The theme for Burning Seed 2019 is…

After almost 100 theme submissions and over 300 votes, the Burning Seed Theme for 2018 is..... Zoophemism submitted by Jesseca

Here's is how Zoophemism became the Burning Seed Theme for 2019 (and probably the most unusual theme we have ever had).

  • We opened our event submissions and received almost 100 - we were surprised that there were no alpaca related themes!
  • We then opened voting on all 100, and received just over 300 votes - once plenty of spam votes had been removed.
  • The top 5 themes were taken to the annual Burning Seed summit held last weekend and voted on by the Facilitators, Team Leads and Town Council.

So there you have itHow will you interpret Zoophemism for Burning Seed 2019? You could follow the description submitted by Jesseca: "Imagine a world where all euphemisms are animal related and puns are considered currency" or you can come up with your own interpretation. One thing is for sure, this Burning Seed theme is bound to lead to some very creative costumes and art pieces. 

What happens next?: Early next year we will open the Theme Design process for Zoophemism. This is where we ask the talented designers in our community to submit their design ideas which will then be used on our website, Facebook pages, Survival Guide, WWW Guide and a whole bunch of other stuff. More info on this will be coming later.


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