Mutant Vehicles

Mutant Vehicles

Art on Wheels

The last few years of Burning Seed have seen our favourite works of art become mobile, as they transform into Art Cars, or the Mutant Vehicles of Red Earth City. While we love the new creativity participants are bringing to Seed, it's also important we keep the rest of the City safe. 

At Burning Seed, all powered vehicles or human powered vehicles over 250kg for use on the Paddock need to be registered and licensed with REDMV. If you are planning on bringing a Mutant Vehicle to Burning Seed this year and it’s powered or over 250 kilograms, you need to apply for a licence before July 31st.

Please note: Submitting an application will NOT automatically mean you can bring your Mutant Vehicle to Burning Seed.

For any questions regarding mutant vehicles please contact redmv@burningseed.com 


 Photo via CocoPocoLoco 

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