Fire Art

Fire Art

At Burning Seed we love fire and flame especially when it's part of an art installation! If you plan to burn your art or if there are any flame effects or open fires (including candles and burn barrels you must register your art proposal and get approval from Seed's Fire Art Response Team (FART) before you can set up your project.

You will need to provide additional documents and follow guidelines specific to the type of fire showcased in your installation. Note that there are limited spaces available for projects that are to be burnt and not all projects that apply will be approved. Please see below for the two classifications of fire art:

Open Fire

This includes any type of open flame from burn barrels to candles or if you plan to set your art on fire. In addition to telling us about your project you will need to provide safety plans, burn times (when the installation will include flame) and if you are burning your project details about how you will minimize damage to the Paddock surface and your plans for removal of all ash and debris. Projects that are approved for burning will be subject to additional LNT (Leave No Trace) measures on set timelines to be outlined once approved by FART.  

Flame effects

Flame effects are defined as "The combustion of solids, liquids or gases to produce thermal, physical, verbal or audible phenomena before an audience." This includes all flames that are automated, switched, pressurized, or having any other action other than simply being lit on fire as well as projects that utilise LPG (propane) or other liquid or gaseous fluids.

If you are using these types of effects you will need to describe the components of your system and how they relate to one another including fuel storage vessels, fuel delivery mechanisms, manual or remotely controlled valves, expansion or accumulator tanks, forced air blowers, manifolds, ignition systems, details of the flame heads (e.g. do they include venturis, etc.), and your fire control systems. Detailed drawings and safety plans will be required if your project is approved.

For more information on fire art and flame effects please contact fart@burningseed.com