We like to Potty: Our Loo Crew is Recruiting

Loo Crew is recruiting: Only Legends need apply…

So you’ve decided you want to come to Seed and contribute to the gifting culture of this awesome event. It occurs to you that volunteering would be a great way to do this and meet awesome likeminded people but… which crew to choose? Fortunately for you, dear friend, one of the most important and fun teams are looking for new superstars: The Amazing Loo Crew! These are the silent (and not so silent) warriors shining the plastic thrones and keeping them well stocked, functional and in the mintiest of conditions for all the inhabitants of the Paddock over the course of the week. Fear not friends! Once onboard, you’ll be provided with everything you need to ensure you are prepared for the role, so crewing with Sanitation services can be considered one of the easiest job in which to earn Paddock-cred for minimal effort.

I’m listening, I’m keen, we hear you say, but I don’t like scrubbing toilets…well aren’t you in luck! The portaloos we use require no scrubbing or deep-diving to fix blockages so you can keep that sparkly Unicorn onesie that you scored for a bargain at Savers in perfect, unsoiled condition (though let’s be honest, it probably had a few to begin with)!

Ok, so what does the role involve and what is the time commitment?

The loo crew are responsible for ensuring the loos are functional, full of water and stocked with loo rolls twice a day. You'll remove empty toilet rolls and run over any messy ones with some sanitiser - and that's it! Then you can go and get a hot shower, have a meal and relax! If you join the loo crew you will be required to attend a crew briefing on 24th Sep onsite at Burning Seed (the day before the event opens) and complete 2-4 shifts on site during the event. Each shift would be 3-4 hours either between 8am - 12pm or between 2pm - 6pm. You can find the full Position Description here.

Did you mention showers? How about more PERKS!

Yes, there are perks! Plenty of them. As a sanitation crew member, you’re entitled to the following:

  • A hot shower after each shift!!!
  • 3 meals a day during build and packdown
  • A meal and self serve snacks every day you volunteer during the event

Not to mention the lavish praise that will be heaped on you by the grateful burners who will appreciate your efforts and the life-long friendships with your fellow Loo crew-members, bonded by sanitiser that will endure forever! Sweet deal, we hear you gasp!

Where and how do you sign up?

Head on over to the community crew page on our website and scroll down to the 'All the Onsite Roles' section. There, under 'Sanitation Services' you will find the Position Description - but for those who missed it, we have also linked it above.  Then all you have to do is use that 'Click Here To Apply' button at the top of the page to send your expression of interest to jump on-board with the Burning Seed Sanitation Services’ 2019 team; get it while it’s hot! Of course, as with any volunteer role at Seed, you will need to have a ticket.

Radical self-reliance note! Whilst the toilets are maintained by this stellar Loo crew, the general tidiness and care of toilets at the event in total is the responsibility of all who attend.






Ten Reasons to Crew

So it’s ticket time again, and if you’ve got your hot little hands on a promise for Burning Seed 2019, you’ll no doubt be asking yourself the One Crucial Question.

“How can I best contribute to this magical journey of goodness and wonder?”

Alternatively, you may be asking “Why should I do stuff?”, but either way, I have your answers.


  1. Someone has to! If nobody did it, there would be no Seed.  If not you, then who?
  2. Develop skills and try new things. If you want to expand your knowledge, get a new skillset, try something new, learn from awesome peeps, or get some volunteer work to add to your CV, a crew role at Seed is a brilliant way to do this.
  3. Meet excellent people. Crewing is a fabulous way to connect with other amazing burners. If you’re new to Seed, or just want to expand your connections beyond your usual crew, this is the way!
  4. It’s fun. Whether fun for you is dressing up and hugging new arrivals or putting together the perfect spreadsheet, we make a point of weaving the good times into every role.
  5. It’s part of a meaningful burn experience. Participation and being part of the whole shebang is what makes this different to a festival. Knowing you were one of the cogs in this incredible machine adds a delicious layer of meaningfulness that takes Burning Seed beyond ‘a fun time’.
  6. The awesome, awesome shwag. That’s right, every crew member gets a FABULOUS LIMITED EDITION GIFT that will remind you of the good times for years to come.
  7. It promotes well-being and self-esteem. I got that from the internet.  Probs true though.
  8. A chance to give back to the community that has probably given a whole lot to you through connections, experiences, memories, growth and good times. Reciprocity makes the world go round, yo!
  9. Helping other people boosts your serotonin. That’s science!  Can’t argue with science!
  10. <Insert reason here>. There are infinite reasons particular to your personality, your role, your needs, your contributions and your individual experience.  You can fill this gap for yourself after you’ve signed up, fulfilled your role, had the best time ever and you’re sitting at home post-Burn reflecting on your experience.

Check out what roles we have available by popping over to the website (http://burningseed.com/participate/communitycrew/), and if you have any questions or need help finding your perfect crew, shoot your friendly Crew Wranglers team an email!  (jointhecrew@burningseed.com).

Because there are many I’s in PARTICIPATION, but no ‘U’ yet!


Locals Tickets

Burning Seed 2019 : Zoophemism will be held at our home of Matong State Forest for the 8th year. Since our first burn there in 2011 we have enjoyed tremendous support from the local community. This support continues to make our event possible and we are extremely grateful for it.

Showing the community that we also support and appreciate them is something we are continuously working on. Existing initiatives include increasing the value of goods and services we purchase locally each year, making donations to local community groups and organisations, and expanding the native and urban regeneration work done by Red Earth Ecology. 

The other way we like to say ‘thank you’ to those living close to the place we call Red Earth City is to provide discounted tickets for locals to attend Burning Seed. Whether you have been attending since 2011, or would like to dip your toe in the water for the first time this year, this is part of how we welcome you HOME to experience the sights, sounds, and delights that our community provides to all who attend.

Locals Tickets are $165 and provide you access from the minute gates open at midday Wednesday 25th September through to the last dusty goodbye 6 days later on Tuesday 1st October. To be eligible for one of these tickets you need to live within 50km of Matong State Forest (not including Wagga Wagga and its surrounding suburbs).

If you would like to access a Locals Ticket then please email ticketing@burningsed.com with a copy of your driver's license or other photo ID that includes your address. Once they have verified your details they will email you a link to purchase your ticket through our ticketing provider Quicket.

If you have any questions about Locals tickets (or any other tickets for that matter) then please email ticketing@burningseed.com




Election Time!

For those of you following along at home, this iteration of the Restructure Committee has been working away since May of 2017. First we consulted the community and wrote a report on our findings; then we released a call-out for people interested in being founding members of the new entity. You can catch up on anything else you missed at http://burningseed.com/future-of-seed/

And guess what?! We’ve hit another milestone in this process.

A few weeks ago, we sent out an email to those who expressed interest in membership, asking for a show of hands for those who would like to be on the vision group tasked with forming the constitution for the new entity. The vision group was open to all, and also featured seven* reserved positions for those interested in going on to serve on the governing body. We received more than seven applicants for those positions, which leads us to our milestone:

We’re having our first election!

Those who have expressed interest in being foundational members of the new entity running Burning Seed will be voting on these reserved positions. Those who win the election will have assumed positions on the governing body of the new entity (post incorporation), but this is not guaranteed. This will need to be confirmed by the membership at the foundation meeting.

I want to vote.  How can I sign up?

Express your interest in becoming a founding member! It’s super easy: just email futureofseed@burningseed.com with your full name, personal email, and a brief description of your previous involvement in Burning Seed. You need to submit this by 5pm Monday 29th July.

We need to close the electoral roll before beginning the election, and we cannot add anyone to the roll after the election has started. After the electoral roll has closed, further communications about the election will be sent directly to the founding membership.

Please note this is not a call out for membership of the restructure committee or for volunteers for Burning Seed - it is purely a drive for membership of the new not-for-profit entity that will run Burning Seed. If you have already expressed your interest in entity membership during our earlier promo drive there is no need to respond again: you will already be on the electoral roll.

How will the election run?

After deliberating on several options, the Restructure Committee has decided on OpaVote as the platform for conducting this election. We felt that OpaVote had the best features, security, price, and company ethos for our community. Please note that this does not mean that this will be the election platform for the new entity going forward: that will be up to the Vision Group to decide. This decision relates to this election only.

The election will be counted using a single transferable vote (STV) method (a type of preferential voting). This will provide us with the most accurate vote distribution.

Who’s running, anyway?

You can view who’s running here.

*Why seven reserved members?

You may recall that, in the community consultation report, the Restructure Committee recommended between seven and nine directors. This is because community responses demonstrated two strong preferences - seven and nine. So we recommended that a range would best fit this finding.  

After publishing that report, we have received advice from Prolegis that it is good practice to select one number, and not a range. The consultation responses showed a slightly greater preference for seven, and that is why we have settled on this number (see Chart 11 of the report).


From Little Things, Big Things Grow – An Update from Red Earth Ecology

The June long weekend saw a flurry of activity in Matong. Local residents and out of town Burners came together for a Red Earth Ecology planting with an urban focus. It was a fun weekend with new and old friendships forged and strengthened, and was the culmination of many months of research, planning and site preparation. As usual there was a lot of great food, laughter, sore muscles, beautiful bonfires and inspiring conversation.

About two dozen folk planted 1200 locally indigenous trees, shrubs, ground covers and grasses over seven different sites around town - from landscaping the local park, to creating bird and insect attracting enhancement to resident's gardens, to screening shelter belts. It is going to be awesome watching them come to maturity - check it out on your way to Seed this year.

Over the past five years Red Earth Ecology has worked with local farmers to offset the biodiversity loss at Matong State Forest which occurs each year as a result of 4000+ punters creating Red Earth City. The decision to begin planting in town was informed by several years of ongoing drought in the district in combination with the uncertainty of regeneration work in the face of noticeable climate change. Also, more and more locals are coming to Burning Seed each year, and we wanted to celebrate the ongoing blurring of the line between local and 'Burner'.

For many of us who have been working in the bush regeneration field for decades, it's like being a beginner all over again. The plant selections and the timing of plantings that used to be viable are just not surviving in the field anymore. Planting in an urban environment where the seedlings are able to be watered more frequently and have a closer eye kept on them is part of Red Earth Ecology's expanding vision as we continue to experiment and transition with new species selections and techniques into ongoing climate disruption.

It's always been a learning process, but the curve is getting steeper.


The next collaboration between Matong village and Red Earth Ecology will be in late Spring, with a weekend of local Seed collection and propagation workshops being held (TBA). We aim to grow many of our own seedlings for next years plantings. The closer the seed is collected to the planting sites, the better genetically adapted it is to the location, with a significantly enhanced chance of survival. There are so many benefits associated with urban planting - from cooling the environment, to raising the medium housing price, creating habitat for native animals and birds, better mental health outcomes in the community, to strengthening  community resilience and connectedness.

Many thanks to all those volunteers who gave up their weekend to assist. To the locals and Matong Community Group who embraced this project so enthusiastically,  Sonya Spencer and David Currie who generously allowed us to camp at their farm,  and to Coolamon Shire Council for their in-kind support which enabled us to begin transforming  Matong Park. This was the first in a series of ongoing Red Earth Ecology projects focusing on Matong township, and felt like the beginning of a wonderful collaboration.

This year sees Red Earth Ecology bringing a physical space to Burning Seed for the first time. We'll be located at First Camp,  providing a library of ecological resources, some workshops, ecology and birdwatching walks, as well as a ecology based collaborative artwork exploring the local landscapes, their Wiradjuri history, and the way that the written word erases oral culture. Come and say G'day and let's continue the conversation around ecology, Country, justice and climate.

by Jo Roberts
Photos by Alanjohn R Jones, Sonya Spencer,Leanne Shultz and Mal Evans

Looking for an Environmental Sustainability Liaison

Many people attend Burning Seed and other regionals as an escape from some of the harsh realities of the default world. Many of the social and political structures evident in our daily lives don’t exist at Seed. For one glorious week we can be who we want to be as we create and share in the social experiment that is a Burn.

What often isn’t seen is the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to make this ‘bubble’ of creativity happen. Whilst on the surface it may appear we don’t have to follow the rules this is far from reality. Burning Seed organisers obtain permits, and insurance, ensure there are adequate medical and security services, liaise with external agencies such as the police, make sure there are enough toilets (and that they get regularly pumped), and so much more. It’s what makes the freedom of Seed possible, bridging the gap between default world and Burn.

One thing that we most definitely can’t avoid as a part of this process is our responsibility to the environment. We focus on this in many of our existing activities. Our participants are responsible for ensuring we follow the principle of Leave No Trace, backed by the stellar efforts of the LNT team. For many years Red Earth Ecology has been involved in tree planting, weeding, and more recently urban regeneration. We have a new team, Trash Pandas, focusing on minimising and recycling the waste created by our crews on site.

But we need to do more.

That is why we have created a new role within the org, Environmental Sustainability Liaison, that we need to fill with an individual passionate about the environment and our impact on it. This role involves working with our existing teams and programs that focus on environmental sustainability and ensuring that we put a green lens on everything we do at Burning Seed. 

Whilst looking internally at our operations is important, that is only a small part of this role. The biggest impact on the environment associated with putting on our event is the carbon footprint and waste created by our participants. Virtually everyone drives to Seed, generally hundreds or even thousands of kilometers and also fly in from overseas. Generators are used to run theme camps and art projects. The decommodification that happens on the paddock is enabled by consumerism in the lead up to the event which ends up creating waste. All these things and more require a community-wide approach to the environment, not just the Seed org. The Environmental Sustainability Liaison will be the conduit to help enable all our participants to be green.

If you are someone who is passionate about the environment then please check out the position description on our Community Crew page and if you’re interested in filling this role then complete the application form.