Event Theme

Event Theme

Come with us on a Journey

The Burning Seed Theme for 2018 is Ancient Future.

Civilisations are but grain under the relentless wheel of time, yet fragments of ancient wisdoms and knowledge remain to flow through the collective consciousness; slowly percolating up into the minds of the Shaman, Medicine Women, Enchantresses and Clever Men. Relics and artefacts from aeons past are wielded with wit and tenacity, harnessing the power of nameless, forgotten gods. Songs are woven into Legend. Nature envelops all monuments. Bloom and regrowth. The wheel turns, yet all is dust. A new dawn approaches, but will this Seed of humanity be ready to write the next chapter? 

Every year we select a unique theme to inspire the art of the paddock and other creative collateral at Burning Seed. This year our Burning Seed theme Ancient Future was chosen from 87 community suggestions submitted at the end of 2017.

What does Ancient Future mean to you? It could be ancient wisdoms and knowledge that have been passed down through aeons, bloom and regrowth, the turning of the wheel, an understanding that the past becomes the future, or maybe it conjures up ideas of time travel and magic. The beauty of Burning Seed is being able to interpret the theme however you want! Be creative!

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Are you an artist, designer, painter or serviette doodler? Are you inspired as to what Ancient Future could look like? We’re hoping the answer to any of those questions is yes, because we have now opened submissions for the EVENT THEME DESIGN for Burning Seed 2018.

So what are you waiting for? You have 6 weeks to submit your designs!