Theme Camp Grants for Burning Seed 2019

Happy winter solstice to all! Each day now is getting warmer and brighter as Burning Seed is getting closer and closer. The theme camp team has some important grant information that we wish to share with everyone. But first, we would like the congratulate the theme camps that were accepted as official theme camps for Seed 2019. This year we received a 20% increase in the amount of applications and we are so excited as we believe this year has the most unique and varied offerings from theme camps in Burning Seed history.

To keep theme camps growth sustainable (for a variety of factors) and to allow camps the room to fully realise their potential, unfortunately for the first time some applications were not successful this year. I am confident in and stand behind my teams collective decisions during the application process and that we all have the best outcomes for Burning Seed in mind during this process. The team is doing everything we can to allow these crews to still participate and we encourage camps to be welcoming with sharing their spaces.

Discretionary Grants

The theme camp team is excited to announce that applications for discretionary grants for theme camps will be opening on the 1stof July. As well as the returning theme camp grant, all theme camps will have the ability to apply for extra funding this year. The funds will be proposal based and chosen by the theme camp team at the end of the month based on the strength of the proposal and the perceived impact the funds will have on the paddock. Grants will be capped to a maximum of $1000 and the team has identified 4 categories of grants available as follows:


Some of the most talented, passionate and creative people at Burning Seed can be found within the theme camp community. For this reason the theme camp team would like to help foster the creation of more art at Burning Seed via our theme camps. To date theme camps have not been able to access funding for art from the Org and by making funds available to camps via our team we hope we can begin to address this and demonstrate theme camps can and are creating some of the most engaging art out there.

Community Service

Theme camps have always been the focal point for interactivity at Burning Seed. Participatory events and gifts such as meals for participants, workshops and activities is one of the unique gifts that theme camps bring to the paddock. Whether it is breakfast wraps at Dirty Birds, massages at Detox or Splash making sure our hippies stay as clean as we can manage, theme camps continue to offer opportunities for community building, interactivity and participation. The theme camp team wishes to foster the growth of gifting such as this and to encourage greater variety on what is on offer at Burning Seed.


Major infrastructure such as power generation and structures are some of the most important and expensive factors in the successful running of a theme camp. To assist in this the theme camp team would like to assist theme camps in procuring infrastructure that will elevate and extend what your theme camp has to offer. Addressing minimising our environmental impact on site is also an issue that our community is passionate about and in response to this we encourage camps to think of ways in which this can be addressed through upgrades, changes or sharing of infrastructure.

Newcomer Grant

The theme camp team is reserving $1000 to gift to one of our newer camps who has demonstrated that they ‘have the right stuff’ and have been identified as a camp that deserves support to grow and elevate what they are doing. It is our hope that with a significant contribution from theme camps to a newer camp in its earlier stages, we can help a new crew become an established and sustainable theme camp for years to come. The grant does not require an application and will be selected and announced at the same time as the other grants.

Grant Applications

The grant application window will open on the 1stof July and close on the 31stof July. Applications will be proposal based and the link to apply online will be available at the theme camp page at burningseed.com/themecamps. As the grants are discretionary, the success of your application will depend on the strength of your proposal, reasonable and understandable costing of the project and the perceived impact of the project to the overall enjoyment for all at Burning Seed. Distribution of funds will be decided by the theme camp team collectively once the application window is closed. Good luck to all and we cant wait to see what you have in store this year.

That is all for now from the theme camp team. A member from the theme camp teams has now reached out to all camps and we will be finalising paper work from all camps in the next few weeks. The placement team will also start the process of consultation with camps about their placement. The sooner theme camps can confirm early entry and directed ticket numbers, the sooner we are able to pass surplus tickets to other teams to encourage volunteering in roles such as rangers so if camp leads could please start thinking about ticket needs it would be great assistance to Burning Seed as a whole.

Sammy- Theme Camp Lead


Congratulations to the Theme Camps of Burning Seed 2019:

  • Pelican Villa
  • The NadRad
  • Temple of Boom
  • Savage World
  • World Fusion Jungle
  • Sub Yard Sound
  • Astromates
  • Hoi Polloi
  • Natural Curiosities
  • Alchemy of Sin
  • Red Earth Brewery
  • The Biosphere
  • Star Shitty Casino
  • Crunchy Town
  • Splash
  • Winobago
  • Sacred Seed @ The Orphanage
  • Heaven is a Halfpipe
  • Detox
  • Sunset Island
  • Mama Smoke's Ristorantino
  • Telekinetik Chair Repair
  • Caravel
  • Spice Cadets
  • Erstwhile Manor
  • Bhima's Nest
  • The Cocoon
  • Scratch
  • The Yard
  • Coco Poco Loco
  • Hardware Shmardware


  • Leopard Sundaze & the Dusty Dinosaurs
  • The Speakeasy
  • The Brink of Reality
  • Mint Country Club
  • Rumpus Room
  • Toasted Faeries
  • Pirainia
  • Froot Society
  • Giddyup
  • Music Medicine Magic\
  • Kinky Audio
  • Dirty Birds
  • Here Fishy Fishy
  • Papania
  • Mind Sub
  • Renegade Fiyah Service
  • The Space Inbetween
  • Morning Joint presents: Next Level
  • Home
  • Middle Eastern Mafia - MEM
  • The Oracle
  • Kids' Camp
  • Solaris
  • Post Orifice
  • Tribal Passage
  • Oasis
  • WTFluff?
  • House Of Horus
  • Alien Welcome Committee
  • Alcazar Riffle
  • Kamp Kraken
  • The Emporium
  • High Society and Whisky Bar

Urgent – Awesome Peeps Required for Ops Roles

The build teams are full to overflowing, the DPI pre-event crew is good to go, but we still have two crucial roles for which we require competent, passionate people. It’s true these roles require a fair amount of commitment, but you’ll be part of a hard-working, hard-playing tight-knit community and a major contributor to one of the most important teams on the paddock. You’ll see the Burning Seed magic come together from scratch, and know you were an important part of making it happen.

Operations Facilitator 2IC

This role is year-round, and requires learning from our current Ops Facilitator with a view to stepping into the lead position in the future. You’ll spend at least two weeks on-site before or after the event (more if you can) and shadow Kali as site manager on at least one shift. As lead in the future, you’ll attend the facilitators’ meetings and be a major player in organisation of the event. As 2IC you’ll be trained in all aspects of Operations, so you can step in and help any team that is struggling, or step up and help when things that go wrong. Ops Facilitation is basically project management – keeping track of everyone doing their things.

This role is crucial to the running of Burning Seed. It’s high-responsibility, high-commitment, and high-satisfaction.

Want to know more? The position description is HERE.

DPI Contractors Manager 2IC

The Contractors Manager handles everything to do with contractors. They get requirements from the elicitations officer and other team leads, obtain quotes, and book all the equipment and contractors. You’ll be fairly busy around June and July and also spend about 6 weeks onsite, but apart from that, this job is low commitment for the rest of the year. You’ll do one or two shifts on-site during the event as a team member of DPI.

Keen to know more? Position description is HERE.

What else?

Being on-site is a special experience. There’s nothing like seeing the city appear from the ground up, and knowing you’re an important part of it happening. Believe me, the cold beer at the end of the day will never taste as good as this!

You’ll get three meals a day from Burning Seed’s amazing kitchen crew, hot showers in the Stockade, and an experience you’ll never forget. Apart from that, if you have an interest in pursuing project or event management, this is a great opportunity to get experience in a hands-on role.

If you have any questions, shoot us an email at jointhecrew@burningseed.com.

If you know you’re keen to give one of these roles a whirl, go straight to the website and apply at: http://burningseed.com/participate/communitycrew/



We have a new PEER Rangers Lead

After a massive effort of more than five years, LadySparkles has stepped out of the role of PEER Rangers Team Lead. As the new PEER Ranger Team Leader, I'm incredibly glad that LadySparkles has stepped into a new role overseeing site safety, so her accumulated wisdom is not too far away.

Wonka is one of these early Red Earth Rangers, and he supplied this bit of Ranger history:

When we first floated the notion of some kind of psychological response wing of Rangers, we (the Ranger leads) looked to Black Rock (Burning Man) for inspiration. There, they have what are called the "Green Dots" - who are rangers that have taken extra training to be a first response unit to such issues. LadySparkles joined in the discussion, and offered her real-world expertise in actual trauma care. She realised how important this team would be for the paddock and soon took full reign.

Very quickly, it became apparent that what she was building was something far more specialised than even Black Rock had put together. Her insistence on having the crew be qualified practitioners in the real world was something I initially disagreed with, due to skepticism about sufficient numbers of people (and in looking to Black Rock Green Dots as inspiration). I was quickly proven wrong, as she assembled an amazing team which grew significantly over a period of three years.

Her training was incredibly thorough and offered vital methods of dealing with difficult situations. As a result, LadySparkles has built a team unparalleled in the rest of the Burning world in regards to psychological care. We should be so very thankful for the foundations she's built, and work to carry on her creation.

If you don't know who the PEER Rangers are, we're a specialist team of rangers who are Psychological & Emotional Emergency Responders. Outside of responding to emergencies, we develop ways to make Burning Seed a safer space. You might have seen our posters stuck to the inside of portaloo doors in previous years, or grabbed one of our badges depicting consent, safety and looking after one another.

This is what we do - we inform and educate participants of Burning Seed and the wider community. If you think this sounds like a team you'd like to be part of, head over to the Crew Wranglers page & let them know you're interested - we will be in touch!

This also means that we need a new 2iC for the PEER Rangers!  This will be someone who has got some experience with psychological & emotional crises, on-paddock or in the default world. The role involves working with me & the rest of the Ranger Council in the months leading up to the burn, which would involve writing policy, designing comms and planning training, amongst other things.

On the paddock they will assist with supporting the rest of the PEER Rangers & overseeing any critical events that occur. And after the event- there's a great sense of achievement & writing up reports on the whole experience. I did it last year & enjoyed it so much I've stepped into LadySparkle's glittery shoes! Here's the Crew Wrangler page where you register your interest.

Thanks again to LadySparkles for the hard work and dedication she has shown over the years. Her work will be a legacy of Burning Seed.

James aka Rakkar