Guidelines & Policies

Guidelines & Policies

The ARTery facilitates and fosters radical self-expression at Burning Seed by advocating for and supporting art — both at the event and beyond its borders. It is our goal to see new and innovative artworks at Burning Seed every year. To understand what is expected of you, and of us, please click on the boxes below.

What We Fund

Every year, the Burning Seed budget designates funding to the ARTery to support art project proposals. The amount of funding spent on art grants at Burning Seed was $41,000 in 2016, and $74,000 in 2019. As more participants develop proposals the quality and diversity of the art continues to grow and so do our criteria and application process. Overall we look to fund installations that are stand alone, sculptural installations that are independent of specific performances or actives, although these may accompany the installation.

Art Grant Proposals are assessed on the following criteria:

  • Interactivity
  • Accessibility/Displayed or Open Hours
  • Relevance to theme
  • Wow factor
  • Ingenuity/Originality
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Accuracy of the budget
  • Achievability
  • Overall scope/plan & attention to detail
  • Leave No Trace Plan
  • Safety
  • Additional fundraising being done by the project crew
  • Selected against other projects to create a diverse program of art

The ARTery does not fund projects that are:

  • Mutant Vehicles (mobile art will be considered)
  • Art specific to a Theme Camp and/or that is erected solely within a theme camp (artwork that relates to a camp but is displayed on the open Paddock will be considered)
  • Performance stages or  service/experience booths  (full immersive experiences relating to an artistic concept would be considered)
  • Performances (including performance fees for djs or musicians, costumes, props and/or tools)
  • One-off events such as costume parades or flash-mobs
  • Workshops or other maker-style events or forums
  • Artwork, hangings or other pre-made items that are not custom made by the artist but purchased and already assembled or prefabricated
  • Climbable art (unfortunately our event insurance policy does not cover art pieces that are designed to be climbed)
  • Chill-space or hang-out areas that are not of significant artistic content
  • Food carts or booths
  • projects that will not be displayed at the Burning Seed event

If you have questions about whether your project idea would be considered for funding please contract the ARTery at artery@burningseed.com at least two weeks before funding deadlines.

What To Expect From Us

We love our job and will strive to keep the artistic environment of Burning Seed inspired, innovative, and efficient. We work to support artists in their creativity and encourage the Burner community to engage on and off site. We will maximise the safety of all art installations by providing guidelines that define the necessary parameters of the project, whether it is a fire art piece or an interactive kinetic installation. Our priority is promoting safe and smart interaction between the ART and the participant. We will never commodify or attempt to make money from your project. We will always include the artist name and project name in all references on Burning Seed pages giving credit where credit is due. We do not own your art or make claims regarding future presentations or displays. 

Art Grant Selection Committee (AGSC)

  • The Art Grant Selection Committee (AGSC) is made up of volunteers from within the community who serve in team leader or advisory roles within the Burning Seed organisation and 1-2 community members with art grant or art project experience (minimum 7 members, maximum 9)
  • The AGSC members review each application and complete an internal survey based on the selection criteria outlined in the Grant Funding Section of this Policy document. The projects are ranked then discussed by the AGSC. If the AGSC has concerns or questions regarding the project the artist is contacted for clarification before final decisions are made regarding funding.
  • If any member of the committee applies for a grant themselves or has a family member or good friend who has applied they will not vote on that particular project.
  • Grant application decisions require a quorum of 5 if the team has 7 members or 7 if the team is 9 members
  • Final funding allocations are approved by the ARTery Grant Committee and recipients are contacted by the ARTery team’s Artist Liaison.
  • If you have questions about this process please email artery@burningseed.com

Artery Grant Guidelines

  • In order to sustain fair and equitable grant distribution for the community as a whole, we have created some grant guidelines:

    1) Applications

    • Must be submitted on time using the online art grant application form.
    • Must have drawings or photographs to support it, and a technical description of construction and implementation.
    • Any structure 3m or taller must be approved by our building supervisor, who will contact you during and/or after the application process.
    • Must include budget and LNT plans, while also considering plans for lighting, safety and transportation.
    • Fire art requires additional approval and liaison with the Fire Art Response Team (FART)

    2) Grant funding

    • We do not finance 100% of any proposal. We encourage artists to gift, and find alternative ways to fundraise the amount they require. Your budget should include additional funds that you are contributing either directly, from other funding bodies or via fundraising events or crowdfunding.
    • We mainly finance approved materials for construction of your artwork. Examples of approved materials include wood, fixtures and fittings, fabric, paint etc. This DOES NOT include ‘labour’ or artist services, Burning Seed tickets or personal travel expenses. You will be required to submit receipts post-event which need to match the items listed in your budget.
    • In certain cases, particularly with large pieces, we will give consideration to requests for a contribution to transport costs.
    • We will pay 80% of the granted amount of any approved proposal within 4 weeks of approval and once the signed agreement is provided, and the remaining 20% no later than six weeks after we receive your final documents. The final payment is conditional upon a final sign off from the ARTery and LNT teams. Note that projects that are burnt may be subject to 30% withholding for LNT approval.
    • The final 20% post-Seed payment is also conditional on the provision of scanned receipts for the approved materials listed in the proposal to the ARTery. Receipts must be provided within the 4 weeks after the event. In addition the ARTery requires two photos of each project to be submitted with final receipts for our ARTchive and for each artist to complete the ARTery survey.
    • Artwork projects are only funded once. If we choose to fund your project we cannot fund it in future years. However, if your project is declined, you may resubmit it in future years.
    • We understand the need for flexibility and last minute adjustments to your artistic blueprint, but large deviations from agreed (ie funded) project plans are unacceptable. You will risk losing your approved funding.

    3) Onsite support, placement and installation

    • Further onsite support is provided through ARTedia which is open on site each day from 10 a.m until 4 p.m. (except Sunday/Temple burn day)
    • Artists, particularly those making large pieces, may apply for early entry, however these places are strictly limited and can only be granted in specific cases.
    • Placement requests will be considered, however, the final placement will be decided by the ARTery.
    • Large art installation must be onsite and set up by event opening. In 2020, this means midday on Wednesday 23 September. Your installation must remain ‘open’ until 1 a.m. on the last day of the event, Monday 30th September when it can be removed; this allows for the community to view the artwork Seed has funded for a total of five days.
    • We are looking at providing access to heavy machinery for large projects subject to approval and billed based on usage.
    • The artist is responsible for the artwork’s removal in line with our Leave No Trace principle and all projects must check-out with the ARTery and have a LNT check before departing the event.

    4) Fire Art support

    5) Non-provision of Artwork

    • If we approve an art grant but the artist fails to provide the art at the event, we will not approve any art proposal by that artist for the next three years. The only exception is in the case of ‘extreme’ circumstances beyond your control, eg illness or accidents en route.
    • In all cases we will expect one of two options: the 80% grant funding is returned to Burning Seed OR the artwork is brought to the next year’s Burning Seed — but this will be discussed at the time.

    6) Promotion

    The artist retains ownership and copyright of the work, however the ARTery and Burning Seed reserves the right to reproduce images and descriptions of works in any printed or online format for publicity purposes.

What We Expect From You

  • Be totally committed to your proposed project. We receive more applications than we can help to fund; many artists would love to be in your position. Please follow through to the highest level of commitment possible.
  • Be creative. Think about incorporating the ten principles into your project. The ARTery particularly encourages participation and radical self-expression.
  • Be mindful. You are responsible for your artwork, and any MOOP it creates. Think about the materials you plan to use. Will they dissolve at the first sign of rain, or are they built to withstand nuclear fallout? If you’re taking your artwork away, do you know what you need to pack it down?
  • Be open and communicative. Always ask us if you have any questions or concerns. There are many things to consider, from night lighting to a burn plan (if needed). You must also have and follow through on a Leave No Trace plan, and a Fire Safety plan.
  • Complete all requirements of your contract including Checking in and out with the ARTery staff on site, providing two photos of your installation (at minimum one daytime and one nighttime), providing itemised receipts post event and completing an ARTery survey about your experience creating art for Burning Seed

Final Word!

  • We all dream large and want to make the best and biggest art that we can. But sometimes, reality gets in the way. The ARTery focuses on ensuring that you consider the constraints of your artwork so that things run smoothly at Burning Seed. Work with us, and create some awesome art!