Red Earth City Directors

In February 2010 Red Earth City Pty Ltd (REC) was established as the legal entity responsible for operating Burning Seed in February 2010. Robin Macpherson (A Human), Phil Smart (Sherpa), and Richard Martin (King Richard) were appointed as the founding directors of REC. Robin, Phil, and Richard were all members of the vision group that formed after the first gathering held in Bellingen NSW in 2009, and still serve as the only directors of REC. For more information on the history of Burning Seed click here.

 Name: Phil Smart

Nickname/Playa Name: Sherpa

Burning Since: 2001

History of Involvement with Burning Seed or other burns: Co-founder of Burning Seed. Regional contact for Burning Man in Australia since 2010. Currently Town Councillor for Burning Seed and member of the board for Burn Arts Inc, which runs Modifyre in SE Queensland.




 Name: Richard Martin

Nickname/Playa Name: King Richard

Burning Since: 1999

History of Involvement with Burning Seed or other burns: Years in Confest (Down To Earth), Rainbow Serpent Festival, Burning Seed (founding member), Red Earth City (founding member), Burning Man Australia (very early participant). Been to Burning Man 6 times at Black Rock City, Nevada, USA. Attended the first Seed camp out weekend in 2009, and been to Burning Seed 8 times at Red Earth City, NSW, Australia.

Current company / organiser experience: Director of Red Earth City. Director of Self Organising Systems.

Personal Statement: Interested in the growth and development of community organisations in achieving their aims to the wider community, with a view to long term sustainability,

Have unique insights of the many challenges of these types or organisations and associated movements.

Believes within the world of ‘Community Festival Gatherings’, the best outcomes are achieved through well put together spaces that encourage bubble up participatory models as their working premise, that are egalitarian and embrace non-hierarchical approaches, achieved through participatory volunteer effort; that take into account succession planning, collaboration, transparency, broader relationships, community involvement and good communication.

This is enhanced with clear underlying documentation, that forms the basis for encouraging the participation of people with good standing, committed to the core values of community’s approach and of their own ethical behaviour within their roles and to the wider community.

Views the current Red Earth City operating environment as a stable platform, which can afford time and space to look at the complex questions and invite community consultations, as part of the ongoing process of moving forward, without jeopardising emerging communities and culture at its gathering events.