Inter-Burn travel fund for Melburn Theme Camps and artists

Melburners IncFantastic news for Melbourne-based Theme Camps and artists!

MelBurners Inc. is offering travel grants to support projects going to other Australian or New Zealand Burns in 2016.

They have a total of $500 to offer, so grants may either be split into smaller amounts or given as one $500 grant.

The travel grant is not for personal travel. It aims to support the transport of infrastructure (i.e freight) for Melburners to showcase their projects at Modifyre (QLD), Blazing Swan (WA) and Kiwiburn (NZ) in 2016.

Melburners Inc is the incorporated association that was set up in 2015 to run Melbourne Decompression events and manage distribution of any profits to benefit the local burner community,

Applications are now open and can be made at any point over the next year. For more information about the travel fund or Melburners Inc. membership, please visit the Facebook Page or email info@melbournedecompression.com.au

Melburners Inc.

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