Register an event

Register an event

Want to run an event at Burning Seed?

Great! Tell us all about it by registering your event for inclusion in the Burning Seed 2016 What Where When guide.

An event can happen anywhere, anytime at Burning Seed — except during the Welcome to Country ceremony that officially opens the Burning Seed event.

Maybe you'll conduct a unicorn choir, run a yoga session or lead a debate on the merits of madness. You might do it spontaneously (renegade tea party, anyone?), or you might plan ahead. For more inspiration, check out our What Where When Guide 2015.

Event locations

  • Theme Camps are the most popular venues, but if you are not affiliated with one, or you are looking for a quieter or noisier Theme Camp than the one you already share, there are more ways to spread the love.
  • Go free range by taking your event on the road or using an open space.
  • Hold your event at Centre Camp, our central creative hub space. Applications for this must be made directly to Centre Camp.
  • You can matchmake the hell out of your event with a willing Theme Camp by checking out our Share a Space initiative. Download the list of available Theme Camp spaces below. 

What Where When registration

The WWW is a pocket-sized guidebook that is given to all Burners as they arrive at Red Earth City. It contains general advice and info, a sitemap, introductions to Theme Camps and artworks, and a comprehensive list of all events so that you know what is happening, where and when.

Click Here to submit an event for the 2016 What, Where, When