Harassment on The Paddock – It’s Not Ok

Burning Seed is an open and radically expressive event where you will encounter people pushing their own personal boundaries. Everyone deserves to feel safe at Burning Seed regardless of their gender, and we want to foster a safe environment for everyone to express themselves, therefore harassment at Seed is not tolerated. Examples of harassment include vulgar gestures, comments about someone’s sexual orientation, sexually explicit comments, leering, whistling, barking, kissing noises, following someone, flashing someone or exposing oneself, blocking someone’s path and sexual touching or grabbing. 
Here are 6 tips to also help you address harassment if it occurs:
  1. Use strong body language. Look the harasser in the eyes; speak in a strong, clear voice. Using your voice, facial expressions, and body language together, without mixed signals, show assertiveness and strength.
  2. Project confidence and calm. Even if you do not feel that way, it is important to appear calm, serious, and confident. 
  3. Do not apologise, make an excuse, or ask a question. You do not need to say sorry for how you feel or what you want. Be firm.
  4. You do not need to respond to diversions, questions, threats, blaming, or guilt-tripping. Stay on your own agenda. Stick to your point. Repeat your statement or leave.
  5. While it's important to be assertive, try not lose your temper: This type of reaction is the most likely to lead to anger and violence from the perpetrator. 
  6. Decide when you’re done. Success is how you define it. If you said what you needed to say and you’re ready to leave, do so.

If you still feel like someone is harassing you, you can call for the assistance of a Ranger to help you. 

Stay tuned for another instalment next week from the PEER Rangers, on some tips of what to say to someone who is harassing another Burner.


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