Restructure Committee Bios

Restructure Sub-Committee Bios

We’d like to introduce you to the crew crazy enough to voluntarily spend hours on project plans and spreadsheets and even more hours talking about the best way to engage the Burning Seed community in what the Future of Burning Seed looks like. Back in April 2017 we put a blog post out recruiting new members and since then this crew have been logging many hours to develop the Community Engagement Process that started with the Town Hall at Burning Seed 2017.

Name: Victoria Vickery

Nickname/Paddock Name: Tech Support

Burning Since: 2010

History of Involvement with Burning Seed or other burns:

A native Californian, she first heard of Burning Man at the age of 12, and finally made the pilgrimage for the first time in 2010.  To date, she has been to 8 burns across 3 continents.  After migrating to Australia in late 2013, she jumped into the local burner scene with both feet, attending her first Burning Seed as the 2nd In Command for the Department of Planning and Infrastructure.  

Over the past three years she has grown with the organisation as Co-Lead of DPI, and later Event Coordinator.  She also heads the Engine Room Department and the Admin Team, as well as serving on the Burning Seed Town Council.  And of course, she’s also on the Restructure Committee.

Her favourite thing about attending burns has been how much she has been able to learn: about herself, about others, about working together and social dynamics, and about how to kick major ass.  She is now a dynamo with a power tool or a spreadsheet and has gained a lot of experience managing teams.  She dreams of applying these skills in a professional career in events.

Why she joined the Restructure Committee:

Through her work at Burning Seed, Victoria saw a lot of opportunities for improvements, and stepped in wherever possible to help make them happen.  Restructuring the company that runs the event based on community feedback is one of opportunities.


Name: Martin Bortz

Nickname/Paddock Name: Marty
Burning Since: 2014
History of Involvement with Burning Seed or other burns: Marty went to his first Burn in Nevada in 2014, and came back completely inspired. He was an attendee at Burning Seed in 2015, helping the Chai Lounge Theme Camp. In 2016, he ran the ‘Festivus’ theme camp in the theme camp village at Rainbow Serpent Festival, and also contributed to the art project ‘Deep Space Astronaut’. His writing has also been appeared in ‘Tales from the Playa’ and he is a regular attendee at theme camp fundraisers.
Why he joined the Restructure Committee: Since coming back from Nevada, Marty has been looking to contribute his skills to growing the local burner community. The restructure committee is a great way for him to use his current skill set to assist the BSorg in this important process of change







Name: Troy Reid

Nickname/Paddock Name: one-eighth (rarely used.. too old for nicknames)

Burning Since: 2013

History of Involvement with Burning Seed or other burns: Troy Reid was born 9:04am on May 28, 1972… Since then he has been the subject of misinterpretation and conjecture. He thinks profiles for members of the Burning Seed restructure committee are a sad projection of elitism and status anxiety to an otherwise nice community group who don’t take themselves too seriously nor give a fudge who he is or what he has done. If he must chronicle this shit… 2013 NearDeathExperience, 2014 Henrietta, 2015 RangerDanger, 2016 FloodMeSideways, 2017 TownHallMakeout… that’s all he is prepared to say publicly… if you wanna know more just ask him on Scruff

Why he joined the Restructure Committee: Free food.




Name: Brad Drayton

Nickname/Playa Name: My ranger call sign is ‘Bubbles’

Burning Since: 2015

History of Involvement with Burning Seed or other burns: My first burner event was Moonshine in 2015. Since then I’ve been to Burning Seed and Kiwburn. Mostly I just love to be a punter, but I’ve volunteered with the Red Earth and Black Sheep Rangers.



Why you joined the Restructure Committee: I wanted to contribute my data skills to the restructure. I also wanted to see how the process worked, and meet the other weirdos who would  sign up for such a thing.








We stand at a crossroad of human evolution where we could easily go backwards or leap forwards in ways some people find hard to imagine. Eric is at the forefront of making the latter happen. A reformed corporate high flyer, who blends together his unique organisational, community and technology experiences. Eric has been a leading voice in the Platform Cooperative movement and brought the first FairShares multi-stakeholder Cooperative to the United States. His leadership skills are on display as leader of the Rangers Emergency Services Teams at both Burning Seed and Confest events in Australia.  A passion for inclusive communities is on display in his work with transitioning Burning Seed into a Not for Profit with a broad based membership.

Creative project management is front and centre in Eric’s involvement in bringing the music of Zoe Ryan to the world. From tour support to creative collaboration, he wears many hats across this project.

Eric currently working on incorporating lessons learned from a multifaceted career into a new circular governance model named Cooperative Flow. The model promises to revolutionise how communities and organisations are run. Exploration into what does and doesn’t work within intentional communities has taken Eric across Australia and internationally. All the elements required to build a thriving group of intentional communities inches closer and it’s here where the potential for the biggest leap forward in human evolution exists.


Previous Members of the Committee

Name: Toni Bode

Nickname/Paddock Name: BEAST

Burning Since: 2013

History of Involvement with Burning Seed or other burns & why she’s on the committeeMy first burn was 2013, it was my farewell present to myself. Having already bought a one way ticket to Australia.  I had previously studied at Uni Melbourne and this place has been the only place that felt like home despite being born and raised in metro Detroit. That burn changed a lot of things for me. I ended up throwing away my ticket back to OZ (to be continued). And stayed immersed in this new found subculture for 2 more years. Fast forward to my return to Melbourne in 2015, I continued burning in my own way, finding ways to offer experiences and resources to the community, helped start a community lab in Brunswick known as BioQuisitive. And even created my own way of celebrating the holidays incorporating the principles. I found some engagement in the burner community, but wanted a more substantial means of participating. So when I saw a call for help with entity transition I responded, having transitioned our own org from a for profit to not for profit not so long ago, and a devotion to protecting community input. I hope what I have to offer is able to contribute to our collective stability as a community.



Name: David

Nickname/Paddock Name:  Super-Gran

Burning Since: 2011

  1. History of Involvement with Burning Seed or other burns & why she’s on the committee: 2011 the Man (Full Serve, Self Serve); 2013 the Man (Temple Guardians & Magic Hour), 2015 the Seed (Everett’s bitch), 2016 rained out.

Why you joined the Restructure CommitteeI joined this committee because I wanted to meet people. No one told me all the meetings were by Skype and no one even turns their cameras on.  On that level it’s been an abject failure. But they’re an okay bunch and I hang around. Plus I do this shit in the default world so I thought I wouldn’t have to think too much. It’s also been a complete failure on this level too as they’re bloody smart and come up with challenging ideas.



Name: Stephanie Selig
Nickname/Paddock Name: *serious*

Burning Since: 1998

History of Involvement with Burning Seed or other burns: Steph has been attending Burning Seed since the first one at Bellingen where she and some friends created the Nargile Lounge. She’s made art pieces including Chopstick, a piece that was burnt with the Temple, and after creating the group Flame Effects Australia she has been focusing on creating fire art with other community members, making Esmerelda the Deep Sea Angler, and hosting a flame effects workshop in Melbourne. She’s currently the lead of the ARTery department bringing with her years of experience of working with the big burn ARTery team  the Process and Documentation Manager and back in the day she started Toronto’s burning mOOseman in 2002 and also hosted Burning Katoey in Thailand in 2003.

Why she joined the Restructure Committee: Although she’s not a big fan of meetings, Steph does like spreadsheets, process documentation, and helping get things organised. She’s worked with the Toronto Burning Man community to get their entity started and with another dance community in San Francisco to become an officially recognised church. Mostly she’s on the team to listen, help with paperwork, poke the elephants in the room and get things done.


Name: Shaye Harty

Nickname/Playa Name: President

Burning Since: 2005

History of Involvement with Burning Seed or other burns:Born in the most American of all families in Modesto California in 1979. She had heard of Burning Man in her college but she didn’t have any friends that she could go with so she had to wait till her time comes! It wasn’t until she moved to Humboldt County and became the ‘Rutabaga Queen’  that she was gifted a ticket to BM by a mysterious woman that she didn’t even know! 2005 Her very first Burning Man as part of KazBus camp and she hasn’t missed a bloody one since!

This crazy woman has been to 12 Burning Man, 3 Burning Seed, 2 Afrika Burn and 2 Blazing Swan…. so far, with no plan to slow down anytime soon! Speaking of experience and skills Shaye has been the Outside Services Manager at Burning Man, Event Manager at Blazing Swan, Site Manager at Afrikaburn Burn, and Former Admin Team Lead, Former Event Coordinator, current Site Safety Facilitator, site manager at Burning Seed.

Shaye’s dream is to be able to live in Melbourne for 9 months working on Art and Events, and then living for the winter in America since it is Summer there, traveling around working on events and visiting her family back home.

Next time you think about fighting her and pushing her out of your way to get a drink at one of the bars on the paddock remember she has a brown belt in Judo and she is pretty good with a lasso!


Name: Alicia Boyd

Nickname/Paddock Name: Leash / Princess Monkey

Burning Since: 2010

History of Involvement with Burning Seed or other burns:  I first stumbled my way out into the bamboo fields of Bellingen off the back of getting swept up in a crew of psychedelic consciousness movement types called Evolver in Sydney, who formed a theme camp Bacchus out at the first Australian regional burn. Basically, I was drawn to seed by a bunch of tree wizards. Before I knew it, I was in a paddock feeding 500+ people dressed like slaves and Romans and since then I keep swallowing up the burn kool aid year by year. I helped run Bacchus theme camp for 3 years, then have volunteered for comms for a few years helping with the Survival Guide, What Where When and writing misc. blogs, and have recently come back into theme camp world a bit as part of The Orphanage and Alchemy of Sin. I’ve been involved in a theme camp in the big burn once, Red Lightning in 2011, where I helped support with water logistics. I was one of the admins on the unofficial Burning Seed Australia Facebook group for about 6 months which, while also feeling like an important community role in its own way, was probably the most stressful burn type thing I’ve done. I’ve just joined the sanitation team and rangers this year too, which I’m feeling good about. I like to be an active part of whatever community I’m in and do what I can to help support it practically on the ground.
Why you joined the Restructure Committee:  I’ve managed a lot of community engagement processes as part of my professional job as a conference and exhibition event producer – often working with diverse and tricky stakeholder groups to find good mutual ground and make big things happen together.  Also, sparked by so many regular online conflicts around ideological differences or just silly pork sword fights, me and a few others in Sydney re-started a series of community engagement town hall meetings up there last year which helped catalyse the new Sydney Burns entity formation a bit, but otherwise kind of fizzled out because it wasn’t feeding into enough practical action. I’m more of a doer than a talker. Seeing Burning Seed become even more community run than it already is (I personally think it’s currently awesome) is something that is important to me and so being part of a community engagement process that will directly feed into the tangible outcome of restructuring Burning Seed is a really satisfying process for me. I am very inspired by the wisdom, patience, passion, drive and strong skill base of the restructure crew I’m a part of and am happy to be able to help our brave leader Marty wherever I can.

Why you joined the Restructure Committee: I joined the committee to help expand the many benefits available to the Burning Seed community by moving to restructure as a non-profit entity. Being the former Event Coordinator of the event, I saw many missed opportunities for Seed because we are a Pty Ltd and not a registered non-profit entity. I would like to see our community have access to grants and all the other great benefits that a non-profit entity would provide for us if we had that status.