Fire Safety

Fire and Safety

Keeping you safe on the paddock

At Burning Seed we like to play with fire —  in more ways than one — but we also take it very seriously. We work closely with State Forestry, local fire authorities, pyrotechnical experts and experienced fire artists to ensure the safety of our temporary home and the more permanent home of our neighbours. We also adhere to the fire conditions of our event permit.

Art burns

If you have a pyro penchant for art that you can burn, then you need to contact artery@burningseed.com. Burning Seed has limited capacity for art burns due to our event permit restrictions.

Campfires and solid-fuel stoves

Due to state forest restrictions and our fire licence, individual campfires or fire pits are not permitted. Solid fuel fires are not allowed either. These include cooking stoves, pizza ovens and anything using wood, BBQ coals or with an open flame. Fires will be restricted to registered artworks, the burning of the Effigy and Temple, and designated fire pits and fire barrels. 

Gas heaters and gas stoves

Gas-fired stoves and heaters are allowed, but must be supervised at all times — do not leave them unattended under any circumstances. Gas heaters must be inspected and tagged for safety by the Fire Art Emergency Response Team before you can use them on site.

When you arrive at the event, Gate will ask if you have a gas heater and direct you to the Fire Art Emergency Response Team at WoopWoop, Centre Camp. To pass inspection, you must have a fire extinguisher and a means of securing the gas heater so it can't tip over.

When the gas-fire appliance is in use, make sure there is no flammable material (trees, tents, tarps fabric, etc) within a three-metre radius or less than twice the height of the appliance.


Fire pits and burn barrels

Personal fire pits or burn barrels are not permitted. There will be a limited number of community fire pits as well as designated fire barrels at Theme Camps.  

Flame effects and pyrotechnics

If you are incorporating flame effects or pyrotechnics into your art, art car or Theme Camp, you need to register with the fabulous Fire Art Response Team to ensure that you comply with Burning Seed's safety standards. Registration closes 1 September 2015.

To register, email fart@burningseed.com and our teamsters will send you a burn permit application form, infopack and compliance guidelines. Once you're on site, you will be required to pass a compliance assessment before being issued with your burn permit.

Fire performers

To strut your staff, poi, hoop, whatever at Burning Seed, you need to register with our Fire Enclave. You can find more info about the Fire Enclave, conditions of fire play and the registration form over here.