Burning Seed 2020: Digitally Burning

Burning Seed 2020: Digitally Burning

A different kind of burn

Burning Seed (and Burning Man) has always been an experimental event, and Burning Seed 2020 promises to be like no Burning Seed before it! On this page, you'll find out more info about how the event will work, how you can get involved and more.

See you at Burning Seed 2020!

How Will it Work?

Imagine being able to roam the Paddock online – well, that’s how Burning Seed 2020 will work! When you attend our event, you’ll connect to the Burning Seed online portal where you’ll be presented with a map of the Paddock, similar to the printed version for the physical event. On the map will be locations of our Seed Pods and Burning Seed staples such as Greeters, Centre Camp, Red Earth Radio and the Temple – and when you click on these, they will launch into their own experiences – virtual or streaming spaces for you to view, participate in and enjoy. You’ll be able to see how many other people are currently online in that area, and interact with others in that Seed Pod.

Not all locations will be open 24/7, and accompanying the map will be an event listing – our online version of the What, Where, When guide, to ensure you get to attend the events you want. You’ll also be able to see how many people are interacting in each of the Pods to help you decide where you would like to be!

This is a completely different kind of burn, but one where you will be able to connect with our community and engage with art, music, workshops, performances, parties and more.

How Do I Participate?

There are many ways you can participate in Burning Seed 2020: Tipping Point – Digitally Burning. These include:

  • Being an attendee and exploring the Paddock in all its glory!
  • Registering for a Seed Pod to bring a virtual, live-streamed, or pre-recorded experience to Burning Seed 2020.
  • Hosting an event at our online Centre Camp.
  • Creating art for people to explore.
  • Hosting a virtual experience.

The possibilities are endless and your first step is registering and obtaining a ‘ticket’ for Burning Seed. See the ‘ticket’ section on this page for more info. Want to register for a Seed Pod or register an event at Centre Camp? See the relevant sections on this page.

Seed Pod Registration

You can register for a Seed Pod right up until Thursday 24th September, however grants for Seed Pods have now closed. Seed Pods can be anything your imagination allows – a physical space streaming content, a live feed of music or performance, a virtual online space with art, a webcam feed of something completely random and more.

To find out more information and to register for a Seed Pod, click here: Seed Pod Guidelines

We can’t wait to see what you bring to Burning Seed 2020.

What to Expect at Seed 2020

The beauty of Burning Seed is that anything and everything you can imagine could happen, or may not!

Some of the Burning Seed staples will be there – the Greeters experience, a Welcome to Country ceremony, Centre Camp workshops/talks/events and a Temple burn (with a real Temple being burned and live-streamed) including the opportunity to submit your personal messages to be printed for the Temple. You’ll be able to listen to Red Earth Radio while you explore the Burning Seed Portal – and then, of course, we will have our Theme Camps and Seed Pods bringing you different types of experiences.

You may attend a workshop, watch a performance, dance the evening away at live-streamed music events, engage in a debate with fellow burners, enter a VR world or art piece, or just be a voyeur and a fly on the wall. Expect some very pleasant surprises! Burning Seed 2020 will truly test our principle of Participation.


All attendees must register to obtain a ‘ticket’ to Burning Seed 2020. There is no cost involved, but registering for a ticket will ensure you have all of the links and login info for our virtual event.

To register for your ticket to Burning Seed 2020 – click here: https://qkt.io/seed2020

Centre Camp Events

Are you looking for a place with a multitude of events to attend and engage in? Not running a Seed Pod yourself but still want to host an event? Then come along to our online Centre Camp!

Hosting an event at Centre Camp is ideal for those who want to host a one-off or short event, without needing to register a Seed Pod. You may want to host a workshop, a debate or a live-stream music session – the possibilities are endless. When you host an event at Centre Camp, you will be provided with an online platform to use and will stream your event from your own location (following COVID Safe guidelines), hosted online at our Centre Camp.

To register for an event at Centre Camp, fill in our form here: https://bit.ly/CentreCamp