Introducing Temple Guardians to Burning Seed


Temple of Babylon, 2015. Pic by Carnal Imagery

A number of Burners have taken the participation bull by the horns (man, we LOVE it when you guys do that) and have formed a group to support the introduction of Temple Guardians at Burning Seed.

It’s aim? To support those who see the potential of the Burning Seed Temple as a sacred and healing space, and┬áto institute the kind of Temple Guardian shifts that you find at the Burning Man Temples in Nevada.

Our own brand of guardians want to support community temple visits, educate people about its significance, and protect the artefacts and the space itself.

There has been much discussion in the group about how to hold the space and how the guardians will interact with the community. Got something to say about it too? Join this flourishing micro-community here.


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