Fire enclave

Fire Enclave

Manipulation of the Flame

Come in spinner! Burning Seed is a time to unite and ignite, and we encourage all those of fiery persuasion to strut their staff, poi, hoop, wings, whatever by joining the Fire Enclave. All skill levels are welcome as we explore new fire-play frontiers together and help give our Effigy a flaming send-off on Saturday night of the Burn.

In order to fire dance, twirl and spin on the Paddock at Burning Seed 2016, there are a few things you need to do:

  • Register online with our Fire Enclave (see application below)
  • Read and abide by the Ten Principles
  • Bring and manage your own 'fire toys' and safety equipment such as water, wet blankets, fire blankets, gloves and drip trays. Whatever you require for your safe fire play.
  • Attend an onsite Fire Enclave meeting
  • Sign our register of onsite attendance
  • Follow Rangers instructions without question — these guys & gals have the final word on site.

Once on site, you  will find the Fire Enclave contact board  near the Mint Country Club.

Fire Enclave's first Fire Brief & Safety Meeting will be held on Thursday afternoon (time TBA) at the Mint Country Club Theme Camp where you’ll also find Di, Custodian of our Fire Enclave.  All guidelines and procedures for fire play will be explained here and our Fire Enclave Directionals will be introduced.

The Mint Country Club will be marked on the map in the What Where When booklet that you will receive at the gate on arrival.

Remember you may not play with fire at Burning Seed 2016 until you have attended an onsite Fire Enclave meeting.

Our Fire Enclave doesn’t include any gas-fire effects or large burning sculptures. For information on these please click here. You can also find the enclave on Facebook before the event.