Leave no trace

Leave No Trace

What you bring, you must take home

Leave No Trace (LNT) is one of the ten principles that guide Burning Seed, so every time we say goodbye, we aim to leave the site exactly as we found it, or even better.  Red Earth City may call the Matong State Forest home for a few short weeks, but it is the beautiful year-round home of numerous types of flora and fauna. We aim to keep it that way.

And the place to start? Your home. Plan and prepare ahead; think about how you’re going to deal with the items you bring to Red Earth City. Make the six R’s a personal motto: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Restore and Respect. Get rid of the excess packaging on your food/water/toys/camping gear/batteries before you leave your house. Repackage your food, bring water in a large reusable container and store your things in crates, ready to pack in and pack out. And bring plenty of extra garbage bags.

There are no garbage bins at Seed. You are responsible for your own waste and we’re all responsible for keeping our city free of MOOP (Matter Out of Place). Remember, there is nobody else but you and me. And we make our city rock by dreaming it, creating it, maintaining it and returning it to nothing once more — together.

Join our Moop Troupe Facebook Page for more information on local tree planting weekends and for more great tips! Have a question about Leave No Trace? Email lnt@burningseed.com


Some tips to help you leave no trace:


  • Meal sizes: Excess food will soon turn into a bio-hazard in the Australian sun, and you don’t want that bag of mystery slop sitting in your car the whole trip home.
  •  Reusable cups, cutlery and crockery: Heading over to a Theme Camp or your neighbours place for a drink or a meal? Bring your own, reusable stuff. Stay away from disposable plastic, paper or styrofoam items. Pimp your cup for those nights out.
  • Plan your camp’s waste management: Separate all your rubbish and recycling. Clean as you go so MOOP isn’t trampled into the ground. Plan morning MOOP sweeps. 
  • Don’t rush your pack-up: Don’t stress to hurry home on Monday or Tuesday. Plan your pack-up in advance. All the partying, weather and lack of sleep will have impaired your decision-making abilities, increasing the chances to miss details and leave things behind. If people are leaving early, factor this into your camp’s LNT plan. Start the clean-up early. When you camps is packed down, get your campmates together and go around your site doing a MOOP sweep. Tent pegs are MOOP too!
  • Be aware of very small items: Leave No Trace really does mean leave no trace. Nails, cable ties, hair, matches, cigarette butts, feathers, glitter, plastic tie wraps, peanut shells, orange peels and egg shells all are not part of the natural environment, and are easily missed. Be aware of MOOP not just on clean-up but while you’re wondering around REC. Make the effort, if you see MOOP, pick it up and deal with it accordingly. 
  • The World is not your ashtray or your toilet: Carry an ashtray for your cigarette butts. There are adequate toilets provided at Burning Seed, respect your fellow Burners and use them. 
  • Do not pour leftover fuel on the site: We’ll give you the kudos we hope you deserve, and expect there’s no explanation needed here.
  • Minimise fire impacts: If you are planning to burn your art, you must get a permit from The Fire Art Response Team(FART). There is a fire ban enforced in the area, so open campfires are not allowed at Burning Seed. Modern camping stoves provide fast, clean cooking.
  • Respect wildlife: Do not harass or shoot any wildlife — dropbears included. Remember, Burning Seed is not a place for dogs or other pets. 
  • Respect the local towns: Please don’t dump your rubbish on the side of the road when you leave. It’s not fair on the person/s who have to deal with it, and it’s just plain rude.