Your Passport to the Paddock


Tickets are the key to creating Burning Seed and everybody buys one. There are no headline acts, no advertisers and no sponsors - we prefer crowd creation over commercialisation.

A ticket purchase is the baseline way in which everyone participates at Burning Seed. In a not-for-profit, collaborative event like ours, we all pay, play, work and gain — and that includes our lead community organisers too. And there’s much ado about the money raised. With these funds, we provide art grants, build the infrastructure of the city, hire necessary equipment and create the Effigy and Temple.

Key Ticket Info

  • Ticket dates for Burning Seed 2020 will be announced soon.
  • Ticket prices are as follows - Adult: $xxx / Youth (16+17 yo) $xxx / Kids (under 16) $xxx
  • A burner profile must be created or updated before you can purchase a ticket
  • You can purchase a maximum of 2 adult tickets (and both people will need a Burner Profile)
  • The name on your Burner Profile & Ticket MUST match your photo ID
  • Youth ticket holders will need a Burner Profile and must attend Burning Seed with their legal parent or guardian

How to purchase tickets in 3 easy steps!

Tickets will go on sale Friday 17th May at 7pm AEST. Create your burner profile now!

  1. Set up a Burner Profile through our ticket provider Quicket. You must show photo ID which matches that name on your profile when you arrive at Burning Seed. You will be prompted to set up a profile when you try to buy a ticket.
  2. If you already have a burner profile,  update this before buying a ticket. You'll need to log into our ticket provider Quicket with the same details you did in previous years, either via your email address or Facebook profile.
  3. Once your profile is all good to go - get your hands on a ticket from Friday 17th May at 7pm AEST. Ensure you complete the transaction to secure your spot on the Paddock. 

How to sell/transfer a ticket

You can sell your ticket at any time either privately or (once sold out) through the Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP). More information on STEP for Burning Seed 2020 will be coming soon.

Have some more questions about burner profiles or tickets? Click here to check out our Ticketing FAQ.

Check out the Burning Seed Privacy Policy right here

Read our Ticketing Terms & Conditions right here