Looking for an Environmental Sustainability Liaison

Many people attend Burning Seed and other regionals as an escape from some of the harsh realities of the default world. Many of the social and political structures evident in our daily lives don’t exist at Seed. For one glorious week we can be who we want to be as we create and share in the social experiment that is a Burn.

What often isn’t seen is the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to make this ‘bubble’ of creativity happen. Whilst on the surface it may appear we don’t have to follow the rules this is far from reality. Burning Seed organisers obtain permits, and insurance, ensure there are adequate medical and security services, liaise with external agencies such as the police, make sure there are enough toilets (and that they get regularly pumped), and so much more. It’s what makes the freedom of Seed possible, bridging the gap between default world and Burn.

One thing that we most definitely can’t avoid as a part of this process is our responsibility to the environment. We focus on this in many of our existing activities. Our participants are responsible for ensuring we follow the principle of Leave No Trace, backed by the stellar efforts of the LNT team. For many years Red Earth Ecology has been involved in tree planting, weeding, and more recently urban regeneration. We have a new team, Trash Pandas, focusing on minimising and recycling the waste created by our crews on site.

But we need to do more.

That is why we have created a new role within the org, Environmental Sustainability Liaison, that we need to fill with an individual passionate about the environment and our impact on it. This role involves working with our existing teams and programs that focus on environmental sustainability and ensuring that we put a green lens on everything we do at Burning Seed. 

Whilst looking internally at our operations is important, that is only a small part of this role. The biggest impact on the environment associated with putting on our event is the carbon footprint and waste created by our participants. Virtually everyone drives to Seed, generally hundreds or even thousands of kilometers and also fly in from overseas. Generators are used to run theme camps and art projects. The decommodification that happens on the paddock is enabled by consumerism in the lead up to the event which ends up creating waste. All these things and more require a community-wide approach to the environment, not just the Seed org. The Environmental Sustainability Liaison will be the conduit to help enable all our participants to be green.

If you are someone who is passionate about the environment then please check out the position description on our Community Crew page and if you’re interested in filling this role then complete the application form.


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