MOOP map is live!


MOOP troupers go free-range.

The 2015 MOOP map is now available!

Scratching your head over the term MOOP map? Each year our crack team of MOOP troupers spend days scouring the Paddock after the event finishes, recording information about where and how much MOOP is left behind and who is responsible. All this information goes on to a colour-coded map that is shared with the community.

And for those of you still scratching their head over MOOP – what Burning Seed rock have you been hiding under?! Make sure you get up close and personal with the ten principles that guide our event.

This year, the map is an interactive web-based Google map. You can zoom in and out; click on areas or icons to expand speech bubbles and read more detailed info about theme camps, art works, public camping and infrastructure; and look at related photos and videos. There is also an overview by MoopDaddy, our Burning Seed Leave No Trace Team Lead.  

Check out the 2015 MOOP map here. If you want to get down and dirty with the raw data, you  can check that out here.

Got some feedback? Wanna get involved? You can contact the Leave No Trace team at lnt@burningseed.com


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