Create Our City

Each Burning Seed is the sum of your imagination, participation and collaboration. Crowdcreation at its best. People often assume that a Burn is like most other festivals, passive experiences where event producers organise everything and you just need to rock up. Here's my ticket — now entertain me, feed me and clean up after me!

At Burning Seed, there is no fancy-pants production company curating from up on high or digging our ditches down below. There is only you and me — and we are the do-ocracy that conceives, creates and looks after our little week-long world.

Translation: you and I make this shindig happen. Together, we pool our resources, skills, ideas and imagination to create the funding, the city, the entertainment and the experience itself. We also take care of our day-to-day needs and our environment — while we're together and when we leave. It is this very act of collaboration and participation that makes Burning Seed special.

So put your particiPANTS on and take a closer look at art, Theme Camps, community crew, centre camp and gifting to see how you can get involved.

Key dates for 2017


  • Large Art Grant applications OPEN 1 MARCH  / CLOSE 28 MAY
  • Small Art Grant applications OPEN 1 MARCH / CLOSE 11 JUNE
  • General Art Registrations OPEN 1 MARCH / CLOSE 15 JULY (ONLINE), OPEN AGAIN ON SITE

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  • Stage One Concept Designs OPEN 21 APRIL / CLOSE 14 MAY

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  • Theme Camp registration OPEN 1 APRIL / CLOSE 1 JULY 

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  • Theme Camp and Centre Camp event submissions OPEN 15 APRIL /  CLOSE:  TBC
  • Event registration closes: TBC

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  • Media registration OPEN: 1 JULY /  CLOSE: TBC

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