Flame effects — it’s a gas, gas, gas

flameThe artistic evolution of our community means that the first pilot light of flame-effect artworks seen on the Paddock last year has turned into a veritable roar of creative fire for this year’s event.

And while we all love to joke about safety third in the Burner community, when it comes to playing with fire on the Paddock we bump safety up to pole position to ensure we take care of our temporary home on the Paddock, the more permanent home of our neighbours and our community. Third-degree burns ain’t no barrel of laughs.

So if you are planning to incorporate flame effects into your art, mutant vehicle/art car or Theme Camp, you need to register with our fabulously fresh on the block — though perhaps not in name —  Fire Art Response Team (FART). Registration closes 1 September 2015.

FireartBut what exactly do we mean by flame effects? Flame Effects are devices that use pressurized LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) gas to make visible fire, either in the form of gentle flames in a table or fire pit (AKA Static Effects), or big bursts in a “poofer” style effect (AKA Dynamic Effects).

All flame effect devices will have to be a certified gas appliance. A member of FART will need to inspect the device and issue a burn permit.

To register, email fart@burningseed.com and our teamsters will send you a burn permit application form, infopack and compliance guidelines. Once you’re on site, you will be required to pass a compliance assessment before being issued with your burn permit.

Want to know about other firey features at Seed? Go here for more information on burn barrels, art Burns, camping stoves and fire twirling.

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