Event Theme

Event Theme

Come with us on a Journey

Each year, Burning Seed has a unique theme which helps guide the artwork, inspiration, theme camps, events and costumes you see on The Paddock. Sometimes the theme is abstract or conceptual as with Imagine Nation (2014), Revolution (2015) and Ancient Future (2018). At other times they are a little more specific such as with Deep Space in 2016 (aka the burn that we must not speak of) and Deeper Space in 2017. And of course at Burning Seed 2019, we had our most unique theme so far - Zoophemism.


The theme for Burning Seed 2020 is: Tipping Point

It has been ten years of Burning Seed, from its humble beginnings around a bonfire in Bellingen, to a sold-out 4,600 person event in our beloved Matong State Forest. We've grown up a lot and with it come successes and failures, but the one consistent thread weaving through the diverse landscape of Burning Seed is our communities desire to connect, both to earth and each other. We have heard the calls for sustainability, for a more ‘green’ burn, and most importantly for us to look at who we are as ‘burners in the larger scale of our human population. The signs of climate change are looming upon us and cannot be ignored. It is clear - we evolve or we die. How do we tip the scales in the opposite direction from the path of destruction? This is the tipping point. Who do we want to be? Where do we want to go from here? What can we do? We ask you to show us hope for our future.


Burning Seed 2020: Theme Design Contest

Our theme design contest for Burning Seed 2020 is now open. Whether you are a professional or amateur artist - if you have a design idea for the theme, we'd like to see it! Click on the button below to find out the requirements and instructions to submit your theme design. You have until Friday April 3rd to submit your designs.