Guides & Maps

Guides & Maps

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2019 Survival Guide

A burn is all about YOU. The individual and collective experience depends on your participation and radical self-reliance, and the Survival Guide is our bible of both. It's your best friend when planning for the event, and it is also a condition of entry. All participants (both veteran burners and burgins) are expected to read and abide by its guidelines and the information contained within is updated every year.

Click on the link below to access both the 2019 Survival Guide.



2019 What, Where, When Guide

We're excited to bring you our biggest and most colourful What, Where, WhenGuide eve r!

The What Where When is your go-to publication for events at Burning Seed. It will tell you what is happening, where it is happening and when (duh) as the name suggests. Our WWW is printed professionally and you will receive a copy at the gate on entry to Burning Seed. If you want to be super organised and plan ahead, or just have a look at ALL THE FAB EVENTS this year, click on the link below!

2019 Site Map

The Site Map will help you locate all of the theme camps, art works and events that are listed in the WWW guide as well as our core services such as Sanctuary, Rangers, Peer Rangers, Centre Camp, Site Office and Medical. The map will be available here early September, and printed maps will be given out at the gate along with the WWW guide.