Community crew

Community Crew

Create Our City

Burning Seed is 100 per cent participant driven.There’s no fancy-pants production company curating this event from up on high or digging our ditches down below.There are no ‘volunteers’ either. You + me + participation makes WE. And WE all make our Red Earth City rock by creating and looking after it.

Here, we crew — and you can too!

So, join one of our Seed Teams and help build and maintain the city and services we need. If your strengths are doing stuff with tools, we want you. If you think you’re more of a people person, we want you. If you don’t know what your strengths are but still want to help? We want you! Together, we’ll work it out.

This year we have lots of important roles to fill – go to Community Crew Roles' to check them out.


Word up: everyone buys a ticket. There are no volunteers vs festival-goers here; we’re all participants who pay, play, work and gain. And we all do this for love, not money. So, yes, if you’re crewing with a Seed Team, you still buy a ticket.

Community Crew Registration

Register here, and a Crew Wrangler will be in touch shortly.

Critical Vacancies for 2017

These are the roles we REALLY need to fill asap. Keen?

RedMV 2iC
Rangers - multiple leadership roles!
Red Earth Info Centre Team Lead
Comms Content Support

Community Crew Leadership Positions

**Vacant Leadership positions will be posted as they become available **

WH&S 2iC (Operations)
Book Keeper
Office Manager

Community Crew Roles

*Registration open NOW*

Office Clerks
Sanitation Services
Psychological And Emotional Emergency Response (PEER) Rangers
RedMV Mutant Vehicles
Fire Art Response Team (FART)
Traffic Rovers
Centre Camp Guardians
Effigy Crew (FULL - no more applications at this stage)
Other Stuff

Leave No Trace Crew
Pack Down
Crew Wranglers
ARTery Concierge
Temple Guardians
Red Earth Info Centre
Ice Kings and Queens

Entry Fluffers (FULL - no more applications at this stage
Department of Planning & Infrastructure (DPI) (FULL - no more applicants accepted at this time

Crew Wrangling Team

Who Are We

Burning Seed is a beautiful blend of work and play, and its success relies on our community’s participation in a range of important roles. We need community crew members onsite, before, during and after the event, and offsite all year round.

The job of the Crew Wrangling Team is to link up willing community members with the various Seed Teams, taking into account individual skills, interests and capacity.

What the Crew Wrangling Team does:

  • Liaises with team leads to define, finesse and communicate community crew roles
  • Connects keen community crew members with teams and team leads
  • Takes an individual’s skills, interests and capacities into account to help find the perfect fit
  • Manages the community crew rosters
  • Ensures teams have adequate crew to ensure service delivery
  • Answers questions about crewing. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find someone who does so you’re not left hanging
  • Troubleshoots. We think we’ve got all the bases covered, but maybe we don’t? Let us know if you have any problems or see a potential issue and we’ll help work it out
  • Helps you help make the awesome happen!


2015_Nigel Dobson Keeffe_InfoCentre

Red Earth City Info Centre

Photo by Nigel Dobson-Keffe