The Temple

The Temple

Seed's Soul

If art is the heart, then the Temple is the soul of Burning Seed — its spiritual and emotional anchor. Based on a Burning Man tradition, the wooden art installation is a place for people to commemorate their deepest sorrows and celebrate their greatest joys. 

Poems, photos, shrines, letters and mementos are pinned, posted and penned all over the Temple, helping to create a communal dialogue about what touches us deeply as individuals and the shared experience of our humanity.

The Temple stands until Sunday of the event, when it is burned.  While the burning of the Effigy on the Saturday night is marked by a more primal explosion of energy and excitement, the Temple burn is a time for quiet reflection, allowing participants to bear witness to the release and renewal that fire brings to the experience they have shared.

In 2014 the Temple design was opened to the community to help create one of our most iconic Burn structures. The Labyrinth Temple was the result, with one of the most spectacular burns of the 2014 event. In both 2015 and 2017 Bradley Ogden led the Temple team designing the Tower of Babel (2015) and the Temple of Crux (2017).

The ARTery Committee now oversees this annual design call out for Temple submissions, for more information on how to submit a design please visit  our Temple Design Submissions page.

The 2014 Labrynith Temple, designed by by Renee Bazerghi & Elba García-Clark
Photo by 


2015_Nigel Dobson Keeffe_TempleNight

The 2015 Tower of Babel, designed by Bradley Ogden
Photo by Nigel Dobson-Keefe