sydney

Hello Sydney Burners!

We are opening a call for Burning Man Regional Contacts (RC) in Sydney!

We’re undertaking the search at this time for a few reasons:

  • The Sydney Burner community is large and thriving...and needs more hands to do the work involved to keep it going.
  • The Sydney community is increasingly diverse and would benefit from diverse representation.
  • The current RC, Jarred Taylor (aka "Jayman"), is stepping down from this role as RC for health and family reasons, as well as having recently relocated outside of Sydney.

For these reasons, the new Regional Contacts will be working together in a somewhat new environment...all new faces, all new approaches, all to help foster the Burning Man community in Sydney. Could this be you?!

Regional Contacts volunteer year-round to empower and nurture community initiatives and facilitate communication with the global Burning Man Regional Network and between their various community groups. For more information about the Regional Contact role and the Network, visit the Burningman.org website:


The Burning Man community in Sydney continues to grow and as such, we’re looking for leaders with a desire to help organize local community gatherings and support new members of the community. A history of engaged participation in local Burning Man and art events is also crucial; bonus points if you have skills in social media, communications, event logistics, and community outreach!

While we are ideally seeking candidates with the above characteristics, we are also open to hearing from those with other skills and experiences to offer the local community. If you'd like to apply to be the new Sydney Regional Contact, please complete BOTH of these steps:

- email your self-nomination letter to regional-network@burningman.org with "Sydney" in the subject line by Saturday, July 4th midnight Sydney (AEST).
- log into your Burner Profile (profiles.burningman.org) and complete the Volunteer Questionnaire. [Scroll down to ‘Volunteer’ > Volunteer Questionaire > Volunteer Teams section, check the ‘Regional Contacts’ box > fill out the ‘Regionals’ section > fill out ‘Yes, I’d like to answer questions about my skills and personal interests’ section.]

After our two week window to self-nominate closes, we'll send out a community feedback survey to gather your input and experiences with candidates. Official interviews will be held in - July and August. Search timeline includes:
- July 4th, 2020 - Self-nomination and application deadline
- July 20th, 2020 - Opportunity for community feedback on candidates closes
- August 7th, 2020  - Interviews with local interview team completed
- September 1st, 2020 - New Regional Contact selection announced and onboarding begins!

The team is looking forward to hearing from you!


Tipping Point Theme Design Now Open

With the planning for Burning Seed 2020 well under way, it's time to launch the Burning Seed 2020 Event Theme Design. Whether you are a professional or amateur designer - if you have a design in mind that captures the essence of Burning Seed 2020: Tipping Point, we want to hear from you!

What is the Theme Design process?

Every year we select a unique theme to inspire the art, costumes and events you experience at Burning Seed. Once the theme is decided, we call out to you the community, to show us your design skills and bring the theme to life.

We want you to design a poster based on the theme Tipping Point. Entries will be open for just under four weeks and submissions will be voted on by the Burning Seed Facilitators and Team Leads. We will be looking for the design that truly captures the theme and as a reminder, here is the description of the Tiping Point theme for 2020:

“It has been ten years of Burning Seed, from its humble beginnings around a bonfire in Bellingen, to a sold-out 4,600 person event in our beloved Matong State Forest. We've grown up a lot and with it come successes and failures, but the one consistent thread weaving through the diverse landscape of Burning Seed is our communities desire to connect, both to earth and each other. We have heard the calls for sustainability, for a more ‘green’ burn, and most importantly for us to look at who we are as ‘burners in the larger scale of our human population. The signs of climate change are looming upon us and cannot be ignored. It is clear - we evolve or we die. How do we tip the scales in the opposite direction from the path of destruction? This is the tipping point. Who do we want to be? Where do we want to go from here? What can we do? We ask you to show us hope for our future."

The winning design will be used across all of our event collateral including the WWW Guide, Survival Guide, wristbands, tickets, stickers (returning for 2019!), website banners, Facebook images, promotional materials/posters and more!

Wait, do I have to design all of those things?

Nope! We only need you to design the poster based on the guidelines set out in the application process. If your design wins, our Design Team Lead will apply your design to all of the things, and work with you to ensure the design is able to be adjusted as necessary

How about the rules?

There are no rules! Apart from the specs of the submission, the rest is completely up to you. You are free to interpret the theme in whichever way you wish so let your imagination run wild. We have had some truly unique designs submitted in previous years and we can't wait to see what you come up with this year.

The Theme Design & Submission Process

The theme design is now open and you have just under 4 weeks to submit your design. As always, we will be giving you a couple of reminders along the way. You can also submit more than one design if you wish - just use a separate application for each.

Here are the key dates you need to know:

  1. 9th March - Theme Design Opens
  2. 3rd April - Theme Design Closes
  3. 6th April - Winning Theme Design Announced

What’s next?

Head on over to the Event Theme page of the Burning Seed website. There you will find some general info on the theme and the instructions for how to submit.

We're looking forward to your submissions.

Burn Bright!


Grants Committee Member Required

Do you want to be like Oprah? "You get a grant! And you get a grant! You get a grant!"  Then read on, friend. 

As part of our regional agreement with Burning Man, Burning Seed is required to inject 10% of its net profit into the burner community outside of the event.  We need some fabulous folks to figure out the best way of distributing these funds.

What's Involved?

As a member of the Grants Committee, you would be responsible for determining the scope of projects Burning Seed would like to fund with this money and devise a fair and transparent means of distributing it.  This would involve creating an application process for accessing those funds, as well as a set of criteria by which to judge the applications.

If you have some of these skills (or would like a chance to learn some of these skills), apply now!

  • Experience with writing or judging grants
  • Financial expertise
  • Administrative expertise
  • Experience designing processes
  • Procedural documentation and reporting experience
  • Communications or marketing qualifications
  • Project management experience
  • Community engagement experience

If you don’t have any of these skills yet, but would like to learn and are keen to help, we encourage you to apply!

How do I sign up?

For more details, read the position description and apply now! 

Submit by 5pm, Tuesday 17th March

I Have More Questions

Great! We love curious cats. Send them through to grantscommittee@burningseed.com



Required urgently: Operations Facilitator!

Operations is the umbrella department that coordinates all the onsite infrastructure including DPI, Effigy, Temple, Friday burn, Kitchen, Sanitation, Leave No Trace, Town Planning and Pack Down crews. To say this department is important is an understatement!

We are currently in need of someone to take charge of this department and captain it into Burning Seed 2020, ensuring that all the departments listed run smoothly, making sure work is being done and assisting as needed. The Operations Facilitator is basically in charge of problem solving and project management – if things go wrong, you find out and you fix it. They also review the budgets for each team, make sure receipts are accounted for, act as site manager on-site during the build and attend facilitator meetings once a month to liaise with other teams.

Ideally we need someone with DPI experience to take the helm of this department, and you’ll receive guidance and mentoring from the outgoing Ops Facilitator as well as being supported by other facilitators.

This is a really important role moving forward, and we hope to get someone into it as soon as possible so we have the whole year to get them onboarded and trained into the role. It will also give the new facilitator plenty of time to assemble an awesome crew before the Burn happens!

If you’re interested or want to find out more, check out the position description or email jointhecrew@burningseed.com!


Engine Room 2020

“A week of chaos!” you cry gleefully. “No money! No rules! No bed time! No obligations!” and you lock your purse and your calendar and your phone away in the depths of your vehicle and frolick off into the sunset with your shiny friends.

But underneath its rainbow exterior of joyful chaos, there is a group of Very Organised People doing the necessary groundwork to make this pandemonium possible. They make spreadsheets and pay invoices and write stuff and fill out forms, they coordinate the tickets and make sure we meet legal requirements and pay our bills on time.

Sparkly Burnerfolk, I bring you…


“How can I get closer to these incredible Engine Room folk?” I hear you cry with urgency.

WELL, funny you should ask! Because we have SIX AMAZING ROLES available in the Engine Room Department, RIGHT NOW! Let me break them down for you, and if you want to read the position descriptions, just click the link.

Ticketing Lead: Manages the process of selling tickets for Burning Seed, including liaising with internal and external stakeholders and participants. Year-round role, no on-site hours required!

Ticketing 2IC: Helps the lead with the things listed above, in case you’re into a little less responsibility.

Finance Lead: Oversees the financial operations of the organization. You’re gonna want a financial background for this one, we’d love to hear from you if you can do a BAS return, complete a financial report and know what the hell a ‘financial disbursement’ is.

Site Manager Coordinator: If you wanna get your cute little foot in the org door with a very low number of actual hours.. this could be the role for you. The SMC works with other leads to update the Site Manager’s Manual, and works with Facilitators to roster their shifts during the event. About an hour a month, no on-site hours!

Office Manager: Responsible for recruiting, rostering, and orienting Site Admin crew, setup/packdown of the site office, and maintaining site office stock levels during the event. Low time commitment throughout year and during event, on-site a few days before and after Seed.

IT Wiz: Ensures the widely-distributed org peeps can actually talk to each other by managing online communication, also helping us with data storage, app integration, and not falling into the technological dark ages.

If you’re interested in any of the above roles, shoot us an email at jointhecrew@burningseed.com and tell us how excited you are. We’re happy to answer any questions, or hook you up with someone who can.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Note: This isn't the actual Engine Room. I don't really know what this is.


Superstar Secretary required for Summit and Beyond!

The dust has settled, your costumes are laundered, you're feeling inspired, and perhaps you're even thinking to yourself... how I can get involved with this crazy magic? How can I HELP?

Could you be Burning Seed’s next SECRETARY?


  • you’re organised, you’re reliable, you have great attention to detail and excellent time management
  • you type quickly and you’re familiar with computers
  • you’re a strong communicator, particularly in an online environment, and
  • you want to be involved in Burning Seed with a relatively low time commitment

… you could be our new secretary!

The Burning Seed secretary pushes the paper, does the organising and creates the scaffolding on which the dreamers, artists and planners build Burning Seed. It’s a crucial role in our organisation, scheduling and taking minutes at all high-level meetings, and delivering those meetings to all appropriate parties afterward. In short, you would be the grease in everyone’s wheels. The time commitment is about 10 hours a month throughout the year.

All meetings are held online, so as long as you have a good internet connection, this role is location independent. It's a great way of getting all the inside info on what goes on behind the scenes, and would be a great stepping stone if you want to transition into another role down the track.

If this sounds like something you’d be keen to do, or if you have any questions, send us an email at jointhecrew@burningseed.com!

We're looking for someone urgently, who will be able to join us at Summit on the last weekend of November!




Pillars of the Guardians: Zoophemising the Ten Principles

The theme for this year’s Burning Seed is Zoophemism. This theme invites you to ‘Imagine a world where all euphemisms are animal related and puns are considered currency’. This had me scratching my head. How to radically self-express via animal euphemism? What does that outfit even look like?

One person not daunted by this year’s theme is Lucas Li, head creative for the Pillars of the Guardians art installation. Lucas and his team have created an interactive installation that pairs each of the ten principles [http://burningseed.com/about/ten-principles/] with an animal totem. A zoophemism for each principle.

The Pillars of the Guardians exists to encourage burners to interact with the ten principles and really think about their meanings. The installation is a playful, totemistic puzzle that you can solve with your friends. We can’t give away too much, but promise that it will be visually stunning, interactive, informative, and performative.

A crew member hard at work

Spotlight on the Artist

Lucas Li is a filmmaker, professional creative and enthusiastic member of the Burning Seed community. I was lucky enough to catch up with Lucas and find out more about him and his inspiration for creating Pillars of the Guardians.

What is your background and how did it lead you to making Pillars of the Guardians?

I'm a film-maker branching out into other forms of creative visual arts. I’m really interested in stories, myths and eliciting emotion. I find they're great communication tools and I really wanted to bring that sense of sacred mythic quality to the burner principles, because I think that can really help people learn them.

Have you attempted something like this before?

Not since my dinosaur diorama in high school. This is my first installation and it's been so challenging and rewarding. Learning woodworking, resin casting, 3D printing, LED lighting, all very new to me. I am very grateful for the experts that have stepped forward to help.

What is your Burning Seed story?

I had friends who couldn’t stop talking about it. I’m normally quite a serious person so it didn't compel me much. But four years ago, I had burnt myself out trying to help the refugee movement and also had a major relationship breakdown too. I was in a really dark place when tickets were coming out, so I just went for it. And it blew my mind. The creativity, the openness, the irrelevance… It was a sparkly explosion that reignited my creative fire. It taught me how important it was to have fun and look after myself too. 

What was the inspiration for the Pillars of the Guardians?

There's a 10000 year old site called Göbekli Tepe and it just got me wondering what sort of ceremonies and stories and songs they were sharing back then and what it would have felt like being that space. I wanted to see if I could create something like it here in our time.

I really wanted to infuse the project with positive energy, in the making of it too, so using as much recycled materials as possible and cooking wholesome vegan food for the volunteers. Even the plastic for our 3D printing is biodegradable.I'm hoping some of that good vibe will rub off on people entering the space and inspire them to bring their own positivity to it.  

The installation is very reflective of this year’s theme. Was this a coincidence, or did you react to the theme?

It was a reaction. Originally, I wanted the guardians to be old gods and spirits - but making them animals gave the work this universality that makes it so much easier to connect with. 

Do you have a favourite principle?

I'd say communal effort, we become more than the sum of our parts when we work together… Also, I love gifting too, it just creates this beautiful positive feedback loop of love and generosity. Basically, anything that inspires us to set egos aside and think communally. We burn brighter together.

Pillars of the Guardians Crew

The Pillars of the Guardians will be open from 5pm-midnight every day during Seed. However, the best time to see it will be during the opening ceremony [https://www.facebook.com/events/1088055534717346/] on Thursday night from 7.30pm. That’s your chance to become a part of the art and meet the guardians behind its creation.

The Pillars of the Guardians are asking burners to support their art piece through the purchase of a principle pendant [https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/709568852/burner-animal-pendants?ref=hp_rv-1&bes=1] (Spoiler Alert! They have their animal zoophemisms on the back!)

The Pillars of the Guardians is one of 21 art pieces supported by ARTery art grants this year. You can find out more about how to apply for an art grant here [http://burningseed.com/art/] or the ARTery concierge on the paddock.


The Rangers are looking for some awesome people

If you've been to Seed before, you may have seen people walking around in orange. They're not just burners in costume - they're our rangers, and they're a vital part of Burning Seed.
Rangers have a very important role on site and contribute to the smooth running fo the event. They are not the police, they're participants like yourself who have decided to be sober and responsible for a few hours and walk around to help out other community members. With access to walkie talkies, training and a kick-ass cadre of seasoned veteran burners supporting them, Rangers volunteer their time to make sure that people are empowered when their radical self reliance runs out. This doesn't mean that they stop people from having fun; rather, they might point out the ways that that spiky bar could hurt you, and then call the medics if your long jump doesn't go as planned. You'll often see them dancing their butts off to a great set at a theme camp, but they'll also check in to make sure that person in the corner is choosing to sleep instead of passing out.
If you're in trouble on the paddock, the Rangers are a great first resource - they're good for helping find lost children, they can help mediate disputes and many are very good huggers if they're asked to provide one. Consent is still required though, so please don't just go jumping on them expecting they'll love it!
Ranger Training
Rangers learn to be so awesome through their training which happens pre-burn off-paddock, or on the first day of Seed for people who don't live in major cities or missed out on the pre-burn events. Training covers what to do in a variety of situations and returning rangers often help mentor newer rangers to provide even more range of experience. At training you will learn how to use radio protocols, how to approach a situation without inflaming it and also get the opportunity to hold the perimeter during burns. Burns can't happen without a safe perimeter, so rangers are CRUCIAL for one of the most fun and important parts of the event!
Burning Seed has one of the highest ratios of participants that have gone through ranger training of any burn in the world, which is something to be proud of. Ranger training is useful both for Seed and outside of Seed, and many participants have reported that their ranger training helped them out in sticky situations in the default world as well.
Why and how to get involved!
Are you interested in volunteering your time as a ranger? We would absolutely LOVE to have you on board. You'll get to experience Burning Seed from a whole new perspective and build some great relationships along the way.
You can get involved with Rangers in two easy steps!
  1. Register with the Crew Wranglers first. To do this, follow the link to complete a simple sign up procedure: https://www.volcor.net/TakeSurvey2.aspx?s=2404_CrewReg
  2. Sign up for the training onsite. Training will happen on September 25th @2pm. Follow the link to our Facebook event to sign up and get all of the latest news and information: https://www.facebook.com/events/2313762232224044/
If you need to get to the paddock early to get settled in before training, there's a link to Early Entry on the FB invite so that you can let us know when you plan to arrive.  If you think you can make the paddock better by donning the orange, step up, come volunteer and be a part of a crucial, awesome team!






Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

And where there’s fire, there’s a bunch of smokin’ hot firefighters. And one of them could be you!

The Fire Art Response Team is still seeking 20 more crew members for Burning Seed 2019.

It’s no secret we love to burn shit, and in order to burn shit it’s crucial we have a competent team of burners who will be prepared to show up and be on the ready should any emergencies occur. You don’t even need experience… you’ll get all the training you need on site, and if you’re a novice, you’ll be paired with a veteran at all times. Your protective gear will be provided, and you’ll get to dress up like the sexy kitten-rescuing calendar stripper you’ve always wanted to be.


You’ll do one non-burn shift where you’ll be responsible for raising fire safety awareness, as well as patrolling two of the three burns during the event. Sobriety for your shifts and your own safety boots are the only prerequisites.

We need at least 20 crew members, and you’ll be greeted with particular enthusiasm if you’ve got firefighting experience or you’ve FARTed at Burns past.  If you’re keen, feel free to head straight over to the website and apply.  


If you’ve got any questions, drop Rusty a line at rusty@burningseed.com.