Election Time!

For those of you following along at home, this iteration of the Restructure Committee has been working away since May of 2017. First we consulted the community and wrote a report on our findings; then we released a call-out for people interested in being founding members of the new entity. You can catch up on anything else you missed at http://burningseed.com/future-of-seed/

And guess what?! We’ve hit another milestone in this process.

A few weeks ago, we sent out an email to those who expressed interest in membership, asking for a show of hands for those who would like to be on the vision group tasked with forming the constitution for the new entity. The vision group was open to all, and also featured seven* reserved positions for those interested in going on to serve on the governing body. We received more than seven applicants for those positions, which leads us to our milestone:

We’re having our first election!

Those who have expressed interest in being foundational members of the new entity running Burning Seed will be voting on these reserved positions. Those who win the election will have assumed positions on the governing body of the new entity (post incorporation), but this is not guaranteed. This will need to be confirmed by the membership at the foundation meeting.

I want to vote.  How can I sign up?

Express your interest in becoming a founding member! It’s super easy: just email futureofseed@burningseed.com with your full name, personal email, and a brief description of your previous involvement in Burning Seed. You need to submit this by 5pm Monday 29th July.

We need to close the electoral roll before beginning the election, and we cannot add anyone to the roll after the election has started. After the electoral roll has closed, further communications about the election will be sent directly to the founding membership.

Please note this is not a call out for membership of the restructure committee or for volunteers for Burning Seed - it is purely a drive for membership of the new not-for-profit entity that will run Burning Seed. If you have already expressed your interest in entity membership during our earlier promo drive there is no need to respond again: you will already be on the electoral roll.

How will the election run?

After deliberating on several options, the Restructure Committee has decided on OpaVote as the platform for conducting this election. We felt that OpaVote had the best features, security, price, and company ethos for our community. Please note that this does not mean that this will be the election platform for the new entity going forward: that will be up to the Vision Group to decide. This decision relates to this election only.

The election will be counted using a single transferable vote (STV) method (a type of preferential voting). This will provide us with the most accurate vote distribution.

Who’s running, anyway?

You can view who’s running here.

*Why seven reserved members?

You may recall that, in the community consultation report, the Restructure Committee recommended between seven and nine directors. This is because community responses demonstrated two strong preferences - seven and nine. So we recommended that a range would best fit this finding.  

After publishing that report, we have received advice from Prolegis that it is good practice to select one number, and not a range. The consultation responses showed a slightly greater preference for seven, and that is why we have settled on this number (see Chart 11 of the report).

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