The Effigy

The Effigy

Our Burn Icon

Burn night is the climax of Burning Seed. The Effigy, which has kept watch over Red Earth City all week, is set alight on Saturday night as people gather to watch and phwoarrrr! There’s fire spinning, performances — and for some a little nudie run around the fire. Others choose to shake their butts in the many sound camps who throw their biggest celebrations of the week.

In the US, the Effigy has traditionally been a man, which has grown from the first one of 2.5 metres in 1986 to 12 metres in 2013. However, Australia’s effigy is taking on a new shape as we begin to play with our own iconography and develop our own event flavour.

Here’s a snapshot of each Burning Seed Effigy:

In 2012 we had a Rooman whose hybrid form echoed Burning Seed’s theme of Mythconception and symbolised the gradual birth of our community’s own identity.

In 2013 a woman rose and fell to our theme of Re:Creation.

In 2014 our effigy transformed into a symbol of Burning Seed and Australia, the Galah.

In 2015 our Effigy had the world in their hands, reflecting the theme of Revolution.

And after Burning Seed 2016 was cancelled, 2017 saw a modified and improved version of the Effigy brought back to life. Our 2017 Effigy was the alien among us, a harbinger of new beginnings and the guardian or our forest galaxy.

Photo: Nigel Dobson-Keefe