Your Passport to the Paddock

Tickets are the key to creating Burning Seed and everybody buys one. Here we choose crowd creation over commercialisation: there are no sugar-daddy sponsors or advertising oracles. The only pockets are yours and mine. 

This means a ticket purchase is the baseline way in which everyone participates at Burning Seed: there are no free or volunteer-for-entry tickets for community crew, artists, performers or media. In a not-for-profit, collaborative event like ours, we all pay, play, work and gain — and that includes our lead community organisers too. And there’s much ado about the mula raised. With these funds, we provide art grants, build the infrastructure of the city, hire necessary equipment and create the Effigy and Temple.

It also helps us move beyond the limits of a one-week city to a culture that connects, creates and collaborates with its ever-growing community through other events and initiatives.

How to purchase tickets

**Tickets for Burning Seed 2018 are on sale now at http://qkt.io/seed18**

Prior to purchasing a ticket, you'll need to set up a Burner Profile through our ticket provider Quicket. A Burner Profile ensures the safety of our participants by adding names to tickets and you must show photo ID which matches that name when you arrive at Burning Seed. You will be prompted to create your Burner Profile when you head to http://qkt.io/seed18 Please note that children (under 16) do not require a Burner Profile.

How to sell/transfer a ticket

You can sell your ticket at any time either privately or, once tickets sell out, though the Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP).

Private Sale - Tickets should only be sold at face value and the ticket must be transferred on Quicket to the purchaser. Once the transfer occurs, the old ticket and barcode are cancelled and a new ticket is issued in the purchaser's name. The purchaser will need to have a Burner Profile.

STEP - Further details on the STEP program will be available soon.

Check out the Burning Seed Privacy Policy right here

Read our Ticketing Terms & Conditions right here