Melburners do Decom!

written by Nick Westcott (Zuul)

The 2015 MelBurn Decompression held at Brown Alley in the CBD was another massive success this year. Moving to a new, bigger venue enabled the sale of 1140 tickets, making it one of the biggest Burner events to ever hit Melbourne.

Light me up

Lights, Camera, Action!

Level Up

The night saw three levels of spectacular Burner talent on display. The downstairs room showcased an array of DJ’s who represented many of the major Melbourne Theme camps.  The festivities of the evening included nine hours of phat beats and live performances, as well as an impressive live visuals display by the renowned Telekenetic Chair Repair.

The mezzanine was the art hub of the venue and a chill space for relaxing and immersing in the numerous artworks. Some of the major art projects in this room included Glowy Hole, White Forest, Magic Carpet, massage tables, as well as many other smaller pieces like the ever popular More Cowbell.

Melburners Do It

Melburners Do It…..

All Night Long

Blights Room saw an array of wonderful performances featuring dancers and bands as well as DJs incorporating live elements. Decor was provided by two theme camps, Kamp Kraken and Mint Country Club giving the room a taste of Burning Seed.

The outdoor garden was pumping all night with an ambiance suitably created by the Pelican Villa theme camp who ran the sound and music for the space. An array of taste sensations provided by the Bacon Emporium, Glam & Cheese and Hotel Unipig sustained burners throughout the event. The garden room was the last room to close at the end of the night, with music stopping around 9am, 11 hours after doors had first opened.

The Wisdom of Crowds

The Wisdom of Crowds

MelBurners Inc. 

This year’s Decom was the first run under the new MelBurners Inc. incorporated association democratic structure, which was put in place earlier in 2015. This allows all money to stay in the local Burner community and so far MelBurners has paid out over $15,000 in grants to theme camps and artists.

Overall the Decompression was once again hugely successful, which wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of the organising crew, theme camps, artists, community crew and everyone else involved.

(thanks to The Flash Mob and Lotus Universal Images for the pix)

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