Census and summit: looking to the future

On November 28 & 29, Burning Seed Team Leads and 2ICS gathered in Melbourne for their annual review of the event: what worked, what didn’t work so well, and solutions for next year.

Each team prepared an AfterBurn report for the summit, where they also had a chance to talk about their team’s efforts and problems this year, followed by a friendly grilling from the rest of the troops.

The summit was also a chance to address some of the key issues raised by the community via our annual census: we asked, you answered, and we listened. The biggest issues involved toilets, noise, art, consent and the ten principles. Check out what the census told us about our community and the issues raised, as well as the responses and actions that the teams will take.

More details will also be available in the Burning Seed AfterBurn report and individual team AfterBurn reports, which will be published on the Burning Seed website at the end of March. There will also be a further chance for your feedback.

And at the end of another big year, there are both achievements and room for improvements. Because, be it team lead, community crew member, theme camp organiser, artist or participant, we are all learning on this crazy magic-carpet ride of an experiment: how to work together to nourish and evolve our radically participatory, collaborative and gifting event and community. 

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