We like to Potty: Our Loo Crew is Recruiting

Loo Crew is recruiting: Only Legends need apply…

So you’ve decided you want to come to Seed and contribute to the gifting culture of this awesome event. It occurs to you that volunteering would be a great way to do this and meet awesome likeminded people but… which crew to choose? Fortunately for you, dear friend, one of the most important and fun teams are looking for new superstars: The Amazing Loo Crew! These are the silent (and not so silent) warriors shining the plastic thrones and keeping them well stocked, functional and in the mintiest of conditions for all the inhabitants of the Paddock over the course of the week. Fear not friends! Once onboard, you’ll be provided with everything you need to ensure you are prepared for the role, so crewing with Sanitation services can be considered one of the easiest job in which to earn Paddock-cred for minimal effort.

I’m listening, I’m keen, we hear you say, but I don’t like scrubbing toilets…well aren’t you in luck! The portaloos we use require no scrubbing or deep-diving to fix blockages so you can keep that sparkly Unicorn onesie that you scored for a bargain at Savers in perfect, unsoiled condition (though let’s be honest, it probably had a few to begin with)!

Ok, so what does the role involve and what is the time commitment?

The loo crew are responsible for ensuring the loos are functional, full of water and stocked with loo rolls twice a day. You'll remove empty toilet rolls and run over any messy ones with some sanitiser - and that's it! Then you can go and get a hot shower, have a meal and relax! If you join the loo crew you will be required to attend a crew briefing on 24th Sep onsite at Burning Seed (the day before the event opens) and complete 2-4 shifts on site during the event. Each shift would be 3-4 hours either between 8am - 12pm or between 2pm - 6pm. You can find the full Position Description here.

Did you mention showers? How about more PERKS!

Yes, there are perks! Plenty of them. As a sanitation crew member, you’re entitled to the following:

  • A hot shower after each shift!!!
  • 3 meals a day during build and packdown
  • A meal and self serve snacks every day you volunteer during the event

Not to mention the lavish praise that will be heaped on you by the grateful burners who will appreciate your efforts and the life-long friendships with your fellow Loo crew-members, bonded by sanitiser that will endure forever! Sweet deal, we hear you gasp!

Where and how do you sign up?

Head on over to the community crew page on our website and scroll down to the 'All the Onsite Roles' section. There, under 'Sanitation Services' you will find the Position Description - but for those who missed it, we have also linked it above.  Then all you have to do is use that 'Click Here To Apply' button at the top of the page to send your expression of interest to jump on-board with the Burning Seed Sanitation Services’ 2019 team; get it while it’s hot! Of course, as with any volunteer role at Seed, you will need to have a ticket.

Radical self-reliance note! Whilst the toilets are maintained by this stellar Loo crew, the general tidiness and care of toilets at the event in total is the responsibility of all who attend.





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