Building a Stronger Sydney Burner Community

by Jarred Taylor (Jayman)

Sydney Burners

Community Design event: Sydney Burners Inc.

The Sydney Burner community continues to evolve with phenomenal support and growth over recent years.

We had our biggest year ever in 2015 with Theme Camp fundraisers, crowd funding campaigns, civic activation and regular events, in particular the fabulous local crews running regular beach and park sessions.

Now, following a lead from our Melbourne Burner crew who established their own incorporated entity in 2015, Melburners Inc., the Sydney Burner community is working towards creating a new membership-based not-for-profit legal entity. In November last year we held a Community Design Session which helped to kickstart the conversation about setting up the entity – check out the presentation from that session.

You can get involved in Sydney Burners Inc. in four main ways:

Why create a legal entity for the Sydney Burning Man community?

  • Enable us to enter into contracts (e.g. property leases for an event space / maker space / art space / club house)
  • Promote and support creating more art and large art for local and regional events
  • Obtain relevant insurances for events and other needs without the liability falling on named individuals
  • Limits liability to individuals and members
  • Further support community projects (e.g. Beneficent Burners)
  • Operate more (and bigger!) events and fund raising
  • Develop vision and leadership
  • Encourage personal growth and professional self-development opportunities (e.g. Committee member, Project leads)
  • Opens options for local licences and permits (e.g. Liquor Licence)
  • Continued financial transparency and regulation by NSW Department of Fair Trading.

Currently there are a range of roles available for interested crew including website content management, member administration, board administration, legal and finance.

To find out more and to find out how you can get involved, visit the new website.

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