The ARTery

The Artery

The mission of the ARTery is to serve and support artistic expression at Burning Seed. The goal of the ARTery is to act as an artist resource centre that facilitates the placement and display of art on the paddock of Red Earth City.  We facilitate and foster radical self-expression by advocating for and supporting art at the event, and beyond its borders. It is our goal to see new and innovative artworks at Burning Seed event every year.

What the ARTery does:

• Provides information and resources for contributing participants
• Reads art applications and helps artists through the subsequent process
• Provides support and guidance on how to best create, transport, install and clean up an installation at Burning Seed
• Contributes to the Temple and Effigy decision-making process
• Keeps records on the art that has been, and will be, so participants can be inspired again and again
• Promotes community and art, both on and off site
• Collects information about art for publication in the What Where When
• Determines and helps with placement of artworks.