Summit: Team Leads rock ‘n review

Another Seed season is drawing to a close as Team Leads slave over their team AfterBurn reports and prepare to gather on 27/28 November to go over the good, the bad, the ugly of this year’s event.

The Summit is an annual two-day meeting where Team Leads, 2ICs and project leads gather to review what worked and what didn’t work at the recent Burning Seed and to discuss solutions for the following year. It is also the chance to address some of the key issues raised by the community via the census. Sydney will host this year’s Summit.

Each team AfterBurn report will also be available on our website, alongside the Burning Seed AfterBurn report. This publication summarises each team’s successes, problems and solutions, and gives the community an overview of the event and its organisation. Its publication is part of our commitment as an official regional Burn.

You can check out last year’s Burning Seed and team AfterBurn reports here.

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