Kraken’s TENtacle moment with Wiradjuri

[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap2′]T[/bra_dropcaps]he writing is on the wall — Kamp Kraken has stretched its tentacular theme camp presence beyond the confines of the Paddock and shown how to make Burning Seed more than just one week in a land far far away.

For the past two years, Kraken has donated 10% of what it has fundraised during that year to a chosen charity. The Theme Camp kicked off this initative in 2013 with a donation to the Wiradjuri wall project, which was recently completed and unveiled.

Birth of an idea

The idea was first proposed by one of the Krew, dashing Dan Ducrou, who hopes to see more Theme Camps do the same.

“I proposed the idea in recognition of the fact that many of the wonderful people who make up Kamp Kraken want to make a positive impact on the people and communities around them. We are so lucky to have the time, freedom and access to resources that we do – why not harness a portion of this abundance and feed it back into the local community?” says Dan.

“I hope this is something other Theme Camps pick up on in their own fundraising ventures. Burning Seed is such an enriching, revitalising, delicious experience for all of us – we all get so much out of it – how easy and rewarding it can be to give back.”

Enter the Wiradjuri project

The Wiradjuri wall was a local community project that involved Wiradjuri elders and youth producing a public artwork in the heart of the Narrandera township.  The wall was a way to honour the Aboriginal cultural history of Narrandera shire and create a beautiful public space where special musical and cultural performances could occur.

Why did Kraken decide to share this particular TENtacle moment with the Wiradjuri project?

“We chose to support the Wiradjuri Memorial Wall out of respect for the Traditional Owners, the Wiradjuri, on whose land Burning Seed takes place. We wanted to support something that involved local community members, something that would have lasting impact and something that elevated recognition of the Wiradjuri in the Narrandera township,” says Dan.

“We also flew the Aboriginal flag above Kamp Kraken for the duration of the event – the flag was given to me by a Wurundjeri Elder (Traditional Owner of the greater Melbourne area) in the lead up to Burning Seed – and presented the following hand written note to the Wiradjuri Elder who Welcomed us onto his country.”

Today, we are meeting, partying, dancing and sleeping on the traditional lands of the Wiradjuri. For this we give thanks and pay our respects.

In being here, we acknowledge and are sorry for the deep hurt and suffering caused by white settlement.

We are sorry for the loss of language and culture, for the children taken from families under racist government policies, and for the cultural disinterest of broader Australia. We are sorry for the ongoing disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians that is born of structural exclusion, racism, dispossession and indifference.

We visit Wiradjuri country in the spirit of friendship. We hope to be part of a healing generation that openly acknowledges past wrongs, whilst searching for ways to build positive relationships and contribute to the local community.

In line with this year’s Burning Seed theme of ‘Re:Creation’, Kamp Kraken is proud to be contributing $800 to the Wiradjuri Memorial Wall – a local community project that will see Wiradjuri Elders and youth produce a public artwork in the heart of the Narrandera township.

This money was gathered through Kamp Kraken fundraising efforts in Melbourne, in the lead up to Burning Seed 2013.

Thank you for hosting us.

With love,

Kamp Kraken


Show us da money — 2014 finance report now available

[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap2′]T[/bra_dropcaps]he 2014 Burning Seed finance report is now available for your reading pleasure — Burner bean counters unite! The report covers all the financial comings and goings of last year’s event and is developed by our money mavens, the Finance Team, with input from all the teams.

Over 100+ hours, every transaction is verified against physical receipts, performance against budget analysed and justified team-by-team so that we understand why our forecasts were inaccurate. All of this is found within the report, along with year-on-year comparisons, assessment of challenges and recommendations for improvement. This report is reviewed and approved by all six members of the REC town council prior to publication.

But wait but wait. There’s more… so much more than meets the eye to our Fabulous Finance Team. Wanna know what it takes to keep the finger on the financial pulse? Read on, McDuff

But who was that masked maven?

Finance works year-round behind the scenes to manage money, pay bills, file external paperwork, report on performance and generally take care of anything that features a dollar sign. Long before the event starts, the finance lead works with individual teams to cost their visions, then massages those components together into a coherent and balanced budget for approval by the Town Council.

Once the starting gun fires, finance is in ongoing communication with various teams about their expenditure, paying bills, putting out fires and re-budgeting around unexpected issues, while monitoring ticket sales (our main income) against forecasts so that everything is in place for the number of participants we will have.

On Paddock, finance manages the cash from ice sales and incidentals, but mostly takes a breather knowing that things are about to get very busy! Post-event, finance works double time to pay all outstanding bills, coordinate with teams to get financial reports and receipts, prepare the finance Afterburn report, and coordinate with the accountant to prepare final accounts and pay taxes.

Meet the faces of finance

For the last couple years, finance has been a solo performance by Jodi Rivet. This year she is joined by a very capable lieutenant and understudy: the lovely and talented Caroline Brosnan.

[bra_button text=’2014 Finance AfterBurn report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Afterburn2014_Finance.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’large’ style=’rounded’ color=’orange’]

Melburn Town Hall: reporting for duty, sah!

[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap2′]T[/bra_dropcaps]he recent Melburn Town Hall (April 14) was another great chance for well-done Burners and rare to medium-rare Burgins to bring their ideas and questions to this awesome community forum about all things Seed and burnery. 

Town Halls are run by Burning Man regional contacts in both Sydney and Melbourne on a quarterly(ish) basis, and are a way for the Burner community to spend some face-to-face time discussing issues and brainstorming ideas for their local community.

Crowdcreation of our imagination

One of the most popular topics at Melburn Town Halls is Participation. It’s great to know that people are so keen to find more and new ways to bring their brains and brawn to the Burner community, particularly when no-one gets paid for this crap.

We all work, we all play and we all pay…it’s a LOVE job! There’s a huge range of skills to learn and share — gate, greeters, rangers, medical, temple, or effigy build — and Town Hall participants heard it right: this event is about unlimited creative potential, people. Don’t think about it, DO IT!!


Town Hall also talked about how to participate and promote Burner initiatives outside Seed — that’s right — #burneveryday! So, stay informed, check out burningseed.com, join the plethora of Facebook groups, tell your mum you’re going to Burning Pub whether she likes it or not and you won’t be back for dinner! Whether you want to participate locally or interstellarly, there’s something out there for you.

There were some practical questions and answers too — people were keen to find out why Seed starts midweek and finishes on the Monday. Answer: Well, there’s no medical onsite after Mad Monday so it’s all about keeping you folks safe. If you really wanna get in early then you can apply for an early entry pass if you’re part of a theme camp or an exhibiting artist, so get your groove on!

We love us some Theme Camps

Speaking of Theme Camps, people were also keen to learn more about them — some Theme Camps have been going since the dawn of SEED .. some are new.. some are huge and some are small.. some provide, food, booze, hugs or spanks. Yes, that’s right.. spanks, dipped in butter, with a chilli and lemon marinade…

Theme Camps, while being crazy fun, also provide fantabulous platforms for participants to experience the 10 Principles: the backbone, heart, liver, kidney etc of the Burning Man concept. You can belong to one Theme Camp, none or many. It doesn’t really matter. You can jump on board an already existing crew or go create something completely new — it’s up to you!

Tickets and traffic

OK, so there’ll be limited tickets this year, as Town Hallers heard, and this is one way that we’re looking to better manage the traffic in and out of the site, as well as maintain the sustainability of the event in general — its resources, people and culture. There’s also a rideshare page on Facebook, and if you wanna do the whole public transport thing there will be someone looking into getting a bus to do runs to the site from Wagga. We’re keen on reducing the in-and-out flow of cars from the site so keep an eye out for more news on this.

So that’s nearly the wrap on the Melbourne Town Hall. Town Hall is what you make it folks, so get along to your next one (Sydney next up in May) and make your contribution.

And over to you Sydney?

Other Melburn Town Hall conversation topics that you Sydneysiders might wanna continue include: Art Cars, YEAH!! — Making the Galah more mobile friendly? — How do we attract new artists from international Burns and take our art to other Burns? — Queensland Burn — um YAY!! (that’s happening in July folks, see this month’s Galah) — Town Planning: let’s create a foodie area so we can share resources (we like this!) — (Sad face) but we will need a new home for Seed soon, we’re growing like crazy… do you know a place we could call home when we grow up?



Calling all artists and non-artistes: grant city, baby!

Written by Fiona Smart, ARTery co-lead

[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap2′]D[/bra_dropcaps]on’t just BE art, MAKE art!  Autumn’s arrived, which means it’s time to get ready to burn some shit. Yep, it’s burning preparation season and time to pump some thought into what ART you’re going to CREATE for the Paddock.

Whether it’s sculpture, installation, fire or light art or maybe some arty farty thing we’ve never heard of, we’ve got money to burn!! (not literally) and the art grants process is now open!! Large art grants (up to $5000) close 1 June and small art grants (up to $1000) close 5 July.

And don’t be scared off if you don’t consider yourself an artiste, art grants are available to anyone with a solid, committed, creative idea. And the ARTery Team are here to help you turn that bit-of-paper idea into a Paddock reality.

Consider yourself an artist, or know an art/architecture school or two that would kill to build something for Seed? We sure want you too. Check out our handy poster, download and paint the school/college/uni halls read.

For more info on grants, go here. Or drop a line to artery@burningseed.com

[bra_button text=’Download A3 art grant poster’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Artery-outreach-poster.jpg’ target=’_self’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’orange’]

Watts next for green power survey?

Written by Troy Reid and Rhys Alconley-Jones

[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap2′]B[/bra_dropcaps]urning Seed often means different things to different people. The experience can vary from integrally connective to wildly discombobulating, and whether we’re coming apart at the seams or holding it together with sass and style often comes down to the quality of connection that we have with each other, our environment, and ourselves.

The PowerCity feasibility study aimed to explore how we connect electronically. Do we stick to our petrochemical guns; atomised campsites each with generator louder and smellier than a Trash Mansion barwoman whirring till the wee hours of the morn?  Or can we share power, quite literally, and engineer a solution both by and for the community?

While the feasibility study is ongoing, the project survey component is now concluded, and we are amped to brag about what we learnt.

The nuts & bolts 

Thanks to everyone that took time to answer the survey questions. From the 58 survey responses received in total, there was overwhelming support for the proposal and all 21 theme camp organisers, art exhibitors and team leaders responded unanimously in favour of a dedicated professional team taking responsibility for power generation and distribution, because quite frankly it is a big pain in the arse.

If it proceeds, the most favoured funding model for the proposal was an increase in the event ticket price and based on the survey data we now roughly know how much electricity we need at this year’s event. For you nerdy types here are the magical numbers:

Projected power requirements: min=30kVA | avg=50kVA | max=160kVA

Projected energy requirements: 6,440kWh (liberated from 1,800L B100 BioDiesel)

Projected CO2 production/abatement required (calculated as 2.64kg of CO2/L): 4,752kg

For those interested in how these figures were arrived at, feel free to check out both the raw survey data as well as the calculations worksheet here. 

Sexy sign-ups

The survey also invited people to register interest in becoming a part of the project implementation. Here is an impressive summary of the surprising talent within our burner community that have put their hands up:  Electrical Engineer (1); Mechanical Engineer (1); Software Engineer (1); Engineering Technician (1); Licensed Electricians (3); Solar Systems Specialist (1) and Fearless Enthusiasts (7).

With a gene pool this sexy, we feel sure that the PowerCity project could easily evolve into something that shoots electrons into your next cuddle-puddle-spank-sessions, psychedelic aerobic workouts, or whatever else you freaks are into.

EmPOWERment and principle

There have been some concerns expressed that with electricity effectively ‘outsourced’, we’ll turn into an ultra-entitled out-group, demanding kilowatts and centrelink payments with no sense of, or respect for, the principle of Self-Reliance.

While this is always a possibility, the Communal Effort principle has something to say about this too. By pooling our resources and skills together, we can emPOWER our Theme Camps and Red Earth city to provide an even greater space for self-expression. And mother nature will be pretty stoked too.

Watts next I hear you ask? Well we are still in the process of validating and costing a range of competing solutions with a view to having the feasibility study completed by the end of May. So watch this space.


Babylonika BOOM!

[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap2′]B[/bra_dropcaps]ean Bag Babylon was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when I met them. From these humble yet worthy origins, BBB has grown into a behemoth of beat-fuelled be-jesusness that sets a benchmark for Theme Camp awesome at Burning Seed.

And now the folks at BBB have brought their dome’s atmos and vibe to Melbourne with a new club night — the Babylon Boutique — capturing the intimate, colourful and friendly nature of one of Seed’s most loved and iconic Theme Camps. Best of all, it has a VERY late/early license (6am). Melbourne.just.got.cool.

Babylon Boutique debuted on Saturday 9 May at the Korova Milk Bar with two floors chock a block full of Paddock favourites and new faces. The BBBers are all pretty chuffed, with BBB G (aka Sam Gibbard) taking time out from his hectic theme campery to say: We’re very happy with how it went — always brilliant to bring a bit of Burning Man culture to the CBD.”

For those who missed out this time around, don’t despair!! The Babylon Boutique are hoping to make this a regular night in Melbs, supporting BBB fundraising efforts and helping those coolest of Theme Camp cats throw free and effing awesome parties at Seed and other events around Australia, spreading the Burner vibe like it’s butter on hot toast.

For more info and receive your next invite, join their BBB Facebook group.


Our theme design is here — congrats to all

[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap2′]M[/bra_dropcaps]eet the face of our Revolutionary theme this year. Madeline Snow’s design was chosen from four other designs that were submitted as part of our Community Design Labs. It will grace the cover of our guides, Facebook pages, wristbands, stickers and other design collateral.

At a Burn, what you see is what you make and we’ve developed the Community Design Labs as a way to tap into the talents of our creative community melting pot. The theme itself — Revolution — was also selected from a pooling of community ideas and a shortlisting through one of our Seedtech tools – Town Hall Social. To see what else is created via this portal, check out the page here.

Thanks to all those who shared their Revolutionary ideas. You can have a look at them here and we’ll also have them on display at Centre Camp during the event.

Revolution_finalWEB (1)


Burners on a mission? No WAY!!!!??

[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap2′]Y[/bra_dropcaps]es way. Meet the Beneficent Burners. You don’t even have to be able to pronounce it to be a part of it. This beautiful crew of like-minded and inspired Sydney Burners not only have the passion, love, intelligence and creativity to bring burner culture into the wider world but they have the looks to go with it. They are all so pretty!

Energy and love — Yeah!

Tristen Tan, a founder member of the Beneficent Burners based in a secret location somewhere in Sydney says the ultimate goal is to cultivate the energy, love, compassion and fun that we get from the Burning Man community and do some freakin’ good with it.

“Since we set the group up in January we’ve run three workshops and grown to about 60 members,” says Tristen. “Last year’s Seed was my first ever Burn event – I found my people and knew instantly there was more I could do to bring the vibe of burner culture out into the world.

“The incredible mix of talent and passion of those who turned up to our first meet-up in January proved me right – there was something very beautiful sprouting here and I couldn’t possibly be more proud to be a part of it.

“We have our next meet-up mid April in Sydney – it’s an organic and really social thing, not super formal or process driven – but we do wanna get things done.”

2015 projects

The Beneficent Burners are looking to complete two major projects in 2015, potentially one focused on community and one on the environment. Smaller beneficent side-adventures are encouraged via the new network that you can find AND JOIN on Facebook.

If you are keen to get something going then post on the group or get in touch with any of the Beneficent Burners you have met to make it happen.

Can you feel that? It’s your love bone wanting to find out more. Visit Beneficent Burners at https://www.facebook.com/groups/beneficentburnerssydney/


Humans of Seed — meet the 2015 team

[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap2′]B[/bra_dropcaps]ehind the Burning Seed scenes, the year is off and running. Team Leads kicked off the year in January with the first of their monthly meetings, where they have been talking task-lists, timelines (and a whole lotta shit) together. Team Leads and 2ICs are community members who gift their time year round to collaborate, create and maintain the systems and infrastructure that support the event and help our culture flourish beyond the Paddock.

However, they often beaver away behind the scenes without many realising who they are — or what they do. So let’s put the face to the function and the people back in the picture by meeting some of the Team Leads and their trusty 2ICS (that’s Mr or Mz second-in-command to you) for 2015.


Miriam - greeters team lead_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round

Miriam Fathalla (aka Norm)
Greeters Team Lead
Year on team: second

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? Gummy candy
Describe your signature look at Seed Half cocked
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? Wow, I used to worry about things that really don’t need to be worried about. And I’m really glad we eventually found Grant, but should we take him to see his grandmother (as he is insisting) with his face painted like that?
Why are you involved with Seed? Because i wholeheartedly believe in our responsibilities to one another and to be as bright and illuminating as possible.[bra_border_divider top=’5′ bottom=’10’]Sparks - Centre Camp Team lead_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round

Moltenmetal Sparks
Centre Camp Team Lead
Year on team: First

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? Copious quantities of Hugs!
Describe your signature look at Seed Industrial steampunk
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? These are my kind of humans!
Why are you involved with Seed? To inspire others to be the best they can be![bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]Victoria Vickery_DPI

Victoria Vickery (aka Tech Support)
Department of Planning and Infrastructure Co-Team Lead
Year on team: second

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? Socks and spare shoes
Describe your signature look at Seed Ridiculous
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? That was a lot of work
Why are you involved with Seed? The rewards for giving are beyond measure.  The happiest moments of my life have involved watching others enjoy what I created for them. [bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]Rusty - effigy team lead_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round

Rusty Kilpatrick
Effigy Team Lead
Year on team: sixth

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? Portaloos
Describe your signature look at Seed Mostly some sort of work clothes, maybe with some of the punk style I have been wearing for 40 years.
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? This is almost up to the same level of community care and participation and art of the Earth Dream events (SA), which I worked on for three years from 2000.
Why are you involved with Seed? The ethics are the closest I have found to mine outside of any event just supporting social justice and environmental protests. Plus it is a great social experiment that I am very interested in seeing how far it can go and what useful things we can get out of it to make this a better world to live in.[bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]Carly Truscott - Crew Wranglers

Carly Truscott
Crew Wrangling Co-Team Lead
Year on team: second

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? Hugs. Lots of hugs.
Describe your signature look at Seed Still in gestation
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn?  I saw my place in the world differently, my priorities shifted and I wanted to keep that feeling of peace. I found my tribe.
Why are you involved with Seed?  I’m just in it for the hugs. I also love this community and want to facilitate the growth of burner culture in any way I can.[bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]James Maddock Leave No Trace_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round

James Maddock (aka MoopDaddy)

Leave No Trace Team Lead
Year on team: second

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? My fake snakeskin vest. It’s a trademark
Describe your signature look at Seed. Matrix Mad Max crossover thing
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? Wait… what happened?
Why are you involved with Seed? I love watching people take ideas most people would call crazy and turning them into what Burners would revel in calling normal. I love my normal![bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]Rangers - Ninja Rick_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round
Richard Chong (aka Ninja Rick)
Rangers 2IC
Year on team: third

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? My torch and walking stick
Describe your signature look at Seed? Easy sunday morning in my PJs
What were some of your first thoughts after your first Burn?  Wow when is the next one and how do I get involved??
Why are you involved with Seed? Because Seed is a world of possibilities waiting to happen


[/one_third] [one_third]

Jane - comms team lead_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round

Jane Lyons (aka Lioness)
Comms Team Lead
Year on team: fifth

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? My Kamp Krew, parasols and skelecat bag
Describe your signature look at Seed vintage vamp goes bush, with a dash of circus quirk
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? I’m in love. Who knew people could be so authentic, audacious and generally fuckin’ amazing? I’m gonna get me some more of that.
Why are you involved with Seed? Because I believe in the power of one and the power of the collective to make a difference in both individual lives and the world at large.[bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]jayman_theme camp team lead_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round

Jarred Taylor (aka Jayman)
Theme Camp Co-Team Lead
Year on team: second

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? Unicorns, bunnies and sparkle ponies
Describe your signature look at Seed Homeless tramp
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? Wow! Everyone I ever wanted to hang out with is all in one place!
Why are you involved with Seed? I drank too much kool aid and Larry told me to do it. [bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]Sabina Crew Wranglers_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round

Sabina Nowak
Co Crew Wrangling Co-Team Lead
Year on team: second

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? Antihistamines and insect repellent
Describe your signature look at Seed Comfortable-Chic
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? Feeling High on the love.  I arrived knowing one person and left with lots of new kindred spirits.
Why are you involved with Seed? I love the Principles, the sense of community and the love. [bra_border_divider top=’30’ bottom=’10’]

Bear - Rangers team lead_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round

Bear (aka Mark von Behrens)
Rangers Team Lead
Year on team: third

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? My badass/amazing team of Rangers who gift their time to this community to keep things safe and funning (sic) smoothly.  I treasure each and every one of these beautiful motherfuckers – even if I’m not great at showing it.
Describe your signature look at Seed  beardy and skirty.  Radios are the perfect accessory for every outfit.
What were your first thoughts after your very Burn? “My life will never be the same.”  And, “Fuck yeah I can dance!”
Why are you involved with Seed?  Promoting and growing the Burner ethos and culture is one of the best contributions I can make to society. And it’s fulfilling and fun as hell, too.[bra_border_divider top=’30’ bottom=’20’]Thomas Snow Theme Camps 2IC_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round


Thomas Snow (aka Pretty boy)
Co-Theme Camp Team Lead
Year on team: second

What can’t you live without on the Paddock?  All the sparkly people
Describe your signature look at Seed  Show stopping
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn?  There is no way I’m ever going to get all this dust out of all those places
Why are you involved with Seed?  I enjoy contributing in a constructive and meaningful way to a global movement that has so inspired me. And for the unicorns. Definitely the unicorns.[bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]

Jodi York - finance team lead_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round

Jodi Rivet

Finance Team Lead
Year on team: fourth

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? Comfy shoes, outrageous eyelashes, and my camelback full of random supplies
Describe your signature look at Seed conversation-starting.  I love it when they start with someone approaching saying ‘I could never…’ and end with someone walking away feeling empowered to do just that thing.
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? The scope of my imagination and sense of possibility was restored after so many years of ‘straight’ culture. I’ve been taking them back and inviting others to do the same since 2000.
Why are you involved with Seed? To enable art and transformation. [bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]

[/one_third] [one_third_last]

Shaye Harty - Admin team lead_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round

Shaye Harty (aka President)
Admin Team Lead and event coordinator
Year on team: third

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? My faux fur jacket because it keeps me super warm and fancy at FreezingSeed.
Describe your signature look at Seed Costumiforms and smirks. Maybe a smize or two.
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? Holy shit, there’s a whole bunch of other people like me?!?
Why are you involved with Seed? Because I have been burning ever since 2005 when my mind was first blown in black rock city, and I think regionals are where the real magic happens these days.[bra_border_divider top=’5′ bottom=’5′]Justin McGhee_ARTery
Justin Mcghee (aka The Captain)
Department of Planning and Infrastructure Co-Team Lead
Year on team: fourth

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? My hip bag
Describe your signature look at Seed Smart but casual
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? Anything is possible
Why are you involved with Seed? Because i want to be a part of this magical experiment.[bra_border_divider top=’5′ bottom=’5′]Sir Andy - Comms 2ic_150dpi x 150px x 150px_round

Andy Parkinson (aka SirAndy)
Comms Team 2IC
Year on team: first

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? Jenn, my sunglasses, my mug, Red Earth Radio, and Mint Country Club (of course).
Describe your signature look at Seed More Bin-Bag Babylon than Bean Bag, and less Trash Mansion more Trash Monsoon.
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? It will be better next year.
Why are you involved with Seed? I can neither imagine or remember not being involved.

[bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]Phil Smart _ARTery

Phil Smart (aka Sherpa)
ARTery Co-Team Lead
Year on team: sixth

What can’t you live without on the Paddock?  My family, pewter mug and head torch. Oh, and it’s become apparent that a pushbike is also essential.
Describe your signature look at Seed Somewhat random.
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? I was thinking about what to do/bring the following year, and realising that my life would never be the same again.
Why are you involved with Seed?  I felt like the only Burner in the village, coming back to Oz after my first few Burns, as not too many people knew about Burning Man then. I just knew I wanted to be part of planting the seed here and believe that what we are doing is important and transformative, as well as lots of fun![bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’5′]Fiona Smart_ARTery
Fiona Smart (aka Paw Paw)
ARTery Co-Team Lead
Year on team: first

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? Weed and ratchet straps
Describe your signature look at Seed. Stealth veteran burner
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? Amazed that the spirit of the playa was there. Excited about the future. Keen-ness to get the event to the Australian desert 
Why are you involved with Seed? My burn experience adds potency to the newbie event. The spirit of getting involved is at the core of BM.[bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]Rhianna Hobbs _Crew Wrangler2IC

Rhianna Hobbs
Crew Wrangling Team 2IC
Year on team: first

What can’t you live without on the Paddock? Hugs
Describe your signature look at Seed. Shiny, sparkly and all things rainbow
What were your first thoughts after your first Burn? “I have just discovered the reason I was put on this earth”, after my first Burning Man
Why are you involved with Seed? I have been burning for a number of years at Black Rock City and wanted to take my participation to the next level, closer to home [bra_border_divider top=’10’ bottom=’10’]

















The big wrap: 2014 AfterBurn report

[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap2′]I[/bra_dropcaps]t’s here! Da big wrap! Every year, our dedicated Team Leads and Crew get together post-Seed to review the event — what went well, what didn’t go so well, and recommendations for how we can make the next year even better!

Each Team develops a detailed report and we’ve summarised them all here in this handy, er… summary. You’ll find pdfs the full Team AfterBurn reports below.

You — the community — make Seed what it is. We’ve seen huge growth at Seed in a relatively short time, and it’s your engagement — your creativity, your passion and active participation — will help to make sure that, as a community, we manage that growth in a sustainable way.

Take a look at the AfterBurn summary, take a deeper look through the full reports and let us know how you want to get involved in helping to make the good stuff better, helping to fix what didn’t work so well last year, and helping to implement recommendations identified for 2015.

Let’s do this!!

Note: To read the flipbook, press the magnifying class under the book and it will allow you to zoom in and read the text. To return to the layout view, just press the magnifying glass again.

For those who want to download the AfterBurn report, we’ve also provided a pdf.[bra_border_divider top=’20’ bottom=’20’]

[responsive-flipbook id=”2014_afterburn_report”] [bra_button text=’AfterBurn report pdf’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/BS-2014-AfterBurn-reportFORPUBLICATION.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’blue’][bra_border_divider top=’20’ bottom=’20’]

Individual team reports

[bra_button text=’Admin Team report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Afterburn2014_Admin.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’ARTery report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Afterburn2014_Artery.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’Centre Camp Team report’ url=’http://www.brankic1979.com’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’Comms Team report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/CommsTeamAfterburnreport2014V2.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’Crew Wrangling Team report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/CrewWranglersAfterBurnReport2014.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’DPI report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Afterburn2014_DPI.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’Effigy Team report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Afterburn2014_Effigy.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’Finance Team report TBC April 21′ url=” target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’Gate Team report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Afterburn2014_Gate.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’Greeters Team report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Afterburn2014_Greeters.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’Rangers report TBC’ url=” target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’Seed Event Coordination Team report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Afterburn2014_SECT.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’Temple Crew report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Afterburn2014_Temple-Design.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_button text=’Theme Camp Team report’ url=’http://burningseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Afterburn2014_Theme-Camps.pdf’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ style=’rounded’ color=’red’][bra_border_divider top=’20’ bottom=’20’]


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