Tipping Point Theme Design Now Open

With the planning for Burning Seed 2020 well under way, it's time to launch the Burning Seed 2020 Event Theme Design. Whether you are a professional or amateur designer - if you have a design in mind that captures the essence of Burning Seed 2020: Tipping Point, we want to hear from you!

What is the Theme Design process?

Every year we select a unique theme to inspire the art, costumes and events you experience at Burning Seed. Once the theme is decided, we call out to you the community, to show us your design skills and bring the theme to life.

We want you to design a poster based on the theme Tipping Point. Entries will be open for just under four weeks and submissions will be voted on by the Burning Seed Facilitators and Team Leads. We will be looking for the design that truly captures the theme and as a reminder, here is the description of the Tiping Point theme for 2020:

“It has been ten years of Burning Seed, from its humble beginnings around a bonfire in Bellingen, to a sold-out 4,600 person event in our beloved Matong State Forest. We've grown up a lot and with it come successes and failures, but the one consistent thread weaving through the diverse landscape of Burning Seed is our communities desire to connect, both to earth and each other. We have heard the calls for sustainability, for a more ‘green’ burn, and most importantly for us to look at who we are as ‘burners in the larger scale of our human population. The signs of climate change are looming upon us and cannot be ignored. It is clear - we evolve or we die. How do we tip the scales in the opposite direction from the path of destruction? This is the tipping point. Who do we want to be? Where do we want to go from here? What can we do? We ask you to show us hope for our future."

The winning design will be used across all of our event collateral including the WWW Guide, Survival Guide, wristbands, tickets, stickers (returning for 2019!), website banners, Facebook images, promotional materials/posters and more!

Wait, do I have to design all of those things?

Nope! We only need you to design the poster based on the guidelines set out in the application process. If your design wins, our Design Team Lead will apply your design to all of the things, and work with you to ensure the design is able to be adjusted as necessary

How about the rules?

There are no rules! Apart from the specs of the submission, the rest is completely up to you. You are free to interpret the theme in whichever way you wish so let your imagination run wild. We have had some truly unique designs submitted in previous years and we can't wait to see what you come up with this year.

The Theme Design & Submission Process

The theme design is now open and you have just under 4 weeks to submit your design. As always, we will be giving you a couple of reminders along the way. You can also submit more than one design if you wish - just use a separate application for each.

Here are the key dates you need to know:

  1. 9th March - Theme Design Opens
  2. 3rd April - Theme Design Closes
  3. 6th April - Winning Theme Design Announced

What’s next?

Head on over to the Event Theme page of the Burning Seed website. There you will find some general info on the theme and the instructions for how to submit.

We're looking forward to your submissions.

Burn Bright!