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Community Crew

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Burning Seed is 100 per cent participant driven. There’s no fancy-pants production company curating this event from up on high or digging our ditches down below. There are no ‘volunteers’ either. You + me + participation makes WE. And WE all make our Red Earth City rock by creating and looking after it. Here, we crew — and you can too!

So, join one of our Seed Teams and help build and maintain the city and services we need. If your strengths are doing stuff with tools, we want you. If you think you’re more of a people person, we want you. If you don’t know what your strengths are but still want to help? We want you! Together, we’ll work it out.

Word up: everyone buys a ticket. There are no volunteers vs punters here; we’re all participants who pay, play, work and gain. And we all do this for love, not money. So, yes, if you’re on the crew, you still buy a ticket.

Scroll down to see our critical vacancies, our other available roles AND our on-site community crew (there are three sections below).

Community Crew Registration


Critical Vacancies for 2018

We need to fill these roles asap *APPLY NOW*

Leave No Trace Leads

It’s time for MOOP Daddy to move on to greener pastures, which means we’re seeking someone passionate about the Leave No Trace principle to lead this important team for 2018. Specifically we’re after a team lead for one of the most loved teams on the Paddock! Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of support to step up into this leadership role. Think this is you? Apply now or get in touch with Crew Wranglers to request a full position description at jointhecrew@burningseed.com.


DPI crew are the resident Burning Seed bad asses.  We get our hands dirty preparing the site for the main event, drink VB, and generally cause a ruckus. We’re looking for a 2IC to support the current Team Lead and be prepared to transition into the Team Lead role in the future. 

We’ll have a position description for you soon, but if you’re keen feel free to email jointhecrew@burningseed.com with any questions!

Comms & Engagement 2IC

The Communications & Engagement 2IC supports the Team Lead to develop and coordinate Burning Seed communications policies and projects. Got some experience in Comms? Get in touch with Crew Wranglers to request a full position description at jointhecrew@burningseed.com.

Traffic & Placement 2IC

Traffic and Placement is primarily responsible for controlling and directing traffic once participants have cleared the gate to ensure a smooth and efficient arrival for participants whilst ensuring the safety of all thoroughfare and camping areas. This team serves a valuable purpose – you keep things safe and make life easier for people who’ve probably just driven a long way and are looking forward to some chillaxation.

We need a 2IC to help the Team Lead run this team in 2018. Get in touch with Crew Wranglers to request a full position description at jointhecrew@burningseed.com.

Pack Down Manager & 2IC

The Packdown team remains on site after the event and ensures all of Burning Seeds infrastructure is correctly inventoried and stored. This team is critical in ensuring that equipment is stored in a way it doesn’t get damaged,  and aiding DPI’s ability to make purchasing decisions based off the inventory lists created. We’re seeking a Team Lead and 2IC to manage the Pack Down team this year. 

Get in touch with Crew Wranglers to request a full position description at jointhecrew@burningseed.com.

Social Media Support

We’re seeking someone with experience managing public social media accounts and creating content to support the Comms team with managing Burning Seed’s social media. This role includes monitoring the Facebook page, answering messages, posting blogs, etc, and you’ll be working with the support of the Comms Lead. Please note, this role is suited only to experienced burners who have attended at least one Burning Seed, as the role relies on having an understanding of the event.

WH&S 2iC (Operations)

The Work Health and Safety team’s purpose is to ensure Burning Seed complies with Australian and New South Wales health and safety act regulations. We are seeking a 2IC to assist the WH&S lead in performing their role both throughout the year and onsite. 

WH&S 2IC Role Description

Post event crews

Available for a couple of days after the event? *APPLY NOW*

Pack Down (7 positions to fill)

A can-do crew of people who will stick with us right to the end to help us pack down Burning Seed’s entire infrastructure: First Aid, Gate, Greeters, Stockade, Rangers/Site Office, all our tools and generators… everything it takes to put on Seed that isn’t an artwork or Theme Camp. Requirements: strong backs, a good pair of shoes (steel-caps recommended!), commitment and camaraderie.

View Pack Down Crew Role Description

Leave No Trace Crew (10 positions to fill)

The Leave No Trace team has a big job, so it’s broken up into various different roles.

Sweep crew

We need up to 10 super troupers to help seek out any remaining Matter Out Of Place post event and aim to return the land to as close to its natural state as possible. These teams perform detailed line sweeps of all Theme Camp, casual camping, and broad wider areas around the site area, recording data about MOOP recovered at each Theme Camp site or casual camping area for the MOOP map. Sweep Crews will never be expected to pick up after people during the Burn!!

LNT Sweep Crew Role Description

Ed head

Help communicate the MOOP mantra to the masses by creating educational assets such as posters, signage, display boards at Centre Camp, blog posts etc

LNT Ed Head Role Description

MOOP mapper

The devil is in the detail and you, my friend, are a fiend for the finer points. We need someone to collect data and create the MOOP Map for publishing, collaborate with other team leads to ensure data accuracy, and communicate with theme camp and art build leads to ensure data accuracy.

LNT MOOP Mapper Role Description

Onsite Community Crew Roles


Department of Planning & Infrastructure (DPI) (3 positions available)

WE HAVE SOME LAST MINUTE SPOTS AVAILABLE… Handy with a star picket? Able to assist with signage? A dab hand at putting a marquee up the right way around? We’d love to hear from you.

You must be available for shifts during the event, even better if you’re available this week to head out early and help set up!

Click here for:

DPI Crew Role Description

Rangers (24 positions to fill)

The Red Earth City Rangers are our on-the-ground team of experienced Burners who roam the site making sure that all is well. Rangers are usually the first to attend to an emergency on site, and work in close collaboration with the Medical, Fire Safety and Security teams. They also help manage safety during key Seed events like the Effigy and Temple burns, so a sharp focus, cool head and the ability to respond appropriately to a developing situation is required.

Ranger operations run for the duration of the event and operate 24-hours. No experience is necessary for Dirt Rangers and full training will be provided for first timers.

In addition to the Dirt Ranger role, experienced Rangers may also apply for more senior Ranger positions. Check out the position descriptions below to see what fits for you!

Dirt Ranger Role Description

Echo Base Role Description

Red5 Role Description

Rogue Leader Role Description

Greeters (6 positions to fill)

First impressions last. We need to ensure there is a wonderful welcome in store for weary Burners arriving home to Red Earth City. This is the role of the Greeter — and it’s entirely up to you. How do YOU think someone arriving at our Seed should be greeted? A hug? A poem? A marching band?

If a group would like to crew en masse, we’re all for it. This is a family-friendly role, so kids can get involved too! Please note, children aged under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times at Seed.

We need help for the duration of the event, mostly during the day but some night coverage is needed too. Shifts will be around four hours long.

Greeters Crew Role Description

Part!c!pat!on Station (2 positions to fill)


This year the Crew Wranglers will be sharing a space with the Info Booth and Lost Property, so we’re looking for a rad crew of peeps who can multi-task and would like to talk to people and help answer questions and provide them with the info they are seeking, as well as manage lost property. You’ll also have a copy of all the rosters for every team so you can help people find their shifts, as well as sign up for shifts on the spot. You’ll have a radio to communicate with your team leads and will receive full support and training onsite.

Feel free to join with a friend if you like – shifts will be in pairs or threes – the more the merrier!

Fire Art Response Team (FART) (23 positions to fill)

FART is Burning Seed’s emergency fire department. We need crew with specific experience in fire fighting and operation of fire equipment to join this critical team. Don’t have experience but keen to learn? We’re happy to train up peeps who are particularly enthusiastic to learn skills in this area.

View FART Crew Member Role Description

ARTery Concierge (2 positions available)

The ARTery oversees all art at Burning Seed. You don’t have to be an artist to crew with ARTery — but you do have to be committed to art! You’ll work 3.5 hour shifts before, during and after the event. Check out the position description below.

Want to get even more involved in ARTery? We’re seeking a social media/blogger and crew coordinator as well. Get in touch!

ARTery Concierge Role Description

RedMV Mutant Vehicles Officers (2 positions to fill)

REDMV Officers work as part of the department during the assessment period of Mutant Vehicle applications after the application deadline. During the event, REDMV works shifts to ensure the safe operation of mutant vehicles and prevents use of unlicensed vehicles during the event.

View RedMV Officer Role Description

Year-round/project roles


Other Stuff

There are always other things we need help with, including organising the event in the months leading up to the Seed. Skills include: lawyers, accountants, builders, carpenters, doctors, nurses, paramedics, graphic designers, content writers, editors, web designers, project managers and event managers (phew!)

Let us know when you can help and what you like to do and we’ll work it out.

Legal Team Members

Burning Seed has a brand new Legal Team and is seeking qualified legal personnel to support the team lead with all the grown up serious things. Position description coming soon, but reach out if you’ve got the skills!

Sanctuary Project Officer

The Sanctuary Team is seeking a motivated person prepared to take on tasks which help land Sanctuary on the paddock in a prepared, organised and safe state. In this role you’ll work together with the Sanctuary Team Lead, 2iC and other Project Officers to help motivate each other to achieve their goals.  



Comms Content Support

You know all that nifty information and interesting blog posts you see throughout the year? Well it takes real humans to put all that together! Our hardworking Comms team is always looking for more hands on deck to help with content writing for blog posts and the like. Hit us up and let us know what experience you have in these areas. 

The teams below are now full

No longer accepting applications for 2018

Temple Build Crew (FULL)

We need capable volunteers of all skill levels, from absolute novice to expert.  Let us know if you have any special experience or expertise. If you’re the type of person who sees a job that needs doing and does it, we want you.  Must have an appetite for warm VB (or the willingness to develop one).

Temple Build Crew Role Description



Kitchen (FULL)

Seed operates a kitchen for crew working to build our forest oasis before, during and after the event. In order to enable our Build and DPI teams to focus on what they’re good at, we feed them.

We’re seeking kitchen crew for before, during and/or after the event.

Kitchen Crew Role Description

Office Clerks - (FULL)

Reporting into the Site Manager, we’re after a few Office HotShots to maintain the Site Office during the event to support other teams with administrative needs. This role is perfect for you if you’re keen to serve the community while getting involved in the behind the scenes stuff onsite. You’ll share the office with Rangers Red5 so you’ll be at the centre of action around you! Check out the PD below. 

Office Clerk Role Description

Sanitation Services (FULL)

The Sanitation Lead is seeking a crew of Kennys and Kenriettas to help ensure our 80+ executive thrones around the Paddock are functional, full of water, clean and stocked with paper twice a day. Check out the role description before assuming anything about this role – there are serious perks for Sanitation crew.

Sanitation Crew Role Description

Temple Guardians (FULL)

Do you feel a special connection to the Temple? The Temple Guardians are present to preserve the safety of the Temple and its visitors, while ensuring its intent and its traditions are being respected. We always need more Temple Guardians, check out the position description below and get in touch!

View Temple Guardian Role Description

Traffic Rovers (FULL)

Traffic and Placement is primarily responsible for controlling and directing traffic once participants have cleared the gate to ensure a smooth and efficient arrival for participants whilst ensuring the safety of all thoroughfare and camping areas. This team serves a valuable purpose – you keep things safe and make life easier for people who’ve probably just driven a long way and are looking forward to some chillaxation. Check out the position description below and apply to join if you like the sound of it!

Traffic Rover Role Description

Effigy Crew (FULL)

Now we’re getting into it. The Burning Seed Effigy is a large-ish timber sculpture and the symbolic centre of our site. It takes three to four weeks to build and the crew responsible can always use skilled help. Carpenters or anyone with experience in large art construction goes down a treat; a solid set of shoulders is welcome too. An ability to commit to the whole project is preferred.

Effigy Build Crew Role Description



Ice Kings and Queens (FULL)

Ice royalty are responsible for distributing ice from the on-site fridge and taking care of the cash sales during allocated times in the day. And what are kings and queens without their royal wrigglers? Families are welcome to crew with their ice prince and princesses too.  All Ice Royalty crew will be asked to sign on for a one-hour shift.

Check out the position description below and get in touch if you’d like to become Royalty!

Ice Kings & Queens Position Description 

Centre Camp Guardians (FULL)

Centre Camp at Burning Seed is gifted to the community by a small but dedicated team who passionately believe it is their civic responsibility to create a’ living room’ where everyone is radically included to participate in acts of immediacy, from spontaneous cuddle puddles to lycra clad leapfrog. Centre Camp Guardians will be the protectors of this space and will take an active role in maintaining it. Guardians will work closely with the Centre Camp Team Leads in managing the space, facilitating workshops and ensuring our home is always welcoming and open.

Centre Camp Guardians Role Description

Sanctuary (FULL)

Sanctuary exists to provide participants a chill out space for when they are having difficulty adjusting to the stimuli at Seed. Some participants may need to take time out from their immediate environment in order to be reintegrated back into the event safely.

We are seeking volunteers who are empathetic, compassionate listeners, and who can remain calm under pressure, to help run Sanctuary as Sitters.

Sanctuary Sitter Role Description


Gate (FULL)

Gate crew manage access to the event, check tickets, do the wristband thing, give out the WWW and generally manage the arrival process. We need reliable gate crew to do two to three shifts each, mostly during the day but some night coverage is needed too. Shifts will be four to five hours long.

Gate Crew Role Description

Psychological And Emotional Emergency Response (PEER) Rangers (FULL)

PEER Rangers provide support on the Paddock for participants who are having an emotional, mental or psychological crisis that goes beyond the capacity of their local Burner community and Red Earth City Rangers to manage, but that does not yet need medical services.

They provide immediate emotional, psychological and peer support to participants of all ages, who may require a safe space to process their experiences and to regain a more balanced outlook.

PEER rangers must be aged 18 and over. 

Please indicate in your application any skills or experience in mental health, counselling, harm reduction or similar areas.

View PEER Ranger Role Description

Crew Wrangling Team

Who Are We

Burning Seed is a beautiful blend of work and play, and its success relies on our community’s participation in a range of important roles. We need community crew members onsite, before, during and after the event, and offsite all year round.

The job of the Crew Wrangling Team is to link up willing community members with the various Seed Teams, taking into account individual skills, interests and capacity.

What the Crew Wrangling Team does:

  • Liaises with team leads to define, finesse and communicate community crew roles
  • Connects keen community crew members with teams and team leads
  • Takes an individual’s skills, interests and capacities into account to help find the perfect fit
  • Manages the community crew rosters
  • Ensures teams have adequate crew to ensure service delivery
  • Answers questions about crewing. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find someone who does so you’re not left hanging
  • Troubleshoots. We think we’ve got all the bases covered, but maybe we don’t? Let us know if you have any problems or see a potential issue and we’ll help work it out
  • Helps you help make the awesome happen!


2015_Nigel Dobson Keeffe_InfoCentre

Red Earth City Info Centre

Photo by Nigel Dobson-Keffe