Mutant Vehicles

Mutant Vehicles

Art on Wheels

The last few years of Burning Seed have seen our favourite works of art become mobile, as they transform into Art Cars, or the Mutant Vehicles of Red Earth City. While we love the new creativity participants are bringing to Seed, it's also important we keep the rest of the City safe. One of the ways we do this is through Mutant Vehicle registration.

Which mutant vehicles must be registered?

At Burning Seed, all powered vehicles or human powered vehicles over 250kg for use on the Paddock need to be registered and licensed with REDMV. Registering your mutant vehicle will not automatically grant you a licence and the REDMV team will consider your application.


Drones are becoming more and more popular and a way of capturing unique images and video of Burning Seed. If you wish to use your drone at Burning Seed, you must first register for a media pass with the Comms Team and then register your drone with REDMV. Registration does not automatically grant approval and the Comms Team will contact you to let you know if your registration is a success. Only approved media with the appropriate passes (which must be worn) will be allowed to fly drones at Burning Seed. Anyone else using a drone may have it confiscated until the end of the event.

For any questions regarding mutant vehicles please contact redmv@burningseed.com 


 Photo via CocoPocoLoco 

Registrations for Mutant Vehicles and Drones close on 12th August.