Zoophemism Theme Design – Enter Now!

Hey Burners - it's that time again! With Burning Seed on the horizon, we are now launching the Burning Seed 2019 Event Theme Design. Whether you are a professional or amateur graphic designer, an artist or a cat-person - if you have a design in mind, we'd love to see it!

What is the Theme Design process all about?

Every year we select a unique theme to inspire the art, costumes and events you experience at Burning Seed, and with the theme in 2019 being Zoophemism - it should be an interesting one!

We then call out to YOU the community to show us your design skills and create the face of the design.

What does this actually mean?

We want you to interpret the theme of Zoophemism and design a poster based on this interpretation. After entries close, the winning theme design will be voted on by Burning Seed Facilitators and Team Leads.

The winning design will then be magically transformed (not actual magic) into all of our event collateral including our WWW Guide, Survival Guide, wristbands, tickets, stickers (returning for 2019!), website banners, Facebook images, promotional materials/posters and more!

Wait, so I have to design all of those things?


Nup! We only need you to design the poster. If yours is the winning design, our Design Team Lead will apply your design to all of the things, and work with you to ensure the design is able to be adjusted as necessary.

Me, me, me! How about the rules?

There are no rules! Apart from the specs of the submission, the rest is completely up to you. You are free to interpret the theme in whichever way you wish so let your imagination run wild. We have had some amazing submissions in the past and we really want to see what Zoophemism means to you!

The Theme Design & Submission Process

The theme design is now open and you have just over 5 weeks to submit your design - but don't leave it to the last minute and miss out! We will be giving you a couple of reminders along the way. You can also submit more than one design if you wish - just use a separate application for each.

Here are the key dates you need to know:

  1. 31st January (thats today!) - Theme Design Opens
  2. 15th March - Theme Design Closes
  3. 22nd March - Winning Theme Design Announced 

What’s next?

Head on over to the Event Theme page of the Burning Seed website. There you will find some general info on the theme as well as design specs, FAQ's and instructions for the theme design submissions process.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Burn Bright!


Required: A SuperStar Secretary

Oh hey, wasn’t it your new years commitment to GET MORE INVOLVED WITH YOUR COMMUNITY?

Could you be Burning Seed’s next SECRETARY?


  • you’re organised, you’re reliable, you have great attention to detail and excellent time management
  • you type quickly and you’re familiar with computers
  • you’re a strong communicator, particularly in an online environment, and
  • you want to be involved in Burning Seed with a relatively low time commitment

… you could be our new secretary!

The Burning Seed secretary pushes the paper, does the organising and creates the scaffolding on which the dreamers, artists and planners build Burning Seed. It’s a crucial role in our organisation, scheduling and taking minutes at all high-level meetings, and delivering those meetings to all appropriate parties afterward. In short, you would be the grease in everyone’s wheels. The time commitment is about 10 hours a month throughout the year.

If this sounds like something you’d be keen to do, pop on over to the community crew page below, fill out the form and select ‘Secretary’ from the roles listed.






Calling for members of the new not-for-profit!

Remember that one time we decided to redesign our beloved Seed from the ground up?  Look no further if you need a quick reference. Born of blood, sweat and tears, the Restructure Committee has begun to use the findings of this recently produced report to design a new entity, including a shiny new membership model.

As part of this, we want to understand who is actually interested in becoming a member, because, you know, that’s kinda important.  Admittedly, while conscription would have been much less logistical overhead, this probably wouldn’t have represented the community that well!  So once again, we’re excited to see that classic burner enthusiasm translate into cold, hard expressions of interest.

We need to find the members before we do anything else – basically, the feedback from the consultation was that you lovely folk feel that it should be members who choose the directors. So we need to work out who the members are before we can do anything else.

In keeping with that whole freedom of choice thing, this expression of interest in no way constitutes an obligation – how much effort you want to put in from this point on is entirely up to you.  We’re looking to gauge community interest so our magical Seed elves (which I will now be seasonally referring to the Restructure Committee as until I’m told it’s getting old) can start cranking out the shiny new toys.

For now, those who want to be a member will be asked to decide on who the directors are. After that, the directors and members will need to agree on the privileges and obligations of members – but that’s a task for later.

If you are interested, please just email futureofseed@burningseed.com, before February 25th 2019, saying that you would like to be a member. It’s that simple.


Until then jazz cats and jellyfish, stay frosty (the snowman). As always, please direct any questions, queries or comments to futureofseed@burningseed.com.


*suggested blog listening, “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow” by Vaughn Monroe (as originally heard in Die Hard)