Sydney’s three-day Decom bonanza

Day One - Burner Gallery

Day One – Burner Gallery

written by Onur Ka

A truly epic Sydney decompression wave hit all us crazies in a ponderous manner! 27 – 29 November saw three days of shenanigans curated and produced as full-scale decommodified Burn events in three different locations across the Emerald City.

Day ONE: Burner Gallery

St Peters – Tortuga studios hosted the well-known (free) Burner Gallery exhibition, showcasing over seven photographers and three videographers work while Minters set up a gifting bar alongside the beer bucket as well as various DJs spinning chill tunes all night long accommodating well over 150 punters.

The night carried on to local dives on Newtown’s King St while many were already tucked in bed for a crazy night out to be had the next night!

Day Two - Warehouse Party

Day Two – Warehouse Party

Day TWO: Warehouse Party

In a very special Marrickville location, the main event took place on the Saturday 7pm to 7am: a crazy gathering with four gifting bars, three camp corners, one consent room and a crazy stage with a big number of DJs and live music representing various camps from Seed.

This ticketed event brought together around 300 people for a memorable night. BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE!!!

Day Three - Burner Beach

Day Three – Burner Beach

Day THREE: Beach Party

Sunday 29 November saw Sydney Burners host an epic wrap up to the WEEKEND LONG DECOMPRESSION by setting up corners at the majestic Milk Beach for a free waterside picnic party!

Serving food, drinks and playing tunes for hours on end watching the sun set in good old Sydney town.


HUGE props to the Sydney Burning crew for their planning and implementation of one of the biggest if not best Sydney Decoms in recent memory!

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