Revised MOOP map released

MOOPdaddy has released a revised MOOP map after follow-up site visits by community members and the Department of Planning and Infrastructure.  A few areas have been re-categorised as red or green-faded-to-yellow – and we have no doubt that these changes will raise some eyebrows and stir some debate.

But that’s ultimately a good thing. Burning Seed is growing fast and we need to put MOOP on the map by putting it on everyone’s radar. So, let’s turn once more to MOOPdaddy as he outlines the most recent changes:

“This year, Burning Seed welcomed its first troupe and map dedicated to monitoring and highlighting the MOOP issue. This has been a positive step forward for the event. 

However, I unfortunately released the MOOP map before all the evidence was in, which has been a resounding lesson in process for me as Leave No Trace (LNT) Lead.

So, now that all the facts are in, checked and discussed, we are releasing this revised map and an updated spreadsheet so that a more accurate and fairer result can go out to the Burning Seed community. 

The reason for this revision is rooted in the principle of accountability, which is the whole point of the map. If the map does not reflect the real situation on the ground according to the standards we have set, then the map needs to change – so change it has.

Several Green statuses are switching to red. Another camp goes from green to green-faded-to-yellow. And, perhaps surprisingly, a number of Burning Seed organisation sites are involved. 

There are also a number of new MOOP hazards noted, thanks to follow-up site visits by community members and DPI. Check out the new map to find out what this all means.

Next year, let’s all strive to truly leave NO trace.

Burn on,



  • Download the revised map here. (To read details, open in acrobat and right-click on sticky notes.)
  • See the revised map spreadsheet here
  • Read MOOPdaddy’s procedural summary here
  • Compare the first map here







X marks the MOOP spot

MOOP Daddy has put YOU on the map!

Yup, this year our crack team of super MOOP troupers and their whose-your-daddy Team Lead, Maddock, have scoured the frontiers of our Paddock pleasure palace, looking for and mapping our MOOP. And there are a few surprises in store.

For those still wondering what this cow-sounding acronym is about, MOOP stands for Matter Out of Place aka your crap/rubbish/things that weren’t there to begin with and should definitely not be left behind when you go. This is all part of Burning Seed’s Leave No Trace principle.

To see the colour of your camp, click on the MOOP map below to zoom in. To see a ‘sticky-notes’ version with more info, download the MOOP map, open it in Adobe or preview and double click on the post-its. There is also a more detailed spreadsheet here for each Theme Camp.

MOOP MAP (annotated) - for final review - v2 - Copy

This is what MOOP Daddy had to report for the overall site:

“For the number of people we had this year I was actually pretty impressed. The places where we found stuff in concentration were just pockets, usually in casual camping areas.

Theme camps generally did extremely well, given the amount of traffic they had. The area of casual camping to the west of the main site was sparsely scattered with miscellaneous tiny things – glitter, tent pegs, those stick-on bindi rhinestone things were *everywhere*, and the usual bottle caps, water container seals and can stubs.

The area of woods to the south was peppered with baby wipes; the woods to the north were reportedly a hotbed of steaming turds; and quiet(er) camping to the east was garnished with small slices of try-harder. All in all, a pretty good job from this year’s Burner tribe, and I came away happy even though we have LOTS of things to bring up before next year’s Burn!”

And with 626 cigarette butts found littered across the site, there’s no butts about  – there’s definitely more work to be done there!

This was the MOOP map’s first year, and it has focused primarily on raising awareness. However, there will be further discussion about what should happen with this information and the consequences of a red or yellow grading.

What do you think should happen?






Living the theme

It’s almost official. This year’s Burning Seed is set to be one of the greatest Burns in the history of burning ever in the world ever. Our community has gone doolally crazy gangbusters in terms of participation this year, with around 50 (yes fiddy, half-a-ton, 49+1) Theme Camps set to facilitate our playtime on the Paddock.

And while we love us some Sound Camp, we LOVE that you guys are flexing other Theme Camp muscles by creating more healing, theatrical, chill, food and art spaces. Here’s a few tasty teasers to tickle your ‘tashes and tushes:[bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]

Star Shitty

Brazenly billed as James Packer’s worst nightmare brought to life, Star Shitty is keeping a tight wrap on the details of what to expect when it lands for the first time at Seed this year.

Safe to say that this cocky crew of crappy croupiers are likely to bring the tone at Seed down to new and unimainable lows with rumours of human pokies, awkward magicians, filthy bingo, and an all-too-literal space for VIP high-rollers.

This chintzy nightmare has been wrenched from the bowels of the imagination of the MWA, a Sydney-based arts/events crew that embody the principle of participation and community. Are you prepared to gamble your clothes, your dance moves or your dignity? Hop aboard the Star Shitty courtesy bus. It would be rude not to.

Malt Shop Be-Bop Hop Roller Arena

Looking for the best place to find your feet at Seed? Well, this is it. The Malt Shop Be-Bop Hop Roller Arena promises an all-in wild ride of roller skating goodness and it’s literally the most authentic way of achieving your balance at Red Earth City this year.

You’ll be coxed and coaxed by the one and only Tambalamslam, an internationally renowned all-star roller from the Victorian Roller Derby League. Step back from the brink, take it to the rink and lose yourself in the beautiful mayhem of the Malt Shop Be-Bop Hop Roller Arena. Go on! Get your skates on!

The Soupery

These superheroes of soup will be dishing up cupfuls of comfort and nourishment for the Red Earth City community this year (Bring Your Own Cup!). Veteran burners, the Soupery crew will be ladling their lovely selection of liquids from around noon each day, together with bread made on-site and more. The crew saw an opportunity last year to take their love of gifting to the next level with a dedicated Theme Camp at this year’s Seed.

There’ll be flavours to suit every palate, a solar-powered/trike-powered sound system with a vinyl-only set, and in the spirit of participation and self-reliance the Soupery will love you even more if you want to get involved and make a contribution. Are we there yet?

What’s your fave Theme Camp this year? Want to know more? Check out the What Where When for another sneak peek at what’s in store at Burning Seed.


Dress to express

It’s a fact: we love costumes! You don’t need an excuse to dress up (or down) at Burning Seed, but if you’re seeking inspiration or want to be sure to be dressed the part, here’s a run down of all the events registered for What Where When 2014 that have specified a dress theme. And…go! 


ALL DAY || Tutu Tuesday on Thursday
A day to celebrate the divine tutu. Wear your tutu proudly everywhere all day…all week even!Paul

13:00 || Vogue-a-thon – ‘Having it, giving it, working it @ SHIT HOT; BURN AND TURN
A workshop to free your inner FABULOUS. No one is sexier, fiercer or fresher than YOU, so bring your killer poses, over-the-top confidence and above all ATTITUDE. On this catwalk anything goes.

14 – 15:45 || Meet the Minters @ MINT COUNTRY CLUB
Pop in for a GIN. Practice your swing, get friendly with the clubhouse courses, tables and the Minters! Wear Green, be seen.

14:00 for departure 14:15 || The Tutu Tuesday on Thursday Grand Parade >>> MEET AT CENTRE CAMP
The grandest parade of tutus ever. We’ll gather at Centre Camp and then parade the paddock to crash whatever is going on!

SUNSET || Urban Turban @ BEAN BAG BABYLON [R] Join us for our signature brand of low-slung beats, sumptuous decor, dazzling lights, and a fully stocked donations bar. BYOC, dress in your finest turban/headpiece, and let us spoil your ears, eyes and hearts!

19:30 – LATE || Kaftanopia @ CBI
Indulge in the most fashion-forward event of Burning Seed 2014. Funky Middle Eastern musik and men in dresses. Dress code: strictly kaftan. Underwear: optional.

FRIDAY (3 Oct)902836_670673059617818_487996360_o (1)

12:00 – LATE || The Dragon Ball @ BETA STAGE – BURNING DRAGON
Presenting our Dragon Masquerade Ball. Bring out all your comical, crazy and exotic masks and outfits! For it will be a ball of extraordinary extravagance.

14 – 16:00 || Human Chess @ TRASH MANSION
The subjects of the Kingdom of Seed will battle it out on a checkered board, armed with foam swords. The chess pieces will all be human: YOU!

HeART Tribe presents FRIDAY FLURO & FOREST FIESTA! Cocktails, raw treats, sexy peeps and costume defeats. Wear your fluros, black light attire and get painted!

17 – 00:00 || The Wedding of Nancy Xi & Peter Piro @ CENTRE CAMP
Come join Piraninia’s finest and celebrate the Seed wedding of a lifetime!  The dress theme is traditional Chinese. The party will have great music, lighting, entertainment, drinks and more!

SUNSET || Capes and Corsets @ BEAN BAG BABYLON [R] Join us for our signature brand of low-slung beats, sumptuous decor, dazzling lights, and a fully stocked donations bar. BYOC, dress in your finest corset and cape, and let us spoil your ears, eyes and hearts!

20:00 – || Dragon Burn >>> MEET AT KIDS CAMP
Meet then head up to the Dragon Burn performance. Wear your best animal onesie or forest folk costume and participate in the show.

10218491905_c6198809b7_zSATURDAY (4 Oct)

12 – 18:00 || Classic Sports Day @ MINT COUNTRY CLUB
An afternoon of raucous racquets, pumping clubhouse tunes. Live Performances uniting three global DJs: Simon Slieker, Halo,


SUNSET || The B Party @ BEAN BAG BABYLON [R] Babylon brings the heat with some serious tunes from local and international heroes. BYOC, dress in your finest B costume, and let us spoil your… you know the drill!

SUNDAY (5 Oct)

13:00 || The Walk Off – Come and Strut Your Stuff @ SHIT HOT; BURN AND TURN
After a week of expressing yourself on our catwalk, let’s see who’s hot to trot. Wear your most impressive outfit, or pick up something from the change-room. Everyone will get the opportunity to be fabulous! At the end there will be a prize for the best burn and turn.

SUNSET || Onesie Sunday @ BEAN BAG BABYLON [R] Join us for our signature brand of low-slung beats, sumptuous decor, dazzling lights, and a fully stocked donations bar. BYO Cup, dress in your finest onesie, and let us spoil your ears, eyes and hearts!

For more event inspiration from your WWWhopper guide, download it here.

Forget festivals – keep the home fires burning

Last year, bush doof was officially accepted into the hallowed pages of the Macquarie Dictionary. A long-time fixture of Australian festival life and parlance, bush doof has always had that kind of satisfying onomatopoeia that requires no further explanation. You say doof. I say duh.

And while recent chatter has pointed to the rise of the doof and the death of the one-day festival in Australia, there’s something else special in ascendancy. It’s not a festival or a doof. It ain’t no party either. It’s a Burn – and there will come a time when that word will say it all too.

What makes a Burn so different? Well, we could talk about the ten guiding principles that guide it, or the fact that the event is the love child of participants’ collective dreams, efforts and funds.

I could wax Burner lyrical about replacing commerce with a gifting/share economy, or the fact that you need to rely on yourself for all your needs while also knowing there’s a community to catch you too.

Or perhaps it’s because we like to play with fire, seeking expressive freedom by pushing boundaries and finding release from burning an Effigy and a Temple.

But in the end it is all of these things + more: that extra dash of something indefinable and unpredictable that happens when we throw it all into the mix, add YOU and just press go.

So what is Burning Seed, you ask? Repeat after me: It’s a Burn, baby, Burn!

Welcome home.