Register an event

Register an event

Want to run an event at Burning Seed 2018?

Are you getting organised for Burning Seed 2018?  Are you planning to host an event on the paddock?  Then you will be happy to know that event submissions for our What, Where, When Guide are OPEN!  

An event can happen anywhere, anytime at Burning Seed. The only exception is that amplified events must not be held during the Welcome to Country ceremony, the Temple Burn and the Closing Ceremony.

Maybe you'll run a stargazing group, a meditation space, a yoga session, unicorn choir or lead a debate on the acting abilities of Nicholas Cage.  Whatever you decide to do, the more people that know about it the better - right?  That's where our WWW guide comes in!

Event locations

Theme Camps are the most popular venues, but if you are not affiliated with one or you are looking for a different space, there are more ways to spread the love.

  • Go free range by taking your event on the road or using an open space.
  • Hold your event at Centre Camp, our central creative hub space. Applications for this must be made directly to Centre Camp.  If your event is approved to run at Centre Camp, those lovely folks will submit your event to the WWW.  For Centre Camp events please do not register below.
  • Speak with other Theme Camps, see if they will host an event for you.  Check out the various Facebook groups and get involved.

What, Where, When Guide - Key Info

If you would like to submit events for our WWW, please read the below key info first to ensure this runs as smoothly as possible for all involved.


Event submissions will close on Friday 24th August at 5pm.  In order to not cause our printers (and us!) a great deal of headaches, we need to be strict with the closing date.  Events received after this date will not make it into the WWW, but you can still host your event, renegade style!

Ways to submit your events

You have two ways of submitting your events.

  1. Google Form - you can use our Google form to enter details of your event - suitable for submitting one event at a time.
  2. Excel Template - those with a larger number of events should use a spreadsheet/template. You will find a download link to a spreadsheet within the Google form itself.

It’s your choice which method you would like to use and both will have limits on the number of characters that can be used in event descriptions. Full instructions of how to use both methods are contained in the form at the event submission link below.

Bigger is better!

Last year we moved from an a6 sized publication to a5. This worked well and so we are keeping it for this year.

As with last year you will have a 250 character count for event descriptions - but remember, this is a maximum. Help us and your fellow burners by making event descriptions short, sweet and to the point!

Attention to detail!

Help us get the guide organised by paying attention to the details you provide.  We cannot stress this enough!  This includes event days and times (especially correctly selecting AM and PM), typos and proof reading.  It’s fine if you want your breakfast to be listed at 9pm, but you may not have many burners turn up. Help us help you!

Theme camps - time to get organised

Talk to your theme camp members, co-hosts of events or even your cat (if you wish). If you are submitting events as a theme camp, work out who is going to submit what. Last year we received duplicate events from multiple people within a camp, so it’s a good idea to nominate one person from your camp to do this. Work together!

Are you ready? Click on the link below to access the Google form and the Excel template.