Hey kids, we reckon this ‘revolutionary’ document was worth the wait!  

It’s been a few months now since the Team Leads and crew for last year’s Burning Seed met in Sydney to de-construct and re-construct the 2015 event – examining what went well , what didn’t go so well and coming up with some classy ideas for how to make 2016 event an even better experience!

Before the Team Leads’ shindig in late November all the teams developed a detailed report on their activities pre/post event and on-site – this handy PDF summary document(3MB download) captures the highlights of those reports in an easy to digest format with some pretty pictures and some great facts and figures about our little forest gathering…

Big, big thanks to Mike Lannan for his incredible patience and work to design and layout this Afterburn Summary – also massive thanks to all the teams that contributed copy, facts, photos, ideas, revisions, all the things!! Thank you!!!

Ultimately, Burning Seed is all about what we ALL make it – we’d really love to hear your feedback – on the Afterburn report yeah but also on how we can work together to tackle some of the issued raised therein – do you have skills, ideas, time to give to Burning Seed in 2016 to help us focus on doing it right?

Any of those recommendations resonate with you so much you just can’t help but grab your phone/laptop and email jointhecrew@burningseed.com to offer your help to make them happen??

We’d love your feedback – if you have questions or ideas please drop us a line at comms@burningseed.com or visit the website for details if you want to contact specific teams direct.